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  1. <p>I thought you didn't do forums!</p>

  2. Main RP Toon: Grumak (aka Punnishment in the earlier days before he ever told anyone his real name) Horde was where he started, but became Neutral after meeting Sowell Spiritrock and hearing his ideas about the Steemwheedle Cartel. Grumak will ever-after be neutral in the race war. Guild: Cartel Enforcers, in fact Grumak was one of the leaders for a significant period of time and I feel partially responsible for the ultimate downfall of the guild. It may have happened eventually anyway, but I may have sped it's demise and, for that, I am ever regretful. As for favorite storylines and events...SO many. Weekly gatherings of the Cartel in our random "You shouldn't be able to get there" places where we had many dueling sessions and various events hosted for other guilds. The occasional rigging of the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza as well as taking control of the Boat between Ratchet and Booty Bay. Of course, the stalking...and killing...of anyone that caused harm to the spirit of RP on Twisting Nether was always nicely done in story form thanks to our wonderful group of creative thinkers. Who do I miss? That is a tough list to write as there were SO many great people I interacted with. Just about everyone from SMU, but Sowell, Castellano, Thalarios, Kyllavertin, Irontoe (who is apparently banned?)...is a start, but not nearly a fraction of those I have missed. Grumak is back, come find me, I miss you guys.
  3. I wouldn't be opposed to working with someone to come up with a piece like a reporter within the story. I am modelling the story after the part in Forest Gump when he "just felt like running" and ran back n forth across the country. lol The graphic is more what I was thinking...something that looks like the story is written on newsprint perhaps with a head shot or action shot of my character running at the top.
  4. I need to find a particular person to help me with the formatting of a story for a character that I have recently achieved the title of "the Explorer" on. I want to write it as a newspaper-esque article appearing as a front page story on a newspaper. I remember the Silvermoon University website had something like this on it, but since the guild no longer exists, I am unable to ask on their site. Do you happen to have any resources or know anyone that might be able (and willing) to help me with this? Let me know when you have time. Thanks, Dan
  5. Sounds like a great idea Irontoe...you've always been fantastic at being a trouble-maker and I know this idea will be awesome...or at least I hope it will. Unfortunately, I am a member of the "green-skinned, plague-spreading, cow-humping elf bastard" community and, on top of that, am really bad at pvp. So, I likely will just do my best to avoid you like the plague that I spread as I continue to walk the soil of Azeroth, but I can definitely be counted among the supporters of this idea behind the scenes. Grumak Edit: I was initially going to ask about the possibility of my Dwarf Paladin joining your crusade, but he is only level 30 and not likely to grow in levels very quickly except perhaps sparatically.
  6. I've got a level 20 Blood Elf Mage...Pytheas
  7. <p>Your name scares me.</p>

  8. ((Yeah, five stars...I think that was me, but I had to. I started reading it and, so far I haven't run into any other stories lately that have had me immersed so deeply that I forgot to do any work. haha I totally couldn't work until I finished the thread. Someone get that Shadow back in here. It is a necessary evil. ))
  9. ((GOGO Thread Reviving Goblin Jumper Cables ;p)) Grumak was mounted on his Windrider atop one of the Mana Forges of Netherstorm when he heard the call of the carrier pigeon. As Left Hand of Zanzir Cobbleboom, the head of the Horde forces in the Cartel Enforcers, it was a requirement that he always let it be known where to find him. Grumak out stretched an arm to allow the carrier to land and collect whatever message that was being sent. A moments break from battling the Sunfury could not have been planned better for this instant as, only moments earlier, he was in heavy combat with the Blood knights gaurding the Mana Forge and would have likely missed the carrier entirely through his orcish blood rage. Grumak thought to himself, "Probably just another one of those jokes Castellano keeps sending me. Always the joker that one", and pulled the small note from the carrier to read it. "An important message and care package was received from Itakae of the Darkspear. Your presence is requested to collect it." "Hmm" he said aloud. If something this urgent was sent from someone not affiliated with the Cartel, he knew it must be of great importance. Arriving back at Area 52, he collected the package that had made it's way there via Orgrimmar, Ratchet, Booty Bay, Stonard, and an express air delivery directly to Area 52 from the Dark Portal. Grumak could see the "rushed delivery" stamps had been placed all over the parcel from each stopping point and it appeared to have been sent in less than a day. The wonders of goblin technology have never ceased to please him more. Opening the package he noticed the letter that was attatched to the outside and read it... "My name is Itakae of the Darkspear, shamanistic healer of Aftermath, and the Horde. A while back, maybe a couple of months or so, the grave of my mate, Zen'ijin of the Revantusk,was desecrated, along with the graves or many others. Details can be found in the back issue of the gazette which I have left for you. I want answers. Who did this? Why? Unfortunately, I only know what was said in the papers and, due to illness, was unable to track this..being just myself. In those scattered articles is all that I know, and I pass this on to you in hopes of a result. Please, help a grieving widow. My mate has been dead a long while, and this, this is something he did not deserve." Grumak paused a moment after reading the letter and opened the parcel. Pages from old editions of the Gadgetzan Times depicting grievous offenses made by unidentified entities. Grumak rememberd seeing the Banner out front of Orgrimmar, but paid little attention to it at the time as he had been in intense training with the Cartel. ((I would think the banner would not still be hanging there, but considering this thread has been down a while, a clarification would be appreciated)) Sitting back to ponder the situation a moment before writing a response to this Itakae, he also noted the memory of almost tripping over a small pile of skulls while heading to the Auction House in Orgrimmar. There was also the incident with the "tainted" Thunderbrew Lager that was found in Ironforge and Stormwind that he heard about from some of the Cartel members on the Alliance side which cause some heavy hallucinations at a time only a short time prior to the Brew Fest. In retrospect, Grumak was not certain the three situations were related, and the Thunderbrew may have simply been an advertising ploy, but they certainly had a similar auspice to them and it was worth looking into. Grumak finished the letter to Itakae and sent it out with just as much urgency as the parcel was received... "Miss Itakae, My condolences on these recent events that have transpired. I will take the lead on this investigation and do what I can to find out who is behind this. After I finish reading the articles that have been printed, I will begin my search for clues. Myself, as well as the others within the Cartel will do what we can to unravel this enigma and help put your mind at ease. Grumak of the Bleeding Hollow Clan Left Hand of Zanzir Cobbleboom"
  10. Full Name: Grumak, son of Grukar, of the Bleeding Hollow Clan Nicknames: "Maza'thrakk" (or "Punnishment" in the Human tongue) Age: mid-fifties Race: Orc (But has been known to wear the guise of a Goblin for certain contracts) Gender: Male Hair: Brown Mohawk Skin: Dark Green complexion, showing wear of battle and excessive exposure to the elements Eyes: Greenish Blue, but sometimes they go to a Hazel color Height: 6 feet Weight: 258lbs Place of Residence: Currently in his Garrison in Frostwall Place of Birth: Orgrimmar, Valley of Wisdom Occupation: Private Contractor Group/Guild Affiliation: Sanctuary Guild Rank: Initiate Favorite Foods: Mostly meat, preferably cooked Favorite Drinks: Grumak has become a bit more of a drinker since his early days and will drink almost any drink, alcoholic or not, so long as it doesn't smell foul. Favorite Colors: Black and Red Weapons of Choice: Crossbow or Gun for ranged, Polearm for melee Dislikes: Hypocracy and Dishonorable conduct, disrespect Hobbies: He has taken up sewing to go with his leatherworking skill and still enjoys cooking when there is time ((Played by What Famous Person: Ving Rhames)) ((Theme Songs: Ying Yang Twins - Boom!)) History: Born and rasied in Orgrimmar, the Orc was called Grumak back then. He was well provided for, but sheltered by his mother, Igrim Tearshorn. She was injured after his birth, and knew she would have no other offspring. At age fourteen she humiliated the hard young Orc, she tenderly touched his neck, before his om'riggor, a thing <i>no</i> female must do. He knew he needed to get past the dishonor of her deed. Having been shamed publicly, he snuck away. He joined a peon work crew, his only chance at passage out of Orgrimmar, to join the other young Orcs who had gone off to fight on the battegrounds. For a long time he had held Humans in disdain. For the way they treated his Orc lineage, and other members of the Horde, he wanted to be the instrument of justice; and provide punishment, for their treatment of other races. So, as a young warrior, he took on the name "Maza'thrakk" (or "Punnishment" in the Human tongue) to instill fear in his foes. It worked. The reputation of this terrifying force has gained renown, bowels have evacuated <i>before</i> his blade laid them waste. The years he spent with a group of Horde Outriders, provided him with many opportunities to enact his brand of justice; punishment and experience. After several years he tired of the service. The constant restraint was pathetic. Orders like: no rape, burning alive, no making the enemies swallow their own guts, and many others, too soft to stomach, so he decided to seek training as a Hunter. He would harry who, where and when he wished. He took leave of the detachment of outriders, to find the famous bowmaster, Karg Skullsplitter. If he was to hunt man, the rigors of the experience would require the training of a master hunter himself. Along the road, while traveling through Stranglethorn Vale, he was ambushed by a pack of Shadowmaw Panthers. His wolf mount was able to protect him briefly, but was ultimately no match for an entire pack. Once the panthers had taken down the wolf they began to feast on their kill, but one turned to Maza'thrakk and charged him. Maza'thrakk was dazed from the initial attack, but, in a defensive stance, he was able to roll with the charge, and threw the panther as it leapt in for the kill. The panther regained its position quickly and, now in a prone position, Grumak was surely to be next on the menu. As the panther went to pounce, a sudden flash of steel slammed into it as an armor-clad individual attacked from the side killing the panther in a single blow. Maza'thrakk staggered to his feet before realizing that, this was a Human, that had just saved his life. The Human made some strange gestures and, as he turned to leave, dropped a satchel at Maza'thrakk's feet. As the Human left, he gave Maza'thrakk a nod and departed without the satchel. Confused, and still recovering from the attack, Maza'thrakk picked up the satchel, and made it to Grom'gol without further incident. Once he was safe, he opened the satchel, to find First Aid supplies, as well as some rations of food and some basic gear, to defend himself while traveling. Upon his return to Durotar, he found his trainer, Karg Skullsplitter, and began his Hunter training. It wasn't long before he met Sowell Spiritrock, a Dwarf Hunter much more experienced than he was. Sowell was working with a group of Goblins and some others that called themselves the Cartel Enforcers. The Cartel, as it was explained, was a group of individuals working for Zanzir Cobbleboom, a Trade Prince of the Undermine who worked both sides of the war to ensure survival of a healthy trade economy. He thought this might be a good opportunity to spread his word fame and took on a job with the Cartel as a Smuggler. Quickly, Maza'thrakk became very good at getting in and out of precarious situations and was given the additional role as a translator between the Horde and Alliance factions. He was apprehensive about this "promotion" at first, but ultimately went with it as it didn't have much of an impact on his current practices. He became known as the "Ambassador of Guild Relations" and was quickly noticed by Sowell who sent regular reports to Cobbleboom on the progress of the group. It wasn't long before Maza'thrakk was called to Kezan where he would work directly for the Trade Prince after a fashion. He was given room and board, in exchange for doing menial tasks, and learning the inner workings of the system used to create this free trade network, that the "Enforcers" were protecting. He learned the history of the Goblins and of the Trade Princes who ran things in the Undermine. It was the menial nature of the tasks, that allowed him to improve on his ability to remain unnoticed, even while in plain sight. He would grunt at any authority, and go back to any given task, most, beneath your average warrior. By his intelligent ploy, and playing the deaf-mute, he learned key information related to Cobbleboom's goals. After Maza'thrakk spent some time in the Undermine, learning the skills he needed, he was sent back to Ratchet, in Kalimdor. He was to lead a group of Horde races as commander within the Left Arm of the Enforcers. Maza'thrakk quickly made a name for himself as highly efficient. In no time, was named "Left Hand" of the Cartel Enforcers. As the Left Hand, Maza'thrakk was to oversee all trade practices and contracts carried of the Horde. Sowell remained the Overseer of the Alliance side. Many contracts were carried out under Maza'thrakks command. This one hit he got, in the Hellfire Penninsula, this group contracted Maza'thrakk to hunt down and assault this mark, as many times as he could. The mark had looted an item of great value, available only from one powerful foe, and then bolted. So, that's what Maza'thrakk did...until the mark was sent into exile. Even then, Maza'thrakk stayed a while. When the mark attempted to repatriate, Maza'thrakk devastated him until he offered up the gold he had made, from selling the item. This was distributed to the four others, who were in the group. The Enforcers thrived, for a long time, until a letter came for Maza'thrakk. It was sent from Zanzir himself. His orders were to depart to Northrend, to help secure the position there. Maza'thrakk left a trusted ally in charge, and he went to Northrend. Upon arrival, the transport was attacked and sunk leaving few survivors. He would never meet with his contact there, the previous group had been annihilated by the Scourge force of the North. Lost, and in unfamiliar territory, Maza'thrakk did whatever he could to survive. He joined a group fighting their way into the floating Ziggurat Naxxramus. After defeating Kel'Thuzud, Maza'thrakk, and his new group of associates, continuted to fight the Scourge forces throughout the frozen wastelands of the Northrend continent. Back in Kalimdor, the Enforcers had fallen under the command of a pair of saboteurs, determined to disrupt the network of contacts and resources that had been built. He had been several years gone from the Cartel in Kalimdor. Oblivious to the Cataclysm as well as the rediscovery of Pandaria, Maza'thrakk returned to a ravaged Kalimdor dramatically changed by the devastation following the return of Neltharion, now Deathwing, who left crevices in the lands where there were none before. Soon after his return, Maza'thrakk realized that his companions in the Cartel had been seemingly erased from existence as no one even knew who they were. Discouraged and uncertain, Grumak went on a journey to explore and learn what had happened. While exploring, he learned of a new threat on the world coming from the same Dark Portal that the Burning Legion once attempted to cross through, but this time is was Orcs...ORCS!? While preparing to go see this for himself, walking through Orgrimmar, he saw someone he thought he recognized. After catching up to her in the Valley of Honor, he discovered that his eyes were playing tricks on him. It was a Troll Huntress, but not who he thought it was. After a brief introduction, he learned that her name was Julilee, Commander of Sanctuary. "Sanctuary" he recalled aloud as he continued into The Wyvern's Tail. He remembered them being integral participants in the Sunwell reparation. After some conversation and a little bit of reminicing, Maza'thrakk took the vows of Sanctuary and joined them. Maza'thrakk continues to stumble from time to time as he learns his new place, but he often still feels very alone and isolated without the Cartel Enforcers.