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  1. So, the realization that there is more drama in my ooc wow life than in my RP made me realize that I haven't done any real RP in months. I wan't to do rp on one of my two taurens, Fhurruk my druid, or my new Shammy alt Poincare. The problem is I have no idea how to RP anything other than a BE rogue. (act mysterious and a little bit stuck up.) I need to develop back-stories before I do anything else. Anyone have suggestion?
  2. Whenever I leave something alone, say my laptop in the library, even for a minute I always ask someone nearby to watch it. In my psych 101 class we read a study in which a boombox was left on a beach next to some other people. If the 'owner' of the boom-box didn't ask the nearby people to do anything then only about 20% of people actually stopped someone who came over and took it. If the 'owner' of the boom-box actually asked the nearby people to watch it then nearly everyone stopped the person taking it, and there were a few incidents of people tackling the thief.
  3. groovy, since it's on a weekend I may actually be able to listen.
  4. I really just want a shirt that looks like my tabbard. A solid purple shirt with a big yellow hammer.
  5. Somewhere that had working plumbing. If there is no working plumbing, as far away from a city as possible. Although I would think that a place like Dalaran or Silvermoon would have magical toilets. You just poop into a portal and it ends up on some poor shmuck's lawn halfway across Azeroth.
  6. Awww, I need to know about these things in advance.
  7. Ishinara: "Why can't I ever find someone?" RL: "Don't ever let me lose my friends, they are way to awesome."
  8. School + two jobs + being in a band + having a GF = very little time for wow
  9. I relapsed and am currently installing the expansion... It burns so much but I know I will enjoy it... Expect to see me in game sometime this evening.
  10. Most instances consist of groups of people just standing around doing nothing. You go into Molten Core, the Home of Ragnaros Lord of Fire, there are Giants made of lava, beings made of pure fire and what are they all doing? Standing around picking their noses. (edit) Except for Gheddon who was running around in circles like a freaking maniac. (edit) You would think that they would be, I don't know, training in order to launch an invasion on the rest of BRS... This has always bugged me, and most of the instances are like this. Although one of my favorite memories was going into BRD at the end and realizing, "We are slaughtering their government." Imagine congress meeting to vote on whatever only to have a bunch of rampaging hooligans out of no where come in and start attacking people with swords. Absolutely hilarious.
  11. And if anyone around is interested in chatting or emailing me WAndrewFord@gmail.com is the best way to reach me. I am on constantly.
  12. Every summer I struggle to accomplish anything in WoW, and every summer I consider taking a break and I haven't up until now. In the three and a half years of playing WoW I have done everything from hardcore raiding to RP. About a month ago I realized that there was no way I would ever experience the content I wanted to unless I started de-prioritizing all of the things I enjoyed in life outside of WoW. Simply put even though I have loads of free time during the afternoons but almost all of the raids simply take place during the evening. This worked fine for a long time since all the people I got to know really well played at the same times as I, but I am seeing those people less and less. So I think it is time for a break. I'm not sure at this point if the break is permanent... This being my first break I'm not sure how it will go. Either way I will still troll these forums since you all are interesting people and I love hearing about the crazy situations you get yourselves into. -Fhurruk/Ishinara/Andrew
  13. Most of the contested zone taverns already have guards, but for the sake of RP's yeah the cartel should totally be there. Are there any good places other than Booty Bay or Shatt. Hmmm Shatt may be too laggy for some people.
  14. Hell this doesn't need to be just alliance. I would be down for this on Ishinara since he is a bartender in BB.