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  1. I am the one you speak of. I don't recall ever saying anything about your former guild before I left. You talked to me right before I transferred her and I told you I was leaving because Vergile and I had a falling out. I figured to go ahead and transfer Trishe to my home server as I have the money to waste and I felt level 14 was good enough for me to transfer, as I would not level her without Vergile, here and I would if she was on my home server. We actually had joined a guild here before we had our falling out but by the time I could bear to ever log into that character again we had been kicked due to inactivity and I hadn't really ever gotten a good rp in with any of you guys as me and Vergile had been attached at the hip, and his anti social tendencies made it difficult. So yes, I transferred. I don't understand why you thought that it was due to you and your guild as we had only a few experiences with them and I only had a few nice roleplaying sessions with you. Just figured I would clear that up.
  2. I met Swerto a few days ago and he seemed nice, albeit sort of at a loss. I kind of felt sorry for him seeing as he doesn't remember his past. I can't imagine not remembering at all... but it might be less painful to remember it. Swerto had a little attitude change in the middle of our first meeting, but he said it was like a different side of himself so... I don't really fault him for it. I don't know much about the forsaken so I don't really know how to take what they act like as normal or not.
  3. Lovely? Yes I met her just the other day. She was very nice. She is very pretty, too. Vergile met her first and I was a little jealous, but she didn't seem interested in him in 'that way' so I wasn't offended. She seems very sweet, and I wish we could have talked more.
  4. Yeah remind me never to be pregnant or holding a baby in front of you. </3
  5. I actually met one of your BWC members. He was a charming blue troll. I have to say you have very nice members.
  6. Thankies kindly. I'm hoping Vergile takes me out and gets me "drunk" in Silvermoon tonight. He's such a levelwhore we'll probably be out in the field all night. /crai That, and he really doesn't drink too much so blah to him.
  7. I was wondering just for my own reasons: who the craziest/meanest/most ruthless/sweetest/"loose"est characters are here? I'm interested to know just for something I might plan in the future should the idea hit me. That and I always love to know what/whom I might get to deal with later because it's fun to see how people categorize themselves and others.
  8. Oh and yeah, I've been out and about because it's my birthday today and I am old and stuff. So yeah.
  9. Thanks sweetie, It's been quite an interesting day.
  10. And you were in so much of a hurry you couldn't tell me and Vergile how sexy we were? Ugh! (j/k) It would have been great to meet you! Hopefully soon we can.
  11. Yeah I actually conned Vergile into rp'ing last night instead of leveling (he is SUCH a levelwhore.) So... I might have to construct a diversion to rp tonight again so I can avoid "working".
  12. Well you sure got me. I'm all; "Well er... yeah I got nothing..."
  13. Narrows her eyes and grits her teeth. "I surely hope you mean she's going to be touching something or someone other than you, love..."
  14. Sure! We actually had a chance to rp for about 5 minutes with Skafloc this morning. It was fun.
  15. I'm giddy... someone make a girl smile and rp with us should we pop online tonight, pretty please? *bats eyelashes*