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Status Updates posted by Thalarios

  1. <p>So, uh...</p>

    <p>Carry me.</p>

  2. <p>They're immune to Ice Lance.</p>

  3. <p>The sun is in my eyes.</p>

  4. <p>True that. Probably the #1 reason I'm moving down to America. That and gullible college chicks.</p>

    <p>Californian girls love my thick, Canadian...Accent.</p>

  5. <p>I spent like 5 hours looking for you in Seattle around the fake Calgary Tower.</p>

  6. <p>Obviously.</p>

    <p>I think you, like. Need sleep to survive brah.</p>

  7. <p>You OBVIOUSLY weren't paying attention to the picture.</p>


  8. <p>Haha, I was joking about the faction-change, needed a clever way of fitting Bill and Ted into a time travel plot. Keanu Reeves was a beautiful flower in that fine piece of cinema. I've already sent in an application to the Raven Cross, but I kind of left on short notice from the game, needed to prioritize life first, and I was spending quite a bit of time in WoW running around mindlessly.</p>

    <p>Playing a couple different games right now, Aion is probably my main thing. It's not bad, one good thing is it doesn't suck me in like Warcraft, I have some time to BOWFLEX during my days now. I'll be back with the new arena season though, life steadier now, and I'm just trying to squeeze out some exercise in the evenings.</p>

    <p>I'll break your bubble hearths yet...</p>

  9. <p>I could faction-change back for a month.</p>

    <p><img src="http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a202/trrrracey/BillTed.jpg" alt="BillTed.jpg" /></p>

    <p>I smell a Dues Ex Machina!</p>

  10. <p>I felt the rocket symbolized affection. Like kicking your dog when you want it to lovingly get off the damn TV remote.</p>

  11. <p>But, you tell Halvar when he gets those boots, they'll be the best damn shoes he's ever worn. </p>

    <p>Trust me, I'm a doctor.</p>

  12. <p>Let me just jump on and...Oh yeah, my account's down.</p>

    <p>Uh...I'll be back in a little while!</p>

  13. <p>Man, I have those made in my bank! You guys disappeared right after I finished them.</p>

    <p>Of course, I'm a bit dead now... To the neutral Auction House!</p>

  14. <p>Hah! I still have your Thandol Span!</p>

    <p>Trade it back for my soul, bro?</p>

  15. <p>I think Cynwyddon is getting pretty friendly with Aion, so we'll find a new third wheel who knows what he's doing. One that listens to criticism and doesn't tunnel vision... Shift out of form to try and heal me when I'm fine... Die a lot.</p>

    <p>Carry me bro.</p>


  17. <p>3.3 man. I have some body building to do, plus my money is tied up with illicit drug trade.</p>

  18. <p>Cruel, cruel world.</p>

  19. <p>Yeah, I was pretty turned off by the anime factor, but the game isn't as bad as people make it out to be. It gets grindy around the 20s, but I don't mind that. I was able to make my character look western as well, in fact he reminds me of a ginger-headed Neil Patrick Harris.</p>

    <p>The "HOO-HI-HOOAH-HYIAH" combat sounds make me want to cry though, I play listening to Rush. It makes me feel manlier what with the wings and visible earrings.</p>

  20. <p>Well, I was thinking that our friendship was worth 4000 gold, but I guess not. In any case, I'd probably blow it all on Bloodthistle I can't use and expensive ERP with Pearlle. Not too worried about gold right now, trying out Aion and it's going fairly well. I'll most certainly be back 3.3 though, I lack willpower and a spine to call quits on this miracle drug.</p>

    <p>You back in EVE or bouncing around other games?</p>

  21. <p>IT WAS 4000 DAMNIT.</p>

  22. <p>Pom-Poms are better than anything WoW has offered me.</p>

  23. <p>Also, they didn't have free sandwiches at the Depression camp.</p>

  24. <p>You know Nate, I understand your pain and I want you to know that you're not alone in your struggle.</p>

    <p>Let's hug it out bitch.</p>

  25. <p>You know what Nate?</p>

    <p>I forgive you.</p>