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  1. While Mal and I have the same bed IRL, we have very differing views of large scale events... *ahem* Pointess to beat a dead kodo, yo. Needless to say, I don't know if the Grim still have these viddies on their site anymore, but ya'all could check there. I just watched a funny one (on disc) with Abric kickin' the living piss out of a guildmember over some rotter girl. Anyway.. Mal told me to say "HI" to all the oldies and newblets that missed out. As some of you know, I do as told or else I get the hose again (and not in a good way). Snowfeather is still dead - sorry, it's kind of a sucky transfer. And yes, if you look on that account, I whacked another character on another server but it was more of a large scale thingie with some really cool people..nothing like inviting the server to enjoy a wedding only to have it end in the bride getting axed.. oh and I hated playing Alliance sorry!Haven't played a damn game since AoC made me cry for sad with it's total lack of cow goodness. What can I say.. I will always be in love with the Tauren no matter how bad I think Blizzard fucked the game with the ... *eyetwitch* nevermind. MOO. Soo many good memories of TN watching the old movies and recognizing the 'old' names.. Saltly, Yichimet, Lacivious (all hail).. and of course re-living the four hour convo with Abric pissing him off every two minutes in the bottom of .. shit.. whatever the hell the name is. I digress.. but time heals all wounds, mostly, and I am better for every experience endured. Late nights working as Woman In Black have conjured up desires to play again. The hints here of possible DK's in the expansion delights my inner serial killer, I confess. I'll leave it at that. "Might as well come clean. Bigfoot not as confident as might first seem. For example get lost often. Most of time not know where am. People think Bigfoot master of wooland navigation. Move through darkness like velvet torpedo. Not true. Mostly just stumbling around smashing head into branches trying to recognize where am but every fucking tree look same. For love of God, next you go camping and hear me screaming in distance don't run away.. COME HELP" Bigfoot
  2. *grins* ... what a friggin' time that was. Ah the 'good' old days. Congrats, tood.
  3. ((Welcome! I take it you are Alliance by the name... If so, I look forward to my hunter splattering your pixelated guts across the dirt soon! ))
  4. ((Snowfeather is dead. The player behind the character.. is not! I am still around, just as an alt that is now my new main - not to be named.. but I am sure everyone will figure it out soon enough. *cough movie coming soon cough* ))
  5. The Necklace The death of Snowfeather. This is only 25 megs.. so it's a quick download. I was going to write a story, but this is so much more my style and it is more meaningful.. to me. Please see "The Talking Dead" for the beginning of this or at the Grim Forums for the full story from other members: The Grim Thread PS: Mortica.. make a movie category! I want to win sometime.. sheesh. ((Kidding.. or am I? muhaha.. no I am))
  6. Next time, please try to understand the intent of the message. This is an OOC thread with input in an OOC fashion. This has nothing to do with what the Grim is or is not. It is about trying to make a group of people work together to a common goal. Name calling accomplishes nothing and that is the intent. But if you only want to look at it as whining, that's your choice. I honestly thought it would shed a little light onto why there are problems with the Council as it is. You don't want honest opinions and input - then I'll just shut my mouth and let things go as they have been. *shrug* Here's your axe back Helio. I don't have anything to 'grind' with you whatsoever.
  7. ((Good luck with that, Brokagar. I hope you succeed. I am not arrogant in character. Hardly. My character will not be treated like some little kick around toy for an undead with a chip on his shoulder - especially someone she barely knows. My advice to your council was a kindly word of warning. Don't disrespect us and we won't disrespect you. Brakogar, you have done everything to maintain respect for all parties - I see that. This is not a slight to you in character or out. It was a simple word of caution. Calling others derrogatory names you intend to work with is not a good way to broker trust or any kind of partnership. If you and Soraxis don't understand that IC or OOC , then I guess I won't give my heartfelt advice and let Soraxis learn the hard way. Fool is a powerful word in character, especially when it is used repeatedly towards strangers or mere acquaintances. Nobody will want to dig deeper to find out why he thinks that way. Instead they will distance themselves from the person.))
  8. ((It will still 'not' work if Soraxis continues to debase everyone by calling them fools. That does not broker trust or camaraderie between different guilds. If he is going to be the leader, I suggest calming on the trash talk and show a little more moderate authority rather than complete superiority and megalomania. I told Soraxis this IN CHARACTER last night when he approached Snowfeather and flat out told her to show up for her own good with a few 'fools' tossed in for good measure.. Yeah.. Snow said "kiss it" basically. The Grim are coming. I know that for a fact. But if you don't show some respect, they will be gone as soon as the first degrading comment flies their way. I wish you all the best of luck with this though. I hope the Council thrives and succeeds.))
  9. Yes, I logged on last night because we attempted to get my body back. Had a great way to do it too.. However, I was soon overcome with drama in game and in teamspeak plus bombarded by /tells that I left. Haven't decided if I'm going to try it again. May just stick with my alt and pseudo-manage the guildsite.
  10. ((Weren't hostile towards the Grim? Um.. sorry.. calling the Grim traitors is hostile. I guess I am missing something there. Look, I'm talking from my IC actions. I by no means speak for the guild. I will not be involved anymore IC. There is no reason for me to be. It's that simple. I don't believe I am right. I already stated IC I was loyal to the Grim to a fault. That's not right.. it's wrong. I only represent myself. I will not deal with them anymore from an IC situation.))
  11. ((Fallacy, I understand what you are saying. But for me to be involved with the Council anymore would be about as logical as having Iran in the UN.. OH yeah.. they are... they shouldn't be.. but they are. That is how I look at the Frostwolf Brotherhood, Enheilras and any others who condoned this behavior last night. I will not sit in the same room while there is a dagger pointed at me under the table. Caesar did that.. look what it got him. What is my in character justification for doing so?))
  12. ((Zusteakai, you can justify this anyway you want to. It is moot as far as any further IC stuff is concerned. You will be treated very differently by my character from this point on. How would The Grim know about what you've been doing lately anyway? Your actions, regardless of your justifications, were not friendly - ON ANY LEVEL - last night. Think about your actions before you make them. If you want to go to war against another Horde guild, do it. Don't make apologies for it. Don't make exceptions either. You did something to increase the background of your guild, character, now be able to live with your decision. There is no discrimination IC from Snowfeather. The Frostwolf Brotherhood and Typhoon are enemies to her. There is no way you can change that now. I do take it as a slap in the face, Zusteakai. IC wise, I do.. you're damn right.))
  13. That is exactly what Snowfeather will do, and that is all Snowfeather will do. I have not said anything contrary to that. Snowfeather is loyal to The Grim to a FAULT. It is her character. I do not harbor feelings of ill-will towards the Brotherhood or Typhoon OOC. Not in the slightest. Do I think twists in a plot are great? Absolutely. I hate scripted roleplay. I refuse to do scripted roleplay. I understand there are some cases where speeches need to be given and pre-planning is definitely involved - including with your enemies, etc., but overall - the ending should be dynamic. It sounds like that was what happened last night. I wasn't even there. I couldn't have been there... Snowfeather is dead. I have not marginalized anyone! My character will react to them as they acted. They are the ones who went against my guildmates. They were the ones who decided, above all else, to kill Lovely instead of allowing The Grim to deliver her body to the RAS. There is no other way to see those actions as anything less than treasonous...is there? Especially after The Grim were called traitors? The Nether Council DID go against us in Snowfeather's eyes. Two guilds involved in the council.. out of .. 5? That's a pretty good number in my book. As I stated, I hope that someone at least told the organizers they were going to do it. Lily stated they did. I stated last night I did not know. Now I do. I commend them for approaching them about it. I do not know about Typhoon, and I don't really care. My interaction IC with them is nil as it is. Not once have I said anything about OOC hatred or anger. It doesn't exist. You may have taken what I have said as OOC anger.. but I promise you, it's not the case. I guess I can see where you would when I say don't speak to me, try to group, invite to events, etc - because I am in character all the time. I don't go out of character to run an instance or anything else. I don't even go in our guild's ooc channel because I can't stand being ooc in the game. However, if I am approached in /t oocly, I will speak to anyone.. except Infamous. I am glad the event happened. I am disappointed the Alliance fumbled a bit on their end. I couldn't imagine how frustrating it was for all of the Horde gathered to be ready to fight and have nobody to poke and make bleed. I am not upset at ALL OOC about this. I repeat.. I am not offended, irritated, bitter, resentful, vengeful or any other negative emotion.. about this event or what the Brotherhood and Typhoon did. I am however, getting the word out to them that their actions will indeed have consequences - as they should. In fact, it already has. The Grim, not me, have decided to place those two organizations on the Marked for Death list as traitors. IN CHARACTER. I hope I cleared that up.
  14. ((No offense.. no.. take offense.. I don't care. After reading what Zusteakai just put up on that thread for their reasoning of killing Lovely.. is .. well.. reason-LESS. Honestly, if you guys want to go against us.. that's fine. Just be willing to deal with the consequences. We treat our members one way, outsiders completely another. In other words, don't ever speak to me in game again.. for your own sake.. it won't be pretty. Groups.. forget it. Events.. no longer supported - BY Me. I won't be hyperlinking them for the other Grims on our site neither since .. it's my site. The Nether Council just screwed over the Grim and it looks like they are enjoying it. Eat your cake. No big. Really. So much for the Council.. wish you the best of luck. No skin off my nose. Less work for me, really.. thanks for making my job easier. Frostwolf, so far as I am concerned - and Typhoon as well - are now enemies of the Horde and will be treated as such by me. Then again, Enheilras could just be talking out his .. hole again. We'll see. Frostwolf, for sure, is an enemy. Now, I was not involved in this event at all. I do hope that you Frostwolf and Typhoon types at least had the courtesy to say "we are going to screw up your plotline, I hope you are ready for it".. but somehow I doubt that happened. It's amazing how fast one person's actions can completely erase the amount of work that goes into planning these large scale events. Perhaps Clys and Lily will have more insight.. for all I know this doesn't bother them in the slightest. Don't be surprised if large scaled events die because of this behavior. It is very difficult .. like planting a garden.. sowing the seeds, watering.. pruning.. begin to see it blossom and then have some neighbor come over drunk and trample your field.. then laugh and burp in your face and walk off. Course, you probably don't see it that way.. how quickly you forget how bad your event went in Ashenvale, Zusteakai. Next time, you won't be invited to do a damn thing if I am involved. It's called respect for the hard work people put into things to be washed away by someone looking to stake a claim on someone else's hard work. Then to go off and post some half cocked reason is .. well.. a bit of a slap in the face of all the hard work those two and many others.. LOVELY and the Alliance put in. Do be sure to invite me to your next event, Zusteakai and the rest of you lot who decided to .. spit on The Grim. I'd like to show you what mutual respect is all about. I'm going to bed. I am glad, for the sake of my sanity I did not witness this crap personally.))
  15. ((Yes, it was an event from the Immortalis storyline on Nether Legends as well as The Grim boards. Lovely was 'kidnapped' by Clys and Danlily (and Kitsu) and was.. going to be a lab rat of sorts for the RAS as well as a few other unsavory 'girl' things. I have NO idea what is going on myself. Only what I am reading on the boards. Snowfeather is dead so I am not privy to guildchat and I am playing an alt until she is alive - if that happens. However, Clys made it very clear she was delivering Lovely to the RAS for study to further the war efforts against the Alliance. Also, I am hearing the Zusteakai accused several members of the Grim as traitors for harboring her. I was not in on this plot line in the slightest. I only know OOC things from reading their stories and have no input whatsoever as to what is going on with it or even involved with it at all. Since Snowfeather has been dead for a.. what seems like a week.. she has no clue either. Though she is sharing space in Daala's mind, that subject has not been discussed. Truth be told, I am as clueless as you are. However, if your guild got in the way of stopping the further testing of the RAS.. I will not interact with them on friendly terms IF: 1. I get my body back someday 2. I find out that you all did that from the guild - and I think that's a likelihood of 100%. So.. you reap what you sow. If the Brotherhood went against us and killed Lovely for their own gain, it's "on" as far as Snow is concerned. She has fealty to The Grim over any other... regardless of circumstance. Yeah.. not good.. because she has a big mouth.. big fat tauren mouth.. muha. ))