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  1. Lovely's a good person, not like the stuff Ah've heard 'bout de Nex'cruors. Even though she used to be a human, she's not that bad.
  2. She's a nice person. Everyone t'ink she crazy, but Ah don' t'ink so. Just.. not understood. 'sides, 'ow can anyone who make soup that good be crazy? Point is, she's a friend.
  3. Djida


    Full Name: Djida'bali Nicknames: Djida Date of Birth: About 20ish years ago. He doesn't really keep count. Age: 20ish Race: Troll Gender: Male Hair: Green Skin: Green Eyes: Orange Height: 7'4" Weight: 210 lbs Place of residence: Orgrimmar Place of Birth: Revantusk Village Known Relatives: Maya'bali (deceased) Religion/Philosophy: Occasional mention of the Loas Occupation: Explorer and Cartographer Group/Guild affiliation: Silvermoon University Guild Rank: Freshman Enemies: All Alliance except Gnomes. How can you hate food? Likes: His worg Taki, his bow, all forms of Gnome, large battles, exploring Favorite Foods: Gnome Eye Soup as made by Hellista Favorite Drinks: Same as above Favorite Colors: Forest green, dark red, frosty white Weapons of Choice: Bow Dislikes: His village of birth, people who don't share his views Hobbies: Making new maps, exploring Physical Features: Djida is your average Troll, if a little larger and slightly greener. Special Abilities: He can communicate with his worg, Taki, simply by meeting her eyes with his own Positive Personality Traits: Fun, outgoing, generally happy Negative Personality Traits: Likes to fight dirty. He doesn't know much about honor in battle Misc. Quirks: He always, always, always has his bow on him Played by What Famous Person: Theme Songs: History: When Djida was young, but old enough to see that his skin wasn't as green as everyone else's, he asked his mother why. The only response she gave was that his father was not Revantusk. Years later, thinking maybe he could find answers among the Darkspear, Djida asked the council of his village for their blessing for him to leave the village and live among Thrall's Horde. He was given one week. During this time he met Lovely Nex'cruor, who told him more about the Horde. He also met Hellista Lock'tharis, whose company he quickly found himself enjoying. With his week in the Horde lands being up, Djida reluctantly returned to Revantusk Village. After hearing his tale of what had happened, the village council decided it was in his best interest to not return. While in the village, Djida learned that his mother had died of sickness while he was away. He decided he had nothing left in the village; despite the council's decision, he wrote a suicide note and returned to Orgrimmar. Djida recently applied to Silvermoon University, suggesting a major in cartography, and was accepted.