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  1. Race changing to Female Dwarf Mage.
  2. <p>Crit is your friend. I'd personally go for a mix of Orange +SP +Crit gems, and pure Spell Power ones. Large numbers make Instant Pyroblasts hurt people more often.</p>

  3. <p>Depends on what spec you're going. Frost is going to want Spell Power and Haste for the respective gem slots. Red Slots = Orange Gems Yellow Slots = Yellow Gems. For blue sockets, try out Spell Penetration gems, as you want to get around 100 for PvP resistances.</p>

  4. http://www.wowhead.com/guide=cataclysm&world Wowhead is your friend. Also, you might want to check out the entire thing: http://www.wowhead.com/guide=cataclysm
  5. For every account you recruit that pays for two months (in a single payment I believe), you get one mount. That mount can be put on any character, but only that character. If you have a large friend base interested in the game: Rinse, Repeat.
  6. Yep, that's how it's going. And 100 bucks for all the expansions and such, just going by how much it cost my buddy to grab an active account, but it's 50 dollars minimum. 20 for the game, 30 for the two months required for the mount.
  7. Could mean your very own 2-seated flying mount! Source Lucky for me, I haven't claimed my Zebra yet! It's good to have friends.
  8. Dust. Man, there was a shit load of dust here. Thalarios grimaced, stretching his already strained cowl over the bridge of his nose. The less dirt getting up there the better; he wasn’t as persistent with his cleanliness these days (mostly due to the lack of his masculine charm to women ratio). The sun’s deep, red hue shone through the thin, leather tarp he was using as shade, and the uncomfortable warmth of an Orgrimmar mid afternoon was getting to the Mage. He longed for the cool breeze of the South Seas, which had whispered sweet nothings into his tired ears for weeks prior. He missed the heavy air of the jungle, which filled his lungs with a sense of adventure; and the exhilaration of stalking live prey in the evening showers. Most of all though, he would have to miss that cute Night Elfish (Maybe she was a tanned High Elf, he could never tell which way the ears were supposed to go) waitress that gave after-hour “orders” on the fifth level of the Undermine Trade District. Man, those were some goo- “Hey Red, got something for you.” The Mage was quickly lulled out of his wet daydreams by an ominous figure, towering over him in his make-shift camp (which was set up underneath a small outcropping of rocks, just outside the Valley of Strength). As his eyes slowly adjusted to the light, he made out some meaty, Orcish hands that clutched a rolled up piece of parchment. He grunted slightly, raising his eyes to meet the Orc’s shrouded face. “It better be important, Green. You’re on my vacation hours.” The Orc loosened the straps of his goggles in a suave, nonchalant manner; the toothy grin that lit up his face grew increasingly wide. “You worked with these guys, right Thal?” He tossed the rolled up parchment at the Mage, which landed on the ground with a dusty ‘poof’ in front of Thalarios. “Because they’re in some deep shi-“ “Whoa, whoa!” “First off,” Thalarios stopped midsentence to look around to spot if anyone had heard the Orc’s earlier words (as you could never be too careful in this city). Seeing the area was deserted, he turned back to ‘Green’ with a stern glare. “Don’t blow my cover this early man; we have codenames for a reason!” The Orc’s protests were cut short by the Mage’s words yet again. “SECONDLY, lemme see that.” Thalarios snatched the notice from the rocky dirt it was resting upon and quickly unfurled it with both hands, muttering in-between tugs on the linen string about “work hours”. He studied it for a moment, his eyes darting from bottom to top several times before he finally looked back up at the patiently waiting Orc. “Where’d you find this?” ‘Green’ pointed to several locations around the Valley of Strength, motion towards the Auction House last. “They’re all over the damn place man; you can’t walk ten feet without running into one.” He added quickly, “these guys sound like they’re in some real shit now.” Thalarios took another few seconds to hover over the parchment, before quickly shoving it in an open pouch and removing himself from the ground. “I should probably do something about this, what with the whole fact that I founded the damn organization.” He grabbed his robes lower section with both hands, and shook it violently; clumped up dirt and sand falling in vast amounts. He stared absently at a docked Zeppelin high above the cities conventional towers for a few minutes, before finally shifting his gaze back to the still-awaiting Orc. "Watch over my camp while I'm gone, and there WILL be hell if you touch anything." Thalarios took a few steps towards the Valley of Strength before turning on his heel and staring down the Orc. "Also, these are going under work hours." “I'll be damned if I miss any of my vacation time.”
  9. 60 days? No problem, this IS Twisting Nether. I have faith in our overlords from the sky.
  10. I agree. I for one, welcome the death of Arthas at the hands of Space People.
  11. Diomades is actually The Joker and is attempting to break Rethius out of Arkham Asylum.
  12. Ah, the good old days of the Cartel. From what I remember, you were the only one who actually cooperated out of the suspects we had. The rest either fought to their deaths or refused to talk no matter how much we yelled at them. One of the Trolls even bit off his tongue to show how much of a badass he was and how much he didn't care that we were about to beat him within an inch of his life. That's the thing about Cross-Faction RP on a massive (or even relatively moderate scale) though. When you clump enough RPers together, there is bound to be a couple of the valiant knights. The ones that have to be the hero; the bane of Horde/Alliance/Hogger everywhere. Which breeds the wrong attitude towards neutral events. You can't get along if "Joe Lightbringer must uphold justice at the County Fair and cleanse it of Horde scum". Too many conflicting opinions and In-Character views will often end an event rather quickly. Sowell (Ironskull/Dobzahnsky now) held probably one of the biggest and relatively violence-free cross-faction event to date on TN, and even then it required several weeks of planning and sending out invitations to the right people. Back then, the Cartel was peaking and Sowell wanted to go out with a bang before the inevitable end of the guild. However, I'm pretty sure all the officers knew we couldn't be cocky with the invitations; because with the amount of people that respected the Cartel (Silvermoon University, I miss thee), we had a ton of RP haters and even other Role-Players that didn't like what we were trying to do. The Booty Bay Extravaganza went off amazingly well in the end, but that was after a lot of heated discussion about the security of the setting, and a reduced guest list. If you're hoping to do a grand Cross-Faction event, there are a couple ways to pull it off: Sanctuary Zones (as you've already mentioned, which I think personally is a tad like cheating), or a good, hidden location. Approach invited guilds leader's first with the information, and even then keep a lot of the details vague about the location. Now, this is screaming "IT'S A TARP", but in order to pull this off, a certain amount of trust is needed. If I see Sowell on AIM I'll direct him towards this thread, as I'm sure he has a lot more input on the situation than me.
  13. <p>Maybe I'll actually consider being your FRIEND when you learn to fucking play.</p>

    <p>God sakes man.</p>

  14. Porn is pretty good for masturbating as well.
  15. "We're under attack! Oh god! Save us!" *10 minute journey to Tarren Mill* "Oh it's cool now man. They're like, gone or something." *Rage*
  16. I've always gone with "Distress Signals" from engineering devices, hearthstone.
  17. It certainly could be if he's interested in getting a drawing commissioned himself, but PMs would be a better option. Edit: Lovely work by the way.
  18. <p>Ah, I quit playing around a month ago, taking a break! I should be back sooner or later though, probably around the release of Cataclysm. </p>

    <p>I'm also...Horde. Cough.</p>