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  1. Amadeus watched as the works dug at the soft earth in the ruins of Lordaeron. In the years since Swerto had been buried the ruins had been opened to the public and become a crowded site. The park Swerto's remains had been interred at were especially popular for Forsaken citizens to loiter at. Amadeus had to have multiple Forsaken escorted away from the gravesite before digging could begin, but had conscripted the help of others for the cost of a few gold. He wasn't going to get his hands dirty doing such a chore. The sound of shovels hitting metal was what Kain had been waiting for. The workers began lifting pieces of bone and armor out of the grave and placing them in a bucket. As Amadeus had feared there was no flesh left, and the bones were brittle. If it weren't for the armor they were encased in it was unlikely there would be anything remaining. "That's it, make sure to get it all. I won't have be delivering Xalascent an imperfect warrior missing a leg or arm." He stood over the workers as they pulled each individual piece out, and once he was satisfied that all of it had been recovered he doled out the gold coins and shooed the workers away. He brought his thumb across his palm, cutting flesh and dripping some of the corrupted fluid free onto the ground, a summoning circle appeared and an explosion of felfire welcomed his dreadsteed. He pulled himself onto the horse's reigns before turning his attention to the box Swerto's remains had been collected in. He pulled his staff from his back and whispered a few words, a bolt of fel energy erupted from the staff and surrounded the box, levitating it into the air and tethering itself to the dreadsteed. "On to the next chore, then." Amadeus let out a sigh, it would only get more boring from here.
  2. "You want me to do what, exactly?" Amadeus Kain tilted his head, looking at Keraph Xalascent for a moment with curiosity. The two were located in the trade district of undercity at a local tavern. It was a crowded location not too far from Infection's former headquarters, and the location Keraph had called for them to meet. Keraph didn't even bother looking at the warlock before responding. "You are to track down the remains of Swerto Ænimus and recall him to duty by any means. With the return of the Legion and the Dark Lady's appointment to warchief we need all the Forsaken warriors we can muster. Infection will once again be the vanguard of the Forsaken, and I need warriors who are loyal to her above all else." "But he's been dead for years, whatever remains is most likely bones by now, and that is even assuming I can recall his soul from the nether. I am not a necromancer - my abilities are limited. Wouldn't our time be better suited raising new warriors, or turning those from the Alliance to our cause?" Amadeus protested, this was a waste of his time. "I need warriors I can trust to not turn their blades on the Forsaken. I can't trust freshly risen corpses with that, they have no loyalty to the Forsaken cause, they're no different than the knights of the ebon blade. Their loyalties are fickle things. You have your orders, warlock. Follow them or I will find someone who will." Keraph stood from the table and disappeared into the crowded sewers leaving Amadeus alone to compose himself. The warlock dusted himself off looking at the information Keraph had provided. Swerto's gravesight, his history, known associates, among other useful information. He let out a groan of frustration as he planted his face on the table. What a chore. He stood up disappearing after Keraph a moment later. If this was his job, he was going to do it right, and to do that he'd need the help of an apothecary and necromancer, and lucky for him he knew someone who was both.
  3. I am pleasantly surprised I was able to contact you through that old hotmail.
  4. I have Cessily's old hotmail, unsure if she still uses it. If you want I can forward an email to it (Email me at anthony jessup without the space, it's a gmail.com email)
  5. I've never stopped playing LoL. Advancing as far as I can before the season ends.
  6. God. I do no0t associate with those people, not since it was taken over by the furries. I've got some self respect.
  7. We all know Deadpool's favorite pony is Pinkie Pie. Just accept it.
  8. Main RP Toon: Swerto, then Alexialas Horde Or Alliance? Horde, then Alliance Guild: Infection, then Lordaeron's Call. Was also a member of Da Cartel Enforcers back in the day, as well as Praetorian Guard before I left the game. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? The death of Swerto is up there, the storyline I had going with infection was giong pretty well with Loraeron's Call. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? She died IRL. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: No screenies left.
  9. Thanks for the invite, but I'm not ever resubbing or logging into the game again. I still come to this website out of habbit, so I dunno why I'm even here >>. I left for reasons I pointed out dozens of times on these forums. I had good times in WoW, I played on both Horde and Alliance. I was part of the best undead guild to ever walk the face of World of Warcraft, I lead one of the coolest Scarlet Crusade spinoffs ever. I wrote epic storylines, met people I'm still friends with today. But alas, WoW is just not for me anymore. I would make some excuse that it's not "you" it's me, but really it is the game. The game has grown in a direction that I just can't follow. I've moved on to greener pastures, and even there I grow weary and move on.
  10. [video=youtube;jiHbm3FuOhg]
  11. Hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion, form your own, but the consensus is that the payment options are bullshit. Game's a ton of fun, TB was unfair on that. I just don't appreciate the payment model.