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  1. <p>I see you thar. <3</p>

  2. As much as I would hate to admit it, I was actually thinking about the effect of the Maelstrom upon the ocean's currents while driving mere minutes ago. Oh, goodness, I'm truly a geek. ... yay. :3
  3. Well, the planet couldn't be too small. If it were the size of the moon, we would have lost our atmosphere. Oh, sure, the Forsaken could last a bit longer without air, but I don't think that it would be pretty. I'd have to say that Azeroth is roughly the size of Earth. The humans aren't amazingly different from us in many respects, so I would assume that it's safe to think that they evolved in an environment like ours. The continents aren't that different in arrangement from our own, so we may also assume that similar ocean currents occur. Currently, due to the layout of the world, the oceans will go from pole to pole generally, leading to a stable atmosphere the world over. Had the continents been going more west to east, instead of north to south, we'd have abnormal distribution of heat in the water and air, leading to an unstable environment. All things considered, Azeroth is fairly stable, despite all that we've done to it. Yes, it's fairly like Earth.