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  1. What if you used a Steam account registered to an American?

    Like, say I made a Steam account and Bought Left 4 Dead on it. Then you logged on my Steam account, would you essentially get the uncensored left 4 dead version I have as an American, or would it just give you the censored version anyways?

    I think it would immediately check his IP address and see that he's an Australian resident, then promptly patch it to the standards over there. At least, I think that's what I heard.

  2. Between the Mana burn, rapid healing power, and damage capability of the priest, Shaman Utilities (Tremor, Ground, Shear, Mana Tide, Hex, Lust), spell damage (don't undermine a resto Shaman's Lava Burst), and healing capabilty, and the Druid's HoTs and Cyclone, it's a pretty solid defense team, that I would say is very viable up to 2k.

    If you want to try something really lolzy, run Double Disc Priest Resto Shaman. Two Power infused, bloodlusted Priests mana burning along with WTF Healer damage will piss people off for sure.

    Power Infusion and Bloodlust don't stack, bro.

  3. I'm thinking it's either a typo or a joke. I don't think Blizzard would want to try their customer's patience, god forbid making epics take time. I had to EARN my Barman Shanker back in the day!

    By that I mean I ninja'd it from some poor Rogue and went around stabbing things for a couple hours before disenchanting it.

  4. A humid breeze wafted lazily over the Ratchet port, rustling a thin, gray photograph that was shoved in the Wizard's face. The shrewd and chubby Goblin reporter that held onto the delicate piece of film screwed up his eyes, trying to make out the dead man's face, shadowed in contrast to the blazing sunlight. Thalarios nonchalantly propped himself up against one of the many pieces of luggage surrounding him, crossing his arms and trying to sound tougher than he actually was.

    "Yeah, Elf sounds familiar. Reminds me of a youthful me, actually...But I don't have time to talk though, I have places to be in about..."

    The Mage looked over at an arrival/departure list posted earlier that morning for the boat schedule, and his hopeful smirk dissipated into a scowl. He turned back to the Goblin and sighed loudly.

    "Four and a half hours."

    He peeked out from behind his black "spectacles" (which resembled thin, square goggles more than anything) and took a closer look at the worn picture that was hovering a few inches from the tip of his nose. The scowl was replaced with a smug grin.

    "Pffft, looks like a wimp. I could of kicked his ass in my better days, worthless tramp. I guess the ladies needed an alternative when I stopped coming by...Y'know?"

    Thalarios took a few seconds to chuckle quietly to himself, but stopped abruptly. His eyes darted suddenly to the greasy Goblin, the scowl from earlier reappearing on his face.

    "Hey! Why are you asking me about male prostitutes anyways!?"

    The Mage kicked at the small Goblin and began curse incoherently at the reporter when it fearfully darted for nearby bruisers. Thalarios began to hobble rapidly in pursuit, leaving his luggage at the end of the port.

    "Just because I couldn't get it up when that Draenei had a wardrobe malfunction doesn't mean I swing that way!"

  5. You're going to be undergeared, hoor.

    Come back now, and we can be champions.

    But I finally got my Bowflex...And I have time to y'know, workout. What with not running around Orgrimmar like a chicken with his head cut off for 5 hours at a time. Plus, Aion isn't TOO bad. I think it's more of the "Finally I can play a game with Castellano where he's not constantly Shadowstep-blinding me". It's a lot easier to work with life when you're in a game you aren't infatuated with.

    I'll be back though.

    They always come back.

  6. Really, constructive criticism is nice. Little things like "Ryo, you should windshear more" and "Ryo, wheres the wind shear? Try and keep on that, buddy" and "OH MY GOD, RYO, FUCKING WIND SHEAR WHAT THE OH MY GOD HEAL ME I'M DYING GOD HEY WHY AREN'T YOU WINDSHEARING GOD HEX THEM YOU STUPID SON OF A BITCH WHERES THAT TREMOR TOTEM?! JESUS CHRIST I AM CARRYING THIS GODDAMNED TEAM"

    That sounds familiar.

  7. What happens after I initiate a Faction Change?

    Once your payment has processed and after you have remained logged out of the game for at least 30 minutes, you will see a new button to the left of the character's name upon next login. Clicking on this button will allow you to select the character's new faction and race, as well as customize the character's look and name. These steps will greatly resemble the character creation process.

    Clicking on this button will allow you to select the character's new faction and race, as well as customize the character's look and name.
    character's new faction and race, as well as customize the character's look and name.
    customize the character's look and name.

    What Swerto?