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  1. Oh, I thought that's what you were going for. Most things that are cell shaded with color will turn out like manga/anime. If you want, try using the burn tool with a soft brush to round out the edges and a 20-30% exposure. It also helps your art look a little more dark, if you actually darken them with the burn tool after, with a 10-15% exposure and a speckle brush. Edit: Keep in mind you're still using the pen tool > make selection > burn, to get the required or requested area for shading.
  2. No you use the pen tool to make smoothly contoured edges which you'll color in yourself using a solid brush (because the fill tool has a tendancy to blotch or pixelate) You keep your shading on seperate layers so you can change the layer types, mutliply, darken, etc. a fun way to screw around with shading is masking, but that's a whole different story and usually not worth the effort.
  3. Conord

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    He's a human warrior, and I'm not on TN anymore because I transfered with friends after they left FL and RotRD Though you won't find him under the name Conord anymore, it's Ency.
  4. Use the pen tool, make sure you keep your shape inside the lines and bend it to the contours of the art, work from the outside in and always remember to make new layers for every piece of shading (for example if you change from skin shading to cloth shading) Don't fill with the fill tool, use a solid brush and make the shape a selection before painting it in yourself. Always remove your line art from time to time and check the shading in comparison to the color to make sure when you're done your shading looks evenly colored and doesn't bleed with the line art. Oh and always keep your light source in mind. Other than that it's just practice.
  5. Oh hai. This is my first time posting here so I don't know if I broke any unspoken rules >< but I thought I'd post a doodle I did. Got kinda bored last night after my heroic wiping marathon. This is my main, Conord, who's no longer on TN but still just as badass. I know the lines are sloppy and the proportions are off, but it's a doodle, lol. Now if only I could actually make him look like that...