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  1. Greetings All The time has come, my brethren, to fend off our addictions and turn back to the ways of the light. The light has not forsaken us, it is we who have forsaken it. I have discovered that through discipline and adherence to the three virtues that you can break the addiction and once again walk the path of light. I come to you with a charter and I seek Knights who wish to rewalk the path of light and through it protect and serve all out brethren as we help them overcome this magical need. We are all slaves, prisoners to our own desires. And the key, my friends, to this prison is the light. Any knights who are interested in joining the Crimson Order may seek me out or write me a letter and I will seek you out. Come my brothers let us reclaim the glory that was once ours. Take up the cause and join the Crimson Crusade.