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  1. Main RP Toon: Two of them. Arokai, Orc Shaman, and Ryoku, Night Elf Druid. Horde or Alliance: Why not Both? Favorite RP Event or Storyline: There were so many events. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most?: Man, I miss everybody. I miss just having a shitty day and being able to log onto World of Warcraft for 4-8 hours and just be surrounded by a whole bunch of friends. I miss the Raven Cross, I miss the Praetorian Guard, I miss spending hours upon hours doing absolutely nothing in the game but still having so much fun with it. Even with all of the superficial, meaningless drama, I still find myself looking back to the time I spent on TNG and in World of Warcraft in general and thinking "Yeah, those were good times."
  2. <p>I just now realized what your forum avatar is from since I rewatched the movie for the first time in years. It all makes sense to me now!</p>

  3. Have you gotten a beta invite yet? If not, you can bum off my beta access if you want. My dorm internet is really shitty so I wont be able to play much during the day anyways. I'm pretty sure if you just download the client you could log in with my account.
  4. Scumbag Bioware sends out mass beta invites for Skyrim's release weekend. I ain't got time for the force, MY DESTINY AS THE DRAGONSLAYER MUST BE FULFILLED!
  5. Swerto, you have aged much. Though we are only months apart in terms of the years we have experienced, I have seen you come into this community a naive, boyish child, and watched you grow into the naive, boyish man you are today, and I am proud. However, with age comes responsibility, and I do think it is time you are taught the ways of speaking for oneself, my boy. I know it may sound like a challenge now, most things in life are, but I am uncertain confident in your abilities. Not to jump on the hate train, but I know I personally am not amped for TOR. I am actually quite ambivalent towards it. My excitement is instead fueled towards Guild Wars. However, let's not get into this sort-of topic, as it is entirely irrelevant. This is directed towards everyone. Redemptio: Long time no see, friend. How you doin'? Hellista: Though I don't believe I know you much, ditto!
  6. <p>Naw it wasn't your fault, because you made actual good points, even if some of them I felt a bit differently about.</p>

  7. Mage/Priest/Rogue actually, Raz. So yeah, Inquisitor/Inquisitor/Inquisitor. Could go Consular/Consular/Consular to be edgy.
  8. <p>Thanks. Sorry you felt like you had to close your thread, I don't think my post helped.</p>

    <p>I was just trying to say that people should just enjoy the game they want to enjoy, and not worry about what everyone else is playing. I mean, personally I'm extremely excited for Guild Wars 2, while remaining mostly ambivalent towards MoP and TOR, but I don't feel the need to bring it up like every TORtard seems to think is necessary.</p>

    <p>Also, I really just wanted to prove that mocking anything for being childish is absolutely ridiculous when the Star Wars universe is involved.</p>

    <p>Oh, and I agree. WoW is a pretty tired game, in my opinion. It's pretty silly that people think that pandas justify quitting over the fact that they're looking for something new. I don't think anybody is going to argue that WoW is approaching the sunset of it's life.</p>

  9. <p>I agree with your assessment 100%, but the fighting over whether it is or isn't stupid will go nowhere.</p>

    <p>I have a theory about this: People who are finally quitting WoW are going to say "LOL, PANDAS? BAI!" to justify the fact that they can't just say "I'm bored of a game I've played for 7 years"</p>

    <p>So it's pointless.</p>

    <p>But I think your attempt was the best one out there.</p>

    <p>So kudos.</p>

  10. TOR vs. WoW? I'm pretty ambivalent about either, but I'm not really seeing where Mists of Pandaria is somehow more coddling towards children than SWTOR. I mean let's really analyze this here. SWTOR includes many elements of the Star Wars franchise, including aliens, space ships, magic, laser swords, and magical aliens who use laser swords. All of these things where things that I particularly loved while I was in elementary school. Furthermore, I recall specifically, the 13 year old demographic being mentioned in this thread in regards to Mists of Pandaria. Seeing as I'm quite sure most all of us have been 13 years old sometime in our lives, what do you dudes (sorry ladies, you're gonna have to sit this one out) think is most prevalent in a typical 13 year old boy's mind? That's right: Bitches, and the fucking of them. What does Bioware, without fail, ensure to include in every single one of their games released within the last 5 years? Exactly. SWTOR is no exception to this rule, you are given plenty of options to fuck (or at least attempt to fuck) bitches, or bitch-like objects all throughout the game. Even 13 year old girls, flustered and caught up in the stresses and insecurities of middle school, are remembered in this game, Bioware making sure it does it's part to motivate these girls by reminding them that for every girl who flaunts her goods, there is at least 5 dudes out there just waiting to jump her jammies. So far in SWTOR we have space ships, aliens, magic, laser swords, and fuckin' bitches. We're shaping up for a real jaunt through Maturity Square, ol' bean! What do we got in Mists of Pandaria? Well, the first thing that jumps out to me personally is Panda-people. I will concede the silliness of this concept, especially with it's similarities to the recently released kids movie, and I do myself find it to be rather stupid. However, when compared to the aformentioned elements found in SWTOR, I am stricken by the blatant similarities: The fact that space ships, aliens, pandas, magic, and laser swords were among my favorite things when I was 8 years old. As has also been mentioned earlier, Pokemon, which is [kind-of-not-really-but-sort-of] is also something that stuck out to me that is being introduced into Mists of Pandaria. While the argument has been made that Pokemon is also especially childish, I find this to be pure fallacy. Pokemon may appear externally colorful and cheery. In actuality, it contains some of the most dark, depressing, and completely fucked up elements to have ever been conjured by the human psyche. The various undertones represented in those games make both WoW and SWTOR look like Blue's Clues interactive adventure game. So, putting all of these elements together, I see no other option but to conclude that this entire potential argument is pointless. I mean seriously, this is an argument of which is cooler between Pandaland adventure, and Star Wars: Dating Sim. They're both shitty games. It all just depends on which shitty game you happen to like better. It's also wise to remember that not everybody is going to like the same shitty things that you do. Thanks.
  11. Well of course.. It's a promo video. They want to try and make the Smuggler look as bad ass as they possibly can in a video that will appeal to a wide audience. This video makes me think: "Wow the smuggler is cool!" when my actual experience playing a smuggler was more like "Wow this is... Really not my cup of tea."
  12. Preeeeeetty much. I can pretty much vouch for the fact that most everything I have heard about the game has sounded relatively good, which I find to be a pleasant surprise. I'm still pretty solid in that I am not going to buy it, since I'm not looking to play any game like WoW, but it's good to see that it's going smoothly. It'll be nice to see a game that might be able to take the MMO genre out of its current virtual monopoly regardless of my own personal interest in it.
  13. Huh.. The text Raziel quoted specifically mentions the 30 day free subscription time (standard for most MMOs) for both the collectors edition and the digital deluxe edition.. But not for the standard edition.. I'm wondering if this is implying that people who just get the standard edition have to pay for the first month of game time. If so.. Well, that's pretty cheeky.
  14. For the record Vader's own armor set was actually made out of durasteel, which was capable of deflecting blaster shots.
  15. Revan is pretty much whoever you made him to be, so that's kind-of a given. Malak was a little bitch. Bane, Sidious and Vader are all legit. Nihilus is pretty much god tier. and of course they're basing the inquisitor melee build off Maul.. He's the only official example of the usage of a double-bladed lightsaber. I will admit that I don't like him much, but I feel that his actual personality coincides more with a warrior than an inquisitor. The heavier armor sets make sense for the Juggernaut. When I think of the Juggernaut I think of a hulking, solid wall of Dark Side energy able to withstand more punishment than durasteel. Like Vader. I just don't like all the spikes and shit is all. AND WHERE ARE THE CLOAKS?!?!