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  1. Heya all. Been forever and a day since I last posted on here, let alone visited. Buuuuut my hubby (Xelthan for those who have a long memory) and I recently rolled up a couple of Belfs here. Kept hearing rumors about the horde RP being good here. Fhen mentioned that most of it seems to be going on through here, on TNG, and the primary hubs are in garrisons and Warspear. That in mind, does anyone know of some lower-level friendly RP hubs, or RP guilds/groups who'd be game for taking in some casual players? Our mains will remain Alliance on another server, but we miss our hordies too! Thanks much. <3
  2. *reverse kidnaps Mae* How'd I get out of being tied up? No idea. >_>
  3. The name's familiar, but I don't think we ever met, no. However... HI ANYWAY! Brown chicken, brown cow! SS or it didn't... eh, screw it, just SS.
  4. I miss you too, Burn-bunny!! <3 <3 <3
  5. And I see you're still as much of an ass as ever. ^_~ <3
  6. >_> I spent a couple years playing an undead? Does that count for anything? Also, hiiiiiiiiiiiii Raz. <3 Careful, Imma get Alliance cooties on you!
  7. But but but... I play a human now. Also, Ansha... I don't know BC toons. >< Who is this? Either or, hi!
  8. There ya go, Male, fixed is up for you! <3 And yes, you can all blame Fhen for this visit. *more hugs around!* Brain not really working yet, so I'll leave you with this little bit of fun stuff Xel recently did. Edit: Oh yeah. >_> And Sents is treating me great! Lovin' life and livin' large over there. ^_~
  9. It does, for that is obnoxiously awesome for any who come behind you. >:3
  10. Just dropping by to see how the old crew's doing of late. Anything exciting going on? Adding more lines of text for Male's sake. See Male? Just for you! This is me rambling without any coffee in my system yet. My brain is not working yet. OHAI.
  11. <p>I miss you!</p>

  12. I'm honestly at a loss for words at the moment. I knew Rick for close to three years, and even after I left this server, and eventually left the game, he remained a dear friend to me. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, and with all of you as well.
  13. Nouri sweety! *hugs* Barke just directed me to this thread, as I hardly ever drop by these forums anymore. (I know, shame on me.) It's a bit creepy... That first post you made in this thread, if you changed the enviroment it happened in, was almost exactly how we found out that my grandfather had a large tumor this past spring. His was a quick road to recovery, though, and he's now more active and alive than he has been in years. I hope and pray that you'll come out of this in the same manner. My thoughts and prayers are with you, sweety. If you need anything, just drop me a mail and let me know what I can do. *huggles more*
  14. (( Don't delay! Take the forsaken dating test today! Do you have a pulse? [_] Are you made completely of delicious meat? [_] >.> What? ))