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  1. I believe the idea that Blizzard tries to perpetuate is that there is no real knowledge of it. It can be observed in the "present" that there is some force that can be drawn upon to produce "holy" magic. Now, different races have different reasonings for what seems like the same magic, and it could be anything. It could be that one group is right and the others are deluded, it could all be one divine source, or it could simply be an aspect of the magical world, not something divine or intelligent, that they learned to control and was overtime adapted to certain aspects of their own cultures. Warcraft lore goes back clearly to the War of the Ancients, and then there's the presence of the Naaru, so it seems like there's little room for various conflicting cultural folklore(all the ancient, mystical stuff is, supposedly, already right in front of you.) However, I think that the various aspects of these mythical subjects might still not imply that one group is right and another is wrong, or such ancient, powerful beings may even be confused about their own origins or purpose. Ultimately, no sure way of knowing. Even Blizzard implies that some parts of lore are considered "flavor lore"; two or more pieces of lore(like maybe two creation stories) that directly contradict each other and are not meant to both be taken as accurate descriptions of events, but the beliefs of different cultures. Look at our own world; for almost every culture, there's a different way in which the universe was created.
  2. Hey, here's a question... I have a druid, and I was wondering how I would roleplay in a shapeshifted form. I have a few ideas, but I thought I'd open it up to suggestions. My original, top-of-the-head thought was "Well, I'm a bear, so I can't really talk, I'll just emote things." But, of course, that has its limits, and it's kind of annoying trying to change back and forth every time I need to say something.
  3. People believe the Bill of Rights consists completely of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom of the Press as the first, second and third amendments, and then take that to mean they can say anything they want anywhere they want, or even do anything that has the slightest connection to any words.
  4. Furbolgs, yes. They make complete, perfect sense. They are friendly with the Draenei, they are friendly and have been for thousands of years with the Night Elves, they have a reason to join with the Alliance(help in fighting the corruption of their kind), potential starting place(the undeveloped zone Hyjal), the only thing I'm not sure about is the numbers of the uncorrupted Furbolgs. I'm given the impression(because there are at least two entire tribes that have not been corrupted) that there are enough.Naga, no. They would not work. Not just because they have four arms and no legs, I mean lore-wise. According to lore, the Naga likely serve one or more of the Old Gods. Every group that practices any kind of Old God worship is hostile to players. I've heard some people say that the Naga would work for the Horde because they already allied with the Blood Elves, but all you have to do is remember this; even the Horde still fights and kills Kael'thas in Outland. He is considered evil now, along with Illidan and the Naga. I believe the story is that the Blood Elves left on Azeroth, that got separated from Kael, were not there when he made the pact with Illidan and the Naga, which is why the early NPC's talk so much about joining up with him. If you think of the story as progressing with the progress of one player, then upon arriving in Outland the Blood Elves learn what Kael'thas has done and deem him a traitor.
  5. I think the problem wasn't necessarily that there were confirmed minors involved in the guild activities, but that the guild did not take any actual precautions to ensure the age of its members, so it was entirely possible for a minor to have been involved. Possible, not confirmed. I think.
  6. Hard to say where I stand. On the one hand, yes, you could easily be exposing minors to stuff that's clearly meant to be kept out of their reach. On the other hand, no one being hurt, blah blah, etc. Frankly, I believe Blizzard made a smart move. They took out dozens of potential lawsuits before they could become real and are not likely going to suffer financially for it.(Already proven they won't, the people stuck around to remake their guild, didn't they?) So, yes, Blizzard's move to disband them was smart. Whether or not it was right I'm not really sure. I think of the whole "we can say/do what we want as long as we aren't hurting people", and I am actually able to come up with a counterargument to that. Yes, there are people who say they should be allowed to do/say these things on the internet, and yes, they are right. However, the people who argue this are right because they are usually talking about saying/doing things on their own website. If we think of WoW like a website, then it's not the same thing. It's taking offensive material and putting it on someone else's website, not your own. I think Blizzard does have some right in controlling what is habitually said on their game to a certain degree, because it is their game. If you want to make an online community based around this stuff, then make your own website for it. Don't try to tell other people that they have to carry and broadcast whatever you want to say. That's your job.
  7. It's one thing to suggest these races because you think it'd be funny/fun. It's a completely different matter to suggest these races because you honestly think they make for good, logical ideas. People, through some twisted view of this fantasy world, see sufficient reason for Murlocs, one of the few humanoid races with absolutely NO friendly NPC's, to suddenly join up with the Horde. Horde definitely has it worst with these suggestions. It seems every idiot(on the Suggestions forum, of course) thinks that just because a race has some shaman they should be a part of the Horde.
  8. And a question that occurs to me; what is ERP? I've heard it a few times, and so far I just have the suspicion it's not something good.
  9. I think the three latest trends have been "Rogues are too strong against casters", "blah blah resilience", and "hunters suck too much at PvP". The only one I've looked into at any depth has been the hunters complaint. Well, first off I found out the person trying to convince me of this "problem" was giving me half-truths. They said that none of the tournament-winning teams for arenas had hunters on them(without, of course, saying how many teams in the tournament at all had hunters on them, which could ruin his argument if there weren't that many in the first place). However, when I followed some link to the hunter forums, to a thread that inspired the current one I found out that hunters do in fact win arenas, but they tend to win the 5v5 arenas, for which there is no cash reward. That was the guy's problem. It's not that hunters are bad at arena PvP entirely, it's that he just couldn't get money from a tournament(With that character, of course, nothing is stopping him from making a different class). Well, along down the discussion line I suggested to the whiner that maybe Blizzard didn't intend for every class to be able to perform every aspect of the game perfectly. That each class was supposed to have some problems. He responded with something like this: "Wow, that's so stupid. Yeah, Blizzard meant to make problems with their classes?!?!?!! Idiot." Oh yeah, what was I thinking? Of course Blizzard should have made every class perfect in every way! In fact, just get rid of all the classes and only have one. That's the only way to satisfy these morons. They want to be able to do the best at everything in the game with one character, so just eliminate the class system and leave only one super class that can heal, tank and DPS all at the same time. Class roles? What are those? I think it's Blizzard's listening to people like this in the beginning that created all these inequality problems. Some loser gets whupped by a mage once and assumes there is no possible way to beat that class, whines on the forums about it, and Blizzard makes the change. Now the mages are getting killed by rogues or something, so the rogues have to get nerfed. Now the rogues don't have enough DPS, so everything else has to get nerfed to even it out. Now Paladins are too restricted, so they have to get a buff, which isn't fair to the warriors! They need a buff too! But now their DPS is too good, so we gotta up the DPS classes again. And it goes on and on and on. I bet if Blizzard stopped listening to the customers for a while they'd have a much better game. And it's not like these people would be unhappy anymore; first of all, the game would be better. Second, they're already unhappy when Blizzard does listen to them, and they still play the game. I don't think Blizzard has much to lose.
  10. Yeah, I know it's the nature of the internet, I've just never seen so much mass complaining about pointless or non-existent problems before. But, then again, this is probably the first forum I've seen that was dedicated solely to suggestions for improvement of the program. Every other has been some kind of general discussion. Some of my favorites: "New class idea: Ninja" x193288 "The new race should be Murlocs!" "I believe the next race for Alliance should be High Elves, and I can see no reason why this would not be acceptable" (Had to make it sound all assish; I'm really sick of them) "Nerf locks/druids/shaman/priests/hunters/paladins/warriors/rogues/mages!" "Buff locks/druids/shaman/priests/hunters/paladins/warriors/rogues/mages!" I'm pretty sure I've seen both the OP and the UP complaint at least once for every class. However, they have some credibility in that they usually have trends(as in, maybe the "locks are OP" threads will start to show up at roughly the same time and dissappear at roughly the same time)
  11. Every class has it bad because every class is OP. Make every conceivable aspect of the game simpler for me. New race. There you go. If anyone here actually reads the Suggestions Forum on the WoW site, let me tell you now; DON'T BOTHER. It is not just a waste of space, but I honestly think it is harmful to your health to read it. If we were to really go through every thread and gather all the complaints together as real, honest-to-goodness problems with the game, a report based on that would show WoW is the perfect online game. Every single aspect of the game has been called flawed at least once, but the thing that makes it perfect is that each aspect has people saying opposite things about it. I mean completely opposite. The best example is the classes. Every class has been called over-powered, and at the same time every class has been called under-powered. Outside of the repetitive, unimportant, and sometimes completely groundless complaints, you just get the idiotic joke suggestions like "Naga should be the new race because it totally makes any sense at all". That's it. Done ranting. Don't just not go to the Suggestions Forum, petition its dismantling. If Blizzard really pays attention to it, this game will be forever caught in a cycle of nerf and buff patches until the end of time.
  12. Yes, yes, I'm aware of the high frequency of hunters/blood elves/Forsaken. But, I decided that by opening this up to the opinions of others, I'd still consider those choices if enough people suggested them. P.S.: Could you link the Shadow Hunter thing?
  13. Forgot to mention, I'm Horde.
  14. Hey there, this is Dmitrius. I know almost for a fact that that means absolutely nothing to you, as my character is fairly new here and I have had very little interaction with the other people on this realm. Well, I've found that it's actually easier for me to level up one character higher when I have another alt to fall back on. So, I set about trying to think up another class/race to choose and have around. My first thought was "Okay, let's think up a character personality/history, then the class and race will just write themselves!" Well, that didn't work. I figured out I can actually make several different character personalities fit to any given class or race, but class and race are a little more restrictive. So, my new plan was to make the character, then fit a story to it. The original plan was to just go with what wasn't very common on the realm, but that still didn't help me make a decision. So, instead, I've decided to turn to you guys. I'd like you guys to make race/class combination suggestions, then after a while I'll see if anything had the majority vote. I'll fit a character personality to it based on what wins. I only have two limitations, that the class be a mana-using class(that includes hunter), and not a paladin(I've played them out). So, that breaks down to no warrior, rogue or paladin. Anything else is fine. I figure that will narrow the choices enough to allow something to actually make the majority. You can make multiple suggestions, just try to keep it around two. I can't really think of any reason why any of you would actually do this(none of you actually no me, through the game or not), but I guess it's...more posts in your record? Sure, why not.