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    Returning to Silvermoon City, Aurochs prophesied, saying, “Beware, Children of Blood, for a new threat rises from the south, once again destruction looms from the continent beneath your fair city. A ravenous wolf, a fearsome predator, prowls at your door, looking for a way in. His people from ages gone past have fought your people; they will not be persuaded to join the ranks of the Horde. Those whom you consider Betrayers will swarm to your lands, enemies who hate you will gather at your doorstep, but their ire will only be met in passing, for they, too, seek the plunder of the ancient trolls. “M’uru will not guide you, your enslaved deity will not protect you, for you take that which is given freely by the Creator by force; you seize that which flows over you from inception. Prepare yourselves, harden your faces, for you fight not only the forest, but also those who approach to fight the forest. “The time has come when I will raise up a new generation to fight for me, I shall bless them so that their dreams will come true and they will walk in the City of Lights. Quickly they shall rise, faster than the ones that came before them, and they shall overflow the whole of Azeroth, but they shall not stay long, they shall fly as if on the wing, they shall strike down foes singly who in the past fought againt multiples and prevailed. My blessings shall be upon them, and they shall find in the corners of Azeroth weapons and armor unmatched by their predecessors, blessed by their Creator’s hand. They will not spend hours at the sparring grounds, they shall have no need to heft axe and mace, for their expertise in weapons shall be their guide. “Raise up the battle-standard, cry for those to join their brethren in arms, for the battle will begin thick and with power. As a gladiator prepares himself for the fight and calls on the energy of bloodlust, so will my warriors fighting for their peoples be re-energized by my might. “ ‘The time is coming and has now come,’ sayeth the Lord, ‘when I shall pour out my power upon all peoples so that they may find renewed strength. ‘Lo, the masters of shape and changers of nature shall master their craft and shift from one form to another with the rapidity to reach their goals. ‘Lo, the masters of gunpowder and arrow shall master their craft, according to their individual strength; they shall use their powers to decrease the strengths of others, and those that resist shall fall into their traps. ‘Lo, the masters of magic and mana shall master their craft and they shall not grow thirsty, but call upon my power to replenish them. They shall bring joy to their companions, food and drink to their needs, and it shall not cause them to falter or stumble. ‘Lo, the masters of Light and steel shall master their craft, the strikes of the crusaders shall be relentless and quick upon their foes. Their abilities shall not drain them, their use of light against their foes shall not sap them of strength, but rather they shall exemplify their talents, and those who are my true servants will bring glory to the Creator. ‘Lo, the servants of Light and Shadow shall be blessed to serve others, those who know of the Creator will understand the blessings placed upon them. As they help others I shall too help those they aid, increasing the power of their assistance in measure with their strength and ability. All shall be my guardians and protect my people from the fear of the evil ones, and those of earth and Outland shall chastise they who fail to heed my words. ‘Lo, the masters of blade and poison shall master their craft, blinding those who oppose their nefarious deeds, moving with swift speed behind those they wish to slay, so that all will know to fear the Creator. Yet I am not unjust, and will diminish their abilities; I shall stretch the cord of demarcation, and their enemies shall be taken no farther. Still, they shall fight on the fringes of death, fleet of foot and swift of blade, and those who struggle weakly before them shall fall. Depend now on the Creator for your deliverance from their hands, for if you have not me to aid you in battle, they shall knock the wind from your lungs. ‘Lo, the masters of earth and wind and fire and river shall master their craft, and their fury shall be unleashed upon those who would stand against their power. Am I not the Creator, can I not say that it will be so? Though they will not acknowledge me with their lips, their deeds shall show the strength of my Creation, their talents shall show my attention to the Earth Mother.[/indent] All shall carry upon their backs weapons of great power, none shall be forced to cower in fear behind wood and steel, but shall lift up both hands and strike down their enemies with fury, and with such mighty blows their focus shall be as keen as the edge of a knife, and with it they shall shock their enemies and startle their foes. ‘Lo, the masters of demons and enslavers of souls shall master their craft, their expertise shall be noted in the swiftness of their rituals and in the strength in their protection against the darkness they seek to control. But I shall not allow them to break the rules of my Creation, they shall not inhibit those with pure and honorable goals, nor shall their corruption find those who seek my shelter. ‘Lo, the masters of battle and weapons shall master their craft, and their skill in battle shall strike true and swift, their blows shall devastate their enemies. Yet even as I grant them surety of motion and enhance their talents, I shall deny them the surety of their own hands, so that they must depend on me for their strength.’ “Listen, you blood elves, and heed my words, for my Creator has chosen to reveal this to you, he has commanded me to speak to you in this way: ‘Honor your allegiances and respect your fellow servant; do not fall prey to the haughtiness of those who have forsaken the life I have granted them. Understand my words and come back to my fold and I will bless you, I shall flow out strength to your souls and you shall not depend on others for life.’ ”
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    And the elders of Thunder Bluff were angry with Aurochs. Cairne spoke to him, saying, “Why do you say such things? You are young and brash and speak with the passion of youth, but you bring shame to the elders.” And Aurochs replied, “I can only say what my Creator instructs me.” At this Cairne was deeply troubled. The elders, however, loudly put forth that Aurochs should be exiled from Thunder Bluff, saying, “He speaks out against the Earthmother, putting her beneath foreign gods.” Aurochs, in a rage, left them and returned to the plains. As he left the platform to the city, he came upon a huge wolf with a festering wound. This wolf had once been a friend to the Tauren until he was struck by a demon, and now prowled the outskirts of the city, killing whomever he found. Aurochs lifted his mace and struck down the wolf, taking its demon-scarred hide for a cloak, saying, “I, too, have been wounded in a way that will not heal.” Later that same day Aurochs found the great Kodo Arra’chea on the plains. Wrapping his cloak about him, he became wroth, shouting, “The elders have thought me to forsaken the Earthmother, but I shall complete her rites!” He struck down the mighty beast and cut off its horn to present to the elders in Thunder Bluff. Before the elders, he showed the horn of Arra’chea and said, “I have completed all that the elders have instructed me, yet I am treated with the contempt of a gnat. My people honor me, but no sign of honor is given by their leaders. Has my crime been that great, to speak the word of the Creator as he commands me?” And the elders were filled with anger at his question and began shouting amongst themselves. “He continues to blaspheme even now!” Aurochs took the horn and broke it in his hands, giving the larger half to Cairne, saying, “I have done only what my Creator commands, but thus I have been fragmented from my people.” Taking the other piece, he slung it around his neck. Cairne took him aside, saying, “The elders are wroth with you; you should leave Thunder Bluff for a time. What good will it do for the Creator if you are dead?” So Aurochs left the capital and headed east toward the Barrens. On his way he was stopped by Krang Stonehoof, who said unto him, “Aurochs, you know that I suffer you no ill will. You are a great and mighty warrior in battle, but I can train you no further. Go, travel into the Barrens and find Thun’grim Firegaze in the hills east of the Crossroads. He is a blacksmith and will craft a weapon worthy of your might.” So Aurochs left Mulgore for the Barrens. As he traveled along the road, he cried out to the Creator, saying, “Lord, must I remain the rest of my days in this place? It drives men mad to live in it!” And the Creator comforted Aurochs, saying, “You are not to stay here, you will travel through the night. I shall not leave you to bake beneath the Kalimdor sun, but bask in the Sun that shines in your night. Your people have rejected you, but their allies have rejected them, leaving them to fall beneath fel assault. I am sending you to them as my messenger, my voice from the ashes of their city.” Aurochs came to the mountains east of the crossroads and climbed them until he found the orc blacksmith. Together they forged a war axe, tempered with flame. Then Thun’grim invited Aurochs to stay the night, for it was already dark and the way dangerous, but Aurochs said, “No, I must travel on, I cannot stay.” And he left, going through Orgrimmar to Lordaeron and then up to Silvermoon, the city of the Sin’Dorei. He fought to help the blood elves restore their land, slaying both Scourge and troll, but they honored him not. He cried out to the Creator, saying, “O mighty Creator, I am a stranger in a strange land! These people like me not. I shed my blood for their benefit, and they spit on me! I serve them faithfully, and they sneer at me! Must I remain in this place forever?” And the Creator replied, saying, “You are a mighty hand in a land of no warriors, you are my strength brought incarnate to the elves. There is another like you, one a stranger to her people, find her and protect her and you will find honor.” Immediately upon the road he met a priestess. He bowed to her, saying, “The Creator’s peace be with you.” She stared at him with wide eyes, for she had not seen many Tauren. She said to him, “Pardon me, sir, but I am unused to seeing your kind. I was not raised here but far to the south with the humans.” Aurochs realized that this was the one of whom the Creator had spoken, and so he was filled with joy. He asked her, “May I accompany you on your travels? My strength could protect you; if you desire it, it is yours to command.” The priestess agreed, thanking him, and they both traveled south to Tranquillien. There they stayed for a few days, serving the people and fighting the Scourge in the Ghostlands. And the people of Tranquillien came to Honor him, for the need was great. Then the priestess, whose name was Mikelle, turned to him, saying, “I must return to Silvermoon to study more of my art. But where will you, Aurochs, go to continue your training?” Aurochs replied, saying, “I do not know; the Creator has not given me guidance but to come to these people and help them. I shall wait here for the Creator’s instruction.” And so they parted. As she left, the Creator spoke to Aurochs, saying, “Go to Tirisfal Glades. There the Forsaken will teach you the ways of battle.” So Aurochs returned to the Forsaken lands and did everything the people there commanded him. So they honored him and their warriors trained him. Then he returned to Silvermoon. Taking materials he had gathered along the way, he forged a mighty longsword. With its tip in the ground its pommel rose two hooves above his head, and it took four elves to lift it. Using a coarse stone to sharpen it to a keen edge, Aurochs took the sword and returned to the Ghostlands, where he fought the Scourge until the people of Tranquillien exalted him for slaying the necromancer Dar’Khan.
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    Aurochs came before the elders in Thunder Bluff and kneeled before Chieftain Cairne. Cairne gave Aurochs his blessing, for his reputation had spread even to the chieftain’s ears. Then Aurochs spoke all that the Creator had commanded of him to the people of Thunder Bluff; he prophesied, saying, “The Creator has spoken to me, he has made his vision clear. He has a plan for his people, for the mighty Tauren, those of the Earth, strong like the boulders and vast like the plains, for all the peoples of Azeroth. Too long have you slumbered, nestled between the breasts of the Earthmother! Too long have you ignored the message of the Maker, who placed his brand across her back. ‘I am your Father,’ says the Creator, ‘From my seed have you sprung. I molded you in the womb of the Earthmother, From her loins you were issued. Yet am I to be forgotten? Am I to be replaced by elements? Is the sword greater than the blacksmith? The ring greater than the jewelcrafter?’ ‘Behold, for I am doing a new thing, my plan shall be made clear to all peoples. The time is coming when all eyes shall turn from the City of Light, when the heroes shall remember the continents of Azeroth, when the multitudes shall return from beyond the Nether. Ice blows in from the north, a cold wind which freezes all it touches. None of power will remain untouched. The eye of the Lich King roams once more, but all eyes turn to Northrend, all feet point to the northern star. Those who do not follow the siren’s song will fall away.’ The time is coming, and has now come, when those on the battlefield shall be of one mind so that their thoughts are known to one another. Neither shall they part their lips, nor shall the white of their words be written, but they shall hear one another’s voice from out of the blue. Listen, you druids, you changelings of the Earthmother: No longer shall you sweep aside vast armies with your command of nature, while ignoring the authority of the Creator. ‘I shall limit your power,’ says Keeper of Winds, ‘and you shall be only one. I shall not uproot you, but neither shall you send down more than one root.’ Listen, you hunters, you rangers of my Creation: No longer shall you sit in idleness, but shall reel from the strikes! ‘The ice I have given to the Lich King, and yours shall dissipate quickly as he has need. Have I not commanded it to be so to others? Yet I have not forgotten you, nor shall I curse you; I shall replenish your wisdom, I shall bless you and you will not thirst.’ Listen, you mages, you who are knowledgeable of the workings of the Nether: Two enemies come upon you, they dash at you with great speed, And only one shall be slowed. ‘Work quickly! Bring them as sheep to the slaughter, For your time is limited. Have I not commanded it to be so to others? The ice I have given to the Lich King, the frost I have reserved for the expanses of Northrend. Therefore, the greater the spread of your power, the more you shall notice its limitations.’ Listen, you priests, you followers of Light and Shadow: Do you not know who spoke the Light into being? Do you not recognize the Shadow of the Creator? ‘No longer shall you reap double for your studies; for each man shall earn only his own rights. No longer shall you remove with impunity the abilities I granted for others’ salvation. You find yourself wise in your own eyes, able to control the will of others. Your power shall diminish, your ability find its limit. Have I not commanded it to be so to others?’ Listen, you rogues, you who spring from the shadows: No longer shall you remain immune when you strike out, for every action shall have its consequence. ‘One and only one shall you inhibit, and even then your abilities have their limit. Have I not commanded it to be so to others?’ Listen, you shaman, you planters of totems and students of elements: The Creator calls you to rise up and follow the call of the spirits. ‘When I look out across the peoples, where can I find you?’ ‘Do not depend on your wood and stone to reveal the threats who come lurking in the shadows. Yet you shall be allowed to rest in my favor without the threat of those who enforce my peace.’ Listen, you warlocks, you slavers of demons and followers of Fel: Your enemies do not fear you, they do not stumble as they charge, yet still you shall harm them with your words and blades. ‘You shall be saved in repose, while eating you shall not lose strength, yet do not consider the duration of your strength endless. Have I not commanded it to be so to others?’ Listen, you warriors, you foundation of the armies of Azeroth: You shall have respite from battle, but your rage shall not diminish. ‘Prepare yourselves for the time to come, when the power of the warlock meets the strength of your arm.’ Listen, you paladins, you who fight in the name of the Light: For you shall be doubly blessed. ‘Long have you labored, with constant attention in serving others, So I shall bless you in the same way that you bless them. Strong shall you be, long shall you serve, quickly shall your wrath fly: Therefore, remember from whom the Light flows.’ ”
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    The Dark Portal opened once more, and the peoples of Azeroth poured forth like a flood upon Outland, seeking to bring victory against the Burning Crusade. All peoples turned their eyes toward the City of Light, set down by the Creator as the center of two worlds. In those days, a young bull walked the plains of Mulgore. His heart was pure, and he had remained in the plains, though he was great in size compared to his brethren, and he was a Tauren. Because of his mighty strength and size, his people called him Aurochs. Once, a group of Bristlebacks came from Bramblevine Ravine to bring war against Camp Narache, and Aurochs left his plow and came to a copse of pine. Grabbing the trunk of the tree with both hands, he uprooted the tree and used it to slay the attacking razorswine. Chief Hawkwind commended Aurochs, declaring him to have passed the Rite of Strength, and gave him his totem to deliver to Baine, son of Cairne, saying, “Your strength is great even among the strength of the Tauren. You shall be a great hero of our people and protect our ancestral lands with your strength, assuredly you shall be a defender of the Earthmother throughout the world.” Aurochs replied to his chief, “I serve only my people. I wish only to live in Mulgore in peace.” And Aurochs traveled to Bloodhoof Village to complete the Rite of Vision. On the road, he came across a band of brigands. They worked for the goblins and raped the land for their own profit. In a fury, Aurochs slew a plainstrider, then, taking its leg-bone, he attacked and killed them to a man. He said, “Assuredly I have earned the respect of my people this day.” But when he arrived at the village, Baine, son of Cairne, did not send him on to the elders at Thunder Bluff but instead instructed him to speak with the local seer. On the way, Aurochs lifted a huge boulder and threw it into the pond, saying, “Thus have my hopes been drowned.” He then went to see Two-Moons. Two-Moons spoke to Aurochs, saying, “You must pass the Rite of Vision to be accepted by the elders of Thunder Bluff. Gather the reagents needed to make the Water of the Seers. You must gather wellstones and ambercorn.” For the Tauren believed these to have magical properties when brewed and consumed before the tribal fires of their peoples. Aurochs replied, “I have had visions for my people already, why must I revisit them? Behold, the wolf stands among us now, waiting to guide me in my quest.” At this, Two-Moons became angry and said, “Do not be wicked! Respect the Earthmother and our ancestors, who set down the Rite of Vision long before you walked these lands!” At this Aurochs turned and left. Coming to a mighty tree, he shook it so that nuts rained down around him. Gathering them up, he went to the well and pulled out four mighty stones to bring back to the seer. Two-Moons spoke to Aurochs, saying, “I now present you with the Water of the Seers. When you are ready, consume the waters near the tribal fire. Once you have ingested the holy waters, it will take a few moments before the vision materializes before the fire. At that point, it is up to you to follow it to your destiny.” Aurochs drank the water, speaking to the seer, “I see the wolf now. He speaks to me, telling me that I am to go to Seer Wiserunner.” Two-Moons replied, “Follow him to the seer.” Aurochs said, “Why follow when I have already been instructed where to go?” And the spirit wolf stayed by the tribal fire, but Aurochs ran on ahead to the cave. As he was running on the road, the Bluffs rose before him, and the Creator appeared to him. He reached down with his gauntlet and touched the bull with his finger, and the Tauren could move neither to the right nor the left, neither forward nor backward, nor could he swish his tail. Aurochs fell to the ground and shook in fear. And the Maker spoke to him, saying, “Fear not, Aurochs, for I have a plan for you. You are to be a prophet to all peoples and warn them of the coming times.” And Aurochs cried out, “O Great Mover, I am neither a shaman or druid, to understand the ways of the Earthmother as they. Choose not I, but some other more fitting to the task.” And the Creator replied, “Do not doubt my plan, for it is I who made you what you are. Your strength was granted to you by me at your inception, your name already written on the palm of my hand. A shaman may corrupt the message to his own designs, a druid may slumber in times of great peril, but for a simple warrior to speak my words to the peoples will cause all factions to look and see what the Creator has done. You are to be my representative in the Twisting Nether.” Yet Aurochs again tried to dissuade the Creator, saying, “I have not the skill at arms of a true warrior, I am but a simple bull. Am I to be the hand of the Almighty, when others will look on me and laugh at my lack of experience in such matters?” And the Creator reached down and touched Aurochs once more, saying, “Put on a defensive face, may your stance be ready to meet the coming times. I shall forge you like iron, as a blacksmith sharpens steel so I shall sharpen you. Fear not the hammer of ridicule, for you shall stand on the anvil of truth, and your words shall ring out throughout Mulgore, the cities of the Horde, and all of Azeroth.” Aurochs knelt on the road and said, “May it be as my Creator has designed. I am your humble servant.” And the Creator blessed him. Then the Creator commanded him, “Go, and meet with Seer Wiserunner, and complete the Rites of the Earthmother, but forget not the Father of All. For I am sending you to the elders in Thunder Bluff so that they may know what I have planned for them.” And Aurochs wept, for he knew that the elders would not listen. Yet he said, “As you will it, so I will do.” Then the young bull did all that was commanded of him. At the Red Rocks the ancestral spirit sent him to Thunder Bluff, saying, “Certainly you are among the blessed of the Tauren. Go, and speak with Cairne Bloodhoof.” # # # # # Aurochs stood quietly as the elevator drew him up to the top of the mesas of Thunder Bluff. He had been called by his Creator to speak to his people, the people whom he loved, the people whom he sought to protect. The people who he feared would denounce him for heresy when he gave his message from on high. The engineering marvel of his people finished its long climb upward, a slight creak sounding as the platform eased into position. His hoof rang out against the wood of the platform as he stepped forward to his calling. There was no turning back now.