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  1. You sugar-daddy'd my epic flying back at the end of BC I think... And built me a gyrocopter. Real MVP.
  2. Hey Naam, been a while! I've been getting back into the game recently, moved Thalarios over to Emerald Dream Alliance-Side and its been pretty good so far. Recently a couple PvP guilds faction transferred over to Horde so the Alliance here could definitely use a solid group. Send me a message whenever you're around and we should talk shop. P.S. I'm pretty sure I still owe you 4k.
  3. Main RP Toon: Thalarios...a Horde Or Alliance? Haha. Guild: The Cartel Enforcers. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? Easily the Booty Bay Extravaganza put on by our glorious leader Sowell. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? I'd say Fynne, as I've kept in contact with most others. Mad love man. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: While not a screenshot, "On the virtue of the dagger and the tyranny of the shield" is perhaps one of the best speeches I've heard in this game and should be viewed by all.
  4. That's probably one of my favorite features so far, makes the game more immersive. My fearless Nordic Warrior can cut down dozens of bandit scum, but hell if I'm messing with a 20 foot tower of pain. Also, I always hear "Boosh!" when I shout.
  5. For the scrappy underdog in all of us. [video=youtube;jDTZcgAWWeg]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDTZcgAWWeg
  6. As cool as some features are, this is all I can think of right now. [video=youtube;ux8mJUexBcM]
  7. Not a just a map. A god damn 3D map. Plus spaceships. Everyone likes spaceships.
  8. Behold, Bioware's answer for wrongly sending out thousands of emails. http://www.swtor.com/info/holonet/galaxy-map Pretty nifty.
  9. It's Star Trek terminology. The guys in the red shirts (security officers) always die first. Unless he's talking about this guy: Then I have no clue.
  10. <p>Right back at you!</p>

    <p>Stabby-stabby = Pain.</p>

  11. You've got some good music playing bro, keep it up. Also play A Flock of Seagulls.
  12. "And you just listened to... Uhhhhh... What did you listen to..." Love this radio.
  13. They've got some lava, so I'm thinking volcano.
  14. <p>Absolutely nothing wrong with showing emotion in an emotional time, nothing to apologize for. I only started up with the talking when people got a bit out of hand with the blatant patriotism. The Cuba comment got me!</p>

    <p>It's a day for celebration for sure, people just need to keep it in perspective.</p>

  15. I'm just looking forward to male players getting seduced by Incubus'. "Hey baby, everyone's a little bi-curious."
  16. <p>I hear you. I enjoyed it as WoW 2.0, but after that is lost the appeal when I still had an established and geared character in WoW 1.0</p>

  17. <p>Not really, fell off the game when I was busy moving into my new place and never got back into it. Fun game, but just can't find the time to play it.</p>


  18. Bromeo to the rescue. Forums are a menacing battlefield of "I thinks", "In my opinion", and "I did/didn't _____". The point of this topic is to discuss the upcoming game Star Wars: The Old Republic, not argue about someone else's opinion on Bioware doing a shitty or amazing job on Dragon Age 2. Whether or not you think he tried to elevate his opinion, Ryoku raised a valid point about Bioware releasing a unsatisfactory game to HIS standards that made HIM uncomfortable with the company's next move into Star Wars. Passive-aggressiveness directed towards that post isn't going anywhere except down a dark, often-used road of internet tears. This is a thread about "The Old Republic", not "Say good things about Bioware or get out" after all. The post he made contained nothing stating 'This is the truth' or 'This is unquestionable'. That said, I have felt somewhat anxious with Bioware at the reigns of this game. I feel as if the game is coming off as a Single-player RPG with "Multiplayer-tendencies" rather than an MMO by today's standards. I'm still picking up a copy because it's god damn Star Wars, but the lasting effect seems to be waning.
  19. I'd have to disagree with this, as much as I enjoy Bioware games. Baldur's Gate is in the realm of sappy nostalgia, so the story still remains amazing in my heart. Same with KOTOR. Dragon Age and Mass Effect however are near copies of each other in terms of character and plot development. Shepard - Spectre. Bad ass soldier who doesn't play by the rules and has clearance to anything he wants. Restricted space? I'm the goddamn Batman. Dragon Age Protagonist - Grey Warden. Bad ass soldier who doesn't play by the rules and has clearance to anything he wants. That area locked up? I drank Darkspawn blood. That dude about to get executed? He's coming with me, Grey Warden conscription. Saren/Logain, the main "mortal" antagonists are both war heroes who can't be guilty of any sort of crime, and constantly undermine the heroes journey throughout the game. I'd draw more references about Wrex/Shale but I'm just delving into fanatical ranting now.
  20. Housing is out there, you just need to find those secreted away locations and hide them from everyone. Become a hermit. Thalarios is living his life happily in a one-room apartment. Carry explosives.
  21. I wouldn't doubt it. In last two betas I've participated in there have been absolutely no crashes, lag, or glitches to report. Personal experience, but it's looking real good.
  22. That's exactly how I (and a couple other friends who are trying it out) feel. Very fast-paced, a lot of fun just MOVING around with acrobatics, and the PvP has some flair to it. The customization is a lot more complicated than most games, and feels lacking compared to CoH/CoV and Champions. However, it feels very much like the novelty will wear out at a point. We're actually just playing it until Rift and TOR come out.