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Status Updates posted by Thalarios

  1. <p>Fish Oil! Stat!</p>

  2. <p>Maybe I can juice cherries or something...And I'll try to get you the info by tomorrow!</p>

  3. <p>IT WAS 4000 DAMNIT.</p>

  4. <p>A trip to Silvermoon with duct tape and a knife can solve that problem!</p>

    <p>...Uh, not that I'd ever do something like that.</p>

  5. <p>Well, I was thinking that our friendship was worth 4000 gold, but I guess not. In any case, I'd probably blow it all on Bloodthistle I can't use and expensive ERP with Pearlle. Not too worried about gold right now, trying out Aion and it's going fairly well. I'll most certainly be back 3.3 though, I lack willpower and a spine to call quits on this miracle drug.</p>

    <p>You back in EVE or bouncing around other games?</p>

  6. <p>Yeah, I was pretty turned off by the anime factor, but the game isn't as bad as people make it out to be. It gets grindy around the 20s, but I don't mind that. I was able to make my character look western as well, in fact he reminds me of a ginger-headed Neil Patrick Harris.</p>

    <p>The "HOO-HI-HOOAH-HYIAH" combat sounds make me want to cry though, I play listening to Rush. It makes me feel manlier what with the wings and visible earrings.</p>

  7. <p>I totally had you with my zapper!</p>

    <p>Until I didn't and you got me, but still!</p>

  8. <p>Waaaaait...You're thinking of "Thalorious". He's just some guy who thought my name was all that. True story.</p>

  9. <p>Whenever you get that sweet ass over-</p>

    <p>Wait a second.</p>

  10. <p>Depends on what spec you're going. Frost is going to want Spell Power and Haste for the respective gem slots. Red Slots = Orange Gems Yellow Slots = Yellow Gems. For blue sockets, try out Spell Penetration gems, as you want to get around 100 for PvP resistances.</p>

  11. <p>Crit is your friend. I'd personally go for a mix of Orange +SP +Crit gems, and pure Spell Power ones. Large numbers make Instant Pyroblasts hurt people more often.</p>

  12. <p>Long story involving Whisky, Pancakes and Credit Cards.</p>

    <p>Well, not exactly long. I got drunk off breakfast flapjacks and came to the conclusion that WoW lacked boobs.</p>

  13. <p>Absolutely nothing wrong with showing emotion in an emotional time, nothing to apologize for. I only started up with the talking when people got a bit out of hand with the blatant patriotism. The Cuba comment got me!</p>

    <p>It's a day for celebration for sure, people just need to keep it in perspective.</p>

  14. <p>Cruel, cruel world.</p>

  15. <p>3.3 man. I have some body building to do, plus my money is tied up with illicit drug trade.</p>


  17. <p><img src="http://i635.photobucket.com/albums/uu77/Thalarios/Aion0000-1.jpg" alt="Aion0000-1.jpg" /></p>

    <p>You're missing out bro.</p>

  18. <p>I think Cynwyddon is getting pretty friendly with Aion, so we'll find a new third wheel who knows what he's doing. One that listens to criticism and doesn't tunnel vision... Shift out of form to try and heal me when I'm fine... Die a lot.</p>

    <p>Carry me bro.</p>

  19. <p>Boob sliders. So I don't need to alt-tab for business.</p>


  20. <p>Hah! I still have your Thandol Span!</p>

    <p>Trade it back for my soul, bro?</p>

  21. <p>I spent like 5 hours looking for you in Seattle around the fake Calgary Tower.</p>

  22. <p>Man, I have those made in my bank! You guys disappeared right after I finished them.</p>

    <p>Of course, I'm a bit dead now... To the neutral Auction House!</p>

  23. <p>Let me just jump on and...Oh yeah, my account's down.</p>

    <p>Uh...I'll be back in a little while!</p>

  24. <p>But, you tell Halvar when he gets those boots, they'll be the best damn shoes he's ever worn. </p>

    <p>Trust me, I'm a doctor.</p>