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  1. /Wave Gah, gotta head to BRD to summon a group =\
  2. Hehe, no prob. You tried, don't worry about it. I promised i'd pay also
  3. Oh, you guys are making me blush.
  4. And, the Bio is up. http://wow-tng.org/showthread.php?t=7212
  5. Full Name: Thalarios Junipero Cordring Nicknames: Thal; Thalaromes (usually used in spite). Date of Birth: September 15th, year of the first war. Age: 26. Race: Human. Gender: Male. Hair: Dark shade of orange. Skin: Sun-touched. Eyes: Pale green. Height: 5'11. Weight: 174/178 lbs Place of residence: Booty Bay. Place of Birth: Stormwind City. Known Relatives: Marcus Cordring (Father, deceased) Anne Cordring (Mother, deceased) Jonathan Cordring (Brother, missing) Religion/Philosophy: None to date. Occupation: Currently a treasure seeker of the Scarlet Dawn. Group/Guild affiliation: Scarlet Dawn. Guild Rank: Knight. Enemies: None at the moment, holding grudges is something that escapes his mindset. Likes: Sunsets, Ale, Cigars, women, and spending time with close friends. Favorite Foods: Cherry pie, Clam Chowder, Blood sausages, Dalaran sharp, and Omelets of any type. Favorite Drinks: Cherry grog, Morning Glory Dew, Rumsey rum (preferably Black label), Mineral Water, and Dwarven stout. Favorite Colors: Green. Weapons of Choice: Usually a large War Staff. Dislikes: Dwarven women, large fish, pirates, and most small animals. Hobbies: Working out. Reading scrolls. Womanizing. Physical Features: He has a mildly short nose, sharpened, chiseled face, and small chin. His eyes shine a pale green, radiating under the locks of deep orange hair. His jaw is covered in a short beard, pouty lips usually sticking out in the middle of the hair. He stands at 5'11, weighing roughly 175 lbs. His body is well toned and tanned from his time with the Cartel and Booty Bay residence. He has no large disfigurements, cuts here and there, nothing a nice trip to a Paladin or Priest wont fix. Special Abilities: Knowledge. Engineering. Mining. Positive Personality Traits: Intelligent. Lighthearted. Quick-witted. Negative Personality Traits: Comes off rather strong, his sense of humor is somewhat dry and crude. Misc. Quirks: He enjoys singing on his own time, preferably far away from others, likes nice haircuts. Played by What Famous Person: Charlie Sheen. Theme Songs: Love Street - The Doors Brief History: Thalarios was born just weeks before the burning of Stormwind and death of his parents. Him and his brother were taken from the town (as the Orcs razed it to the ground) by a close family friend, and brought to live in the lands of Lordaeron. His childhood was uneventful, he lived on the country-side of what is now called the Eastern Plaguelands, regular visits to Stratholme and the capital city with his adoptive father and mother. At the age of 19, he was sent to Dalaran to learn the ways of the Magi. There, he worked as a bookie under a Gnome by the name of Jorby Firesprocket. He spent a year beginning his training. Usually keeping to himself, he kept a very small, tight-knit group of friends. When Arthas stormed the magical city, Thalarios was busy tending to Jorby's plants in his mentor's spire, and realized what was going on when it was too late. The spires of the once great city began crashing to the ground, and in an attempt to save his life, he swiftly began channeling a portal out of the city. He awoke on the other side, stranded on a foreign beach. He wandered for days, eaten what he could in the swamp-like area, and surviving from beasts by hiding at night. He was found by a group of sailors fresh off the boat from Lordaeron, whom arrived with Jaina Proudmoore. Again, he assisted a high ranking Magi in the battle of Mount Hyjal, serving as a scout for the frontlines of battle. When the Infernals began raining though, the Mage was crushed under the onslaught of fire and stone. Thalarios took up arms against the giant creature, and with much effort, was finally able to bring it down. As the mortal races celebrated victory, he left with a new outlook on life. His stressful problems were behind him, and it was time to take it easy. His travels took him, copperless, to the island of Kezan, seeking work. He soon met Sowell Spiritrock after a bumpy few odd jobs here and there, and began his life as an Enforcer for Zanzir Cobbleboom, a Goblin Trade Prince. Which served him fine, until the shutdown of the Trade Prince's bodyguard venture. After that, he found work with a group known as Scarlet Dawn, seeking money from the plundering they commenced. "Hey there, pretty lady."
  6. You can see me again That guy in the front row who wouldn't sit down!
  7. Hmm...His Bio will be on the site real soon, i'll link it when its up.
  8. Hmm... I think Thalarios could go under the "sweetest" and "loose"est categories. /Flex
  9. Thalarios


    ~((You monster! How can you treat such a noble Choco- I mean, Hawkstrider like that? Congrats on 40 Clys!))~
  10. I second that. Also, hows my picture going?
  11. ~((That was great fun guys, and very well written if I do say so myself Boss. Of course, being the attention seeking person I am, here is a updated photo of the event. http://s197.photobucket.com/albums/aa110/Falkore_Sunreaver/?action=view&current=lecture1ce9.jpg Enjoy!))~
  12. Ok, I'm uploading 2 pictures for the sake of being me. The Close-up: http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa110/Falkore_Sunreaver/ScreenShot_100307_043152.jpg The gear: http://i197.photobucket.com/albums/aa110/Falkore_Sunreaver/ScreenShot_100307_043205.jpg
  13. ~((I gotta get in on this stuff))~ [scene starts outside at the field, during archery practice. Teacher is instructing students on proper bow use. A student just got a bulls-eye on a arrow target] Falkore trots over to the group of students, stopping to slick back his shimmering, silky, beautiful, ravishing, and long hair. The teacher notices the arrival and yells. [Teacher]: Who are you elfy? [Falkore]: I'm Falkore Sunreaver, the transfer. [Teacher]: I don't know of any transfer besides this troll (Points at Malakim), so i'd best be heading back the way you came, pinky. There is a moment of ackward silence, then teacher throws a bow and some arrows at Falkore. [Falkore]: Wait...what? [Teacher]: (Smirking) I'll tell you what punk. If you can hit the target, i'll let you stay. [Falkore]: (Helplessly) Wait a second... I think I signed up for Remedial Algebra... not Archery. [Teacher]: (Gruffly) Just shoot the damn thing, kid... (Falkore sighs and notches the recurve bow. Squinting as he looks down the arrows side, and before he releases it, a orc student runs in front of the target) Orc: Hah! You no hit Grok'gram if I in front of target! Stupid elf miss bad! (Falkore releases the arrow, and it goes flying right into the Orcs chest). (Several screams erupt from the crowd of students). [student]: HOLY FUCKING SHIT! HE HIT GROK! (Falkore rushes to the, now twitching Orcs side) [Falkore]: Somebody get a docter! He is going to bleed to death! [Teacher]: (Pats Falkore on the shoulder) Good shot kid, and don't worry about Grok. He'll walk it off. (Falkore shrugs, grabs his backpack, and walks off to the Mens hostel). [Falkore]: Hmm... Maybe I can try not to kill someone by finding my room, and going to bed... ~((If this post sucks, you can either let me know now, or i'll see when I get some real sleep...if I do, that is.))~
  14. ~((Hmm... this sounds interesting.... I'd pay at least 50 silver or more for a picture. Of course, if I didn't just buy my mount, it would be in the 2-3 Gold range =\))~
  15. Dear Solenev, To answer your letter, we will assasinate whoever, whenever, and however, you want for a set price. The price however, can be payed in multiple ways. Leather, Ore, (This is my favorite) Money, or items of certain value. Contact the leader of the Cartel Enforcers who works with the Horde; a druid by the name of Kyllavertin. If you wish for a death, we will bring it, along with a report and eyewitness report. ~((Screeny))~ If this works out, good doing business with a lovely Elf Maiden such as yourself. Yours truly, Thalarios Junipero Cordring. ~ Magister and Bruiser of the Cartel Enforcers.
  16. I hit the ground hard, my body crippled, bloodied, and torn from the piercing daggers. The throbbing pain of death and piercing laugh of the male elf the only thing filling my numb and bleeding ears. The trio of bears that followed sniffed around my body; growling and snorting as they circled me with caution, ready to pounce if I lifted a broken finger. I was sent by Zanzir Cobbleboom, the goblin trade prince that the Cartel Enforcers was founded by. It enclosed a document, and to my dismay it was to assassinate a Blood elven maiden who went by the Alias: "Mackymac". Don't get me wrong, I like the whole "I kill people because of my troubled past and I need the money" motto, the ladies dig it. Although this letter informed me, that the Elf was staying in the area of Azeroth known as the Hillsbrad foothills. A seven-day walk from Stormwind. I found myself packing my newly crafted silk backpack, but I wondered why I was killing an innocent person? Why was I doing it? Then I grabbed the parchment paper, which had the assignment written on it, and read over it again. Of course in the fine print, it was stated of her crimes against the Cartel. The killing of a member and the stealing of supplies that we had already stolen from others, and I don’t think we wished to give them up. It made sense now, and I was now happy to attempt to make the Death of her, more than an attempt. I trudged across the harsh landscape, avoiding near death by animals and Horde alike, when finally after a week of tiring and vigorous traveling, I passed Thoradin's wall, and entered the land of Hillsbrad. I asked many souls of any sighting of the priest, and finally after a day of questioning, I had a lead. However, when I finally found her, a friend of the maiden had spotted me first. Thus that brings us back to my limp and numb body lying on the green grass of Hillsbrad. The elf cackled as he sprinted away, the bears soon following, but as I thought all was lost, and I would have no more women to swoon in the afterlife, a miracle happened. The moment I slipped into the cold grip of death, a light covered me. So bright and warm I jumped in shock. That’s right, I jumped. I was not dead, and it looked as thought I was intact and as (If not more) beautiful as before. I looked to my surrounding, only to see a shadowy and lone figure run off into the distance, its inky black body disappearing into the distance of the Foothills. Before I could sprint after it, another figure approached from behind. This one I could put out, it was an elf. However, this was a good one. "Are you ok friend? You look horrible, drained for that matter". I replied with a simple nod and I pulled myself off of the ground, shaking my copper red hair of all the mud caked into it. "I am a bit shaken up, but I think I shall be fi-" I was cut off before I could finished my sentence. The sight of a certain Elf, moving towards me from the area where Tarren mill stood, cut me off. It was Macky. Without thinking, I grabbed the Night elf, not taking in her figure (Too busy looking at the other elf) and leaped towards the nearest bush, which to my dismay was positioned beside a large tree, which I hit head on, with, you guessed it. My head. I shook of the feeling of dizziness and pulled out my Night elf crafted staff, called the Twisted Chanter, by the creators. "Listen good, and please don't interrupted. I need you to help me with this, and I will pay you greatly". I began, my vision going back and forth from both the Night and Blood elf every few seconds. "I need you too help me with the killing of this elf over there, and" I looked back to my dismay and shock of seeing her friend come out of the shadows and join Macky. I began with haste as they drew nearer, clearly heading west to the cursed forests of Silverpine. "And, her friend. I don't have time for your choice so, if you want to help, follow me". She looked at me with a shock I have only seen once. On the face of a friend who found out he didn't sleep with a Dwarven girl after all. Damn, he never looked at one of those chicks with shaggy beards the same way. I didn't focus on it that much, and I leapt out from behind the bush, and sprinted towards the duo of Blood elf’s with great speed. I caught them in a weak moment, and Macky barely had time to put up a holy shield. My fire blast merely hit the shield and pushed her back a few feet, pushing back the dirt and mud that was positioned behind her silk boots. "Back again? Why wont anyone stay dead these day?" Came the naught but worthless cackle from the male rogue. "Well it looks like your death is going to be harsher and more cruel this ti-" He was cut off however, by a poison lined arrow protruding from his pale throat. I looked into the distance behind the dead elf too see the Night elf, who had somehow snuck over there, and notched another arrow in record time. She launched it into the elven girl’s hamstring, and as Macky screeched in pain, I walked over to her, and smacked down the body of our friendly Blood elf. "Hello, I'm Thalarios and I'll be your Steamwheedle Cartel killer for the day. Any last words?" I chuckled, my hands bursting into an intense and enormous fireball. "Yeah, learn to stylize. Your cloths don't match at all". She rasped, winded from her unsuccessful attempt at fleeing. "I'll take that into consideration, but I really don't think blood is going to match your blue cloths." --------------------------------- Artist Rendition: http://www.axiomfiles.com/Files/158957/mackymac.jpeg This was a story written for the Cartel Enforcers, a group on Twisting Nether that RPs as enforcers of the Steamwheedle Cartel. Now that i've copied and pasted that much of Sowells original, I think its safe to speak in my own words from here on. The Alliance so far, has taken down 4 (Count em') Role-playing griefers. The fourth which I just took down a few minutes before this post was made (I believe the name was funkenvogt). This is the guilds fourth day up, and we plan to purge this server of more of the griefers, RP name violators, and other scum like Hogger. Feel free to shower me with lovely women and gifts, don't worry I can take the price of fame. ~Thalarios Cording p.s. The word "fourth" was used a few too many times in this post.