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  1. Ah, yes. Lovely Nex'Cruor. I had the pleasure of her happening upon one night whilst I awaited Trishe. She was ever so polite, though I fear I am no master of conversation so things were quite abrupt. Certainly, she seemed nice enough a person considering some I have met.
  2. Heh, heh. Looks like i'll be holding the camera instead.
  3. Oh-ho, if I give you the time to use your hands for the camera, maybe.
  4. You people are delightfully insane, this makes me happy! With so many wonderful choices, choices which i'd rather not make, it looks like we may have to grab the whole damned group of you guys.
  5. For a long few moments, he sits in silent contemplation. What can he truly say about Trishe, that he hasn't already? Furthermore, what can he say that he has thought, that he wishes others to know. "Where to begin. Simply put, if you don't take the time to know her, you'll wind up hating her. There's something somewhat...reproachful about her. Despite the fact she's absolutely stunning, to the eyes; very few know as I do.." There is a pause for a moment. Not hestitation, but perhaps an admirable image in his mind. "...that her heart, is far more gorgeous."
  6. (( Thank you very, very much sir! You've definitely made us feel very welcome to Twisting Nether, as well as a handful of others. I think I speak for the both of us when I say, that we look forward to really giving to the community. Not just only in Roleplaying but in any way we can manage. My only hinderance is that i'm eager to get my level up to more look the part, than anything. At any rate, here's to hopefully many happy months with you fine people on Twisting Nether. ))
  7. Full Name: Vergile Evernight Nicknames: V. Date of Birth: September 9th. Age: Human equivalent of 24. Race: Sin'Dorei Gender: Male Hair: Near platinum. Skin: Pale, one might say in dire need of sunlight. Eyes: An emerald green, due to the glowing aura. Height: Roughly five foot, nine and a half inches. Weight: 145 to 150lbs. Muscle toned, yet not muscleheaded. Place of residence: Silvermoon City. Place of Birth: Fairbreeze Village. Known Relatives: Agnusir Evernight (deceased) and Teshclea Evernight (deceased). Religion/Philosophy: An ex-devoted follower to the Order known as the Blood Knights. His wavering faith in them a direct link to Knight-Lord Bloodvalor. Occupation: Blood Knight, via training. Justice bearing free-lancer. Group/Guild affiliation: The Blood Knights. Guild Rank: Private. Enemies: Knight-Lord Bloodvalor and all loyal to him. Likes: Bringing justice to those who are in dire need. Via any means necessary, even death. His strange relationship with Trishe, a rogue whom stands against the very foundations he was taught during his time in the Order. However, with her the great sentiments he carries outweights the lack of justice she embodies. Eating cupcakes, preferably strawberry. Favorite Foods: As stated above, Strawberry cupcakes. Out of the realm of sweets, he's a big fan anything beefy. More of a carnivore than anything. Favorite Drinks: Water, water, water. He's not much a crazy gung-ho guy, though if provoked enough. He can down a good bit of alcohol. Favorite Colors: Black and red. Weapons of Choice: Preferances to those he was trained with. Swords, Polearms, and the potential to enjoy a good Mace. Dislikes: Knight-Lord Bloodvalor, all of his loyal followers, Trishe flirting with other guys, other guys flirting with Trishe, those who stand for anything outside of his...continually warping perception of justice, plain cupcakes, poison masters, sudoku puzzles... Hobbies: Just about anything, anyone could ever do to enjoy themselves. He's open to all, tries all, but doesn't necessarily always love all. Most noteable before he removed himself from the Order, was taking care of the citizens of Silvermoon. Other than that, the thought of slaying Scourge, followed in a close second with crossword puzzles. Physical Features: His body, beneath is clothing is riddled with scar's from his training and from the battles he has fought thus far. Standing around average height for a Bloodelf. His hair a shimmering and spikey platinum. As stated above, muscle-toned but not muscle headed. Special Abilities: Nothing in particular, truly. Other than his abilities as a Blood Knight. To heal and revive those fallen or injured during the horrors of war. Aside from that, he can sense when undead are nearing due to special training and also happens to have a sentimental heart that is horribly apathetic and can pick up on others emotions quickly... Positive Personality Traits: Ridiculously loyal to a fault. Often very gullable and at the same time, thickheaded. He's more prone to stay by someone who shows from time to time they appreciate him for being himself. The people he cares for he is protective to the point of seeming possessive. Negative Personality Traits: Tired fingers say to look above. One person's negative trait to them, can seem much more interesting and better to another person. To say any trait a person has is negative is to truly be judgemental and over your bounds. Misc. Quirks: He really hates when someone makes him sleep on the left side of the bed. Once he wakes up the next morning, there will truly be hell to pay. Flirting with Trishe is usually his job, though should things go on behind his back he has a level of tollerance. If it appears progression can be made by the advancing person, faces wind up broken. And not his or Trishe's. Finding a bare spot where icing should be on his Strawberry cupcake. There's bound to be more to be discovered. Played by What Famous Person: James Marster. Theme Songs: "Hysteria" by Muse. "I'll feel my heart implode. And I'm breaking out, escaping now. Feeling my faith erode." History: For a truly indepth run down of the History of Vergile Evernight, as well as Trishe Shadowsky, please check the journals section. Through various brainstorming sessions (albeit, one), I managed to string our ideas together into a cohessive story. Please read and enjoy!
  8. The Tale of Evernight and Shadowsky Time line: Etching of the Dead Scar. Arthas and his Scourge minions are on the advance. The third war. News came, at dawn, of the death of someone important to Vergile. His father, Agnusir Evernight. The war against the advanced Scourge, seeking to swarm the Sunwell, was ever present. The rest of the day was not a day of happiness for Vergile. Instead, it was a day self loathing. A day of mourning at his bereavement. Tragedy, however, was not far from surfacing still more for young Vergile. In the equivalent of his teen years, in Bloodelf lore. He was leading a fairly happy existence as far as life would go. His mother spoiled him rotten daily. His father was Lieutenant of the Blood Knights in Silvermoon City. And he was a very healthy relationship with the girl next door, Trishe Shadowsky. But today, none of that mattered. Instead, he spent his time brooding, near a small stream just outside of Silvermoon. A stream that would one day soon lay across the congealed Dead Scar. A week, after the death of his father, death had taken his mother. Vergile was now left with no remaining family. The death of his father was labeled as a casualty of war. Slain by the Scourge in active duty. And his mother, taken by the grim hand of grief. It all took him by surprise. To him, his mother still seemed strong and vibrant. Though, increasingly nervous with a growing anxiety for leaving the house. Once all this had taken its toll, he left behind the house he once called home. Saying nothing, to even the beautiful Trishe. As he would later come to find out, it was no war with the Scourge, nor grief that destroyed his family. The Gears of Truth Time line: The war to subdue the Scourge, failed. The Dead Scar born, and Sunwell lost. The following week of his fathers death, Trishe had kept her space from the family to give them time. Finally, caving in not only to the urge to see Vergile but to be by their sides, she decided to pay the Evernight house a visit. A few sharp knocks left much to be desired. Not a word. However, all lights were lit. Only when someone was home did the Evernight’s ever leave lights on. For the past few years, she had shared a growing relationship with young Vergile. Many times, had she visited his window near the back of the house, seeking to talk and to be cared for after having an argument with her mother. For she had not the best home life. Their relationship had started off as simply he being a shoulder for her to cry on. Someone to run to when things got tough. Naturally, it was a difficult for her mother to care for young Trishe. Considering her father, or what you might call one, left them to their devices and chose to pretend they did not exist. Revaneste Shadowsky, had been driven insane by a tormented existence of feeling worthless. And thus, she took that out on young Trishe, her daughter. Blaming her for things the young girl could never dream of. It was during these night she fled and during these nights Vergile was kind enough to shelter her. As said, it was innocent enough to begin with. He would allow her in, they would talk about what happened and then he’d soothe her as best he could. Unable to stomach going back to her home, Trishe would stay over. Sleeping bundled in Vergile’s arms, sobbing her souls content. Come morning, his mother would welcome Trishe to breakfast. Where they would tell stories and talk of the days task that awaited. It was several of these nightly visits before things really sank in. While harmlessly cuddled up, her back to his chest, she turned around to offer to him a similar embrace. It was then they found themselves lip and lip. From that day forth, they were hand in hand. To say what exactly happened that night, is usually a tale for adults. Needless to say, they shared one another’s ‘first’. It was for this tales reason, that it was completely normal that on the night she sought to mourn Agnusir’s death with the two of them, that she once more snuck into the back window. But it wasn’t Vergile or Teshclea, his mother, that greeted her. A hand flung tight over her mouth, another squeezing the air from her lungs. On the ground near Vergile’s door was the dead Teshclea, but Vergile was no where to be found. Trishe had learned a secret this night. The secret of a murder, and given a threat on her life that if she spoke of anything she saw or heard. That not only her, but her mother would meet the same fate. For Teshclea had been poisoned. For what reason, Trishe could never guess. She was flung from the window, hitting heavy and harsh. Once to her feet, she fled the scene, hiding in her room. A place she’d never deemed safe, now seemed her only sanctuary. Never again would she speak of these events, least not yet. When Vergile arrived home later that evening. He found his mother, laying on her bed, pale as death. In one week, he had been met with true tragedy and heartbreak. But this only fueled him. Not a tear did he weep. For anger had gained its hold, thirst for revenge. To his knowledge, as he was informed: A father lost to war’s bloody tides. A mother lost to war’s unholy grief. And a life of paradise, lost to the Scourge. Due to his father being in service, he’d always prepared for the day he might join the order, The Blood Knights. But now, he had to. The only thing he wanted to do was to fight. To kill and to destroy, to bring justice to those who unjustly destroyed everything he held dear. As if he never existed in the tiny village of Fairbreeze. However, he was not forgotten. Trishe, having the guilt of knowing that his mother was murdered, became somewhat of a recluse. The fact her life had been threatened by the order made her both hate and fear them. It didn’t help that her mother, not long before she passed away, informed her that her father was the newly appointed Knight-Lord, Bloodvalor. After the death of Vergile’s father, Agnusir, he’d replaced him. Over time and throughout the war, he made massive and swift advancements till he, himself, reigned over the Blood Knight Order. Yet another reason to dislike the Blood Knights. Growing up, after the death of Vergile’s parents, was a mean ordeal for her. Her mother, in rapidly declining health, put no food on the table and brought no money home for essentials. It didn’t take long before the innocent Trishe took to petty thievery to manage some form of an existence. In the beginning, the deeds shook her very moral’s. It left her feeling unclean and unsatisfied. That was before she experienced the risk of true thievery. Soon, simply existing wasn’t enough. Massive scores came in, jobs where expert thievery was necessary. Somewhere in the mix of trying to make her life easily more comfortable, her mother died. But it wasn’t a death she truly mourned. In light of these new turn of events, she felt liberated. She felt ready to take revenge on the men whom threatened her life. For she felt able enough to stop a pair of Blood Knights in their tracks. Slit their throats before they even saw it coming. But business wasn’t that easy. For, several days after the events when she was younger, she ventured back into Vergile’s house to see if perhaps he’d returned. Sneaking back into the window she studied the spot where she’d seen Teshclea’s body and found that during the daylight, something shimmery had slipped beneath a cabinet. Reaching low, she pulled it by its chain. Out of the side of the shimmering heart-shaped locket, was a small tuft of paper. Opening the locket, she unfolded what appeared to be a note: “A conspiracy is all around us, my son. I fear there are those who wish us harm. Bloodvalor slain your father. As I refuse to wed him, he seeks my death too. Ithelis, Osselan, Zelanis.” The note was very abrupt. And the last of it appeared to label off names. Apparently there were four people, at the least, confirmed to be loyal to Bloodvalor. It was these four that would certainly be marked for revenge, should Vergile ever have seen the paper. Still riddled with fear, young Trishe stole the locket away and kept it with her. Even this day she has it. The locket around her neck, the contents memorized as well as hidden. After doing some searching, learning things through ways only rogue’s can learn them. She acquired just where Vergile had rooted himself. An up and coming Blood Knight, stationed in Silvermoon City. It made her somewhat ill to think of her once beloved Vergile, now one of the very men she hated and feared. With that aside, she trudged off into Silvermoon to locate him. It took little work, as he was a regular on patrol around the City. Amazingly, after all this time, she didn’t even have to re-introduce herself. In the years they were apart, they’d both changed drastically. Their personalities blossomed and their bodies grown. Strong and hardened by daily life. Meeting with Trishe once more, caught him off guard. But even more surprising, was seeing her arrested right before him. The locket around her neck was stripped from her by Bloodvalor. He told Vergile that she was wanted for thievery and attempted assassination of the residing High Elf. Having grown up together, he couldn’t help but question this new bit of news. But, if it was justice which needed to be brought, then it was justice that would be had. In his new lifestyle, it was all he focused on. For the one day he would slay the Scourge at their doorstep. Albeit, he wasn’t without his worries about Trishe. Shortly after her incarceration, he ventured into the dungeon keep with a piece of bread and flask of water, her daily ration. It was here, in a most panicked voice, that Trishe shared her tale. It wasn’t one he took to at first. To hear that his general, Knight-Lord Bloodvalor, was the judge, jury, and executioner of his family. It wasn’t possible. In disbelief at how tactless Trishe could be, he stormed from the dungeon keep and hid away within town. Mulling about this news in his mind, he could harbor no thought of it longer. Marching to Bloodvalor’s Hold, he decided to confront his Knight-Lord with this news. He was told just what he wanted to hear. The rogue tell’s lies. Swift and cunning, was her tongue. But even swifter, he was told, was her blade. When Bloodvalor felt he had talked Vergile down enough, he dismissed him and bade him a pleasant night. The following day, trumpets sounded and new order was released. Trishe Shadowsky, was to be sentenced to death for the betrayal of the elves and of all the Horde. It was said she was relaying information to the Alliance, to Night elves. Doubt shook Vergile at his very foundations. How could his once beloved Trishe, be a spy for the Alliance? Since he had met up with her again, so many things had been said that he couldn’t believe. How could she have changed so much over the years? So dishonest, so lacking a sense of justice. This could not be had. In the darkness of the night, he rounded his area for patrol. However, he deviated down to the dungeon Trishe was moved to. It was here, he had a long and drawn out conversation regarding everything with Trishe. She promised to show him the paper, the locket wasn’t necessary. Long ago she’d hidden the sheet, so that if he could not trust her word, then trust his mothers writing. It was here, he forced her to vow that she was not lying. And that should he find out otherwise, he would slay her himself. Without a seconds hesitation she vowed. There wasn’t any reason to not believe Trishe. She had said, once her mother died and the only life she had to worry about was her own, that she had confronted Bloodvalor. Told him the things she knew, told her father everything. It was on this day, she forged the greatest enemy she could ever forge. Dissension Bloodvalor could not advance on his own. He’d always be a Captain, nothing more. But that Evernight, he always had everything handed to him on a silver platter. But no longer would that hold true. The Blood Knight’s where to advance on a wave approaching from the Ghostlands. They were easily one-hundred heavy and the more elite of their ranks, pulling up the back. It was at this great battle that Bloodvalor set into motion the tumbling of domino’s, which ensured his promotion. Which would ensure that Agnusir Evernight, would never be in his way again. Envy, led him onward. Lust, empowered him. Justice, escaped him. The need to be greater, to be a Lieutenant, turned his blood to ice. The desire to have a great woman behind his equally great power, to have Teshclea Evernight to himself, burned like acid in his lungs. And the justice he once vowed to protect and to uphold, became a faint and distant echo in the back of his mind. It was simple really. In the fray of battle, one soldier’s death can never be truly blamed on anyone or anything. They simply fought for what they felt was right, for what was just to them. If they died, they died for the cause they believed in. And it was this cause the death of Agnusir was blamed on. The cause of dying fighting for his homeland. Fighting for all he loved. But his death was nothing so great or deep. It was as simple and shallow as murder. The cowardly Bloodvalor had not the courage to even do it himself. Instead, he allowed those he trusted true to him, with a little help from Fallen Scourge blades, to rend Agnusir asunder. They returned heroes that day. Though they won a great fight, the war was far from over. Feigning grief for the loss of Agnusir, Bloodvalor approached the house of Evernight come dawn the next morning of their return. He informed Teshclea of Agnusir’s death. How he died fighting valiantly for the Blood Knight cause, for all of Silvermoon. But this would not be his last visit. The next eve, he began his plan. Now that he was in power, he simply needed the woman. But he was met with great refusal. Time and time again, he was greeted with failure. Till Teshclea erupted, shouting her wishes that Bloodvalor had died instead of her husband. It was only a few nights after, that she met her end via a simple meal. Poisoned, with a poison that caused her excruciating internal pain. The greatest he could manage to attain. For this was the joys of having a poison master, trainer of rogue’s, as one of his most loyal. Poison Master and Rogue Trainer, Zelanis, was to thank for this effort. It was later that evening that he came to clean up the mess and make it appear she died in her sleep. It would be blamed on grief at losing her husband. It all was so perfect. However, a young girl, no doubt a neighbor, had come nosing around. It was on this day for Bloodvalor, he forged the greatest enemy he could ever forge. Freedom In the darkness of the night, both Trishe and Vergile made a clever escape. In the veil of shadows, Trishe did hide. While Vergile kept guardsmen and others who may roam, far from her side. With little effort they made it free of Silvermoon, and it was here that old vow’s echoed in their minds. The night was quiet and Trishe was riddled with excitement that she was freed from her inevitable death, in the dungeon. Within an instant, it was like the years didn’t matter, but Vergile felt stricken with guilt. He apologize with great passion for having left Trishe without so much as a word. The two stood still, crickets chirping their soft song and a delicate breeze creeping across their sweat glazed cheeks. However to them, none of the goings-on around them seemed to matter. They found themselves lost in each others eyes, a romance once aflame smouldered, came crackling to existence once more. But not a roaring flame yet, time would tell if the small embers of this tiny fire would grow to the fierceness of true loves first burst. Slowly they approached one another, leaning in and softly placing a kiss to one another. Just as their first kiss had started so many years ago. But the joy was not to last. From the bushes bursted a group of Blood Knights, along with Knight-Lord Bloodvalor. It was here, for the first time in perhaps ever, that Bloodvalor finally spoke any form of truth to Vergile. And it was this moment that he first learned of true regret. Finally finding the mastermind behind his family’s murders, there was no restraint for the fury he did hold. In a common moment of cowardice for Bloodvalor, he fled the scene. Leaving the four members of the Order to be slain most viciously by the enraged Vergile. It was on this day, he swore that he would never let a waking moment or resting dream rid him of his desire to spray the ground with Bloodvalor’s own. And it was on this day, that Vergile and Trishe, were truly reunited. Not only together, as friends, or as perhaps even more. But they now shared the same center stage of revenge. Knight-Lord Bloodvalor, and those he holds dear and loyal, would soon learn the true cost of corruption to those both just and fair.
  9. Sorry for not having posted sooner, making Trishe do all the dirty work it seems. I appreciate the warm welcome from everyone and the extremely good suggestions. You've all given us a lot to think about as far as guilds that could accomidate our needs and wants. And Leoren, that news about the experience made me overly giddy. Its about time they do something about the 1-60 range! At any rate, we'll definitely be in touch, if not slapping post up here. Again, thanks everyone.