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  1. Slaid pulls out a tiny notebook and flips a few pages. "Hrmm... I used to spy on him quite a bit... But he hasn't really been showing any real suspicious behavior lately... Maybe it's because he's married now..." She snaps her book shut, tapping her chin with a smile. "Or maybe we've just become better friends. Even so! I've been falling behind on my sneaking, it seems... Hrmm... I wonder..."
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  3. A short, violet-haired elf clenches a fist and shouts enthusiastically... although almost angrily at the goblin in front of her. "Naaru?! HAH! My Keldorin doesn't NEED them! He's stronger than anybody I know that follows the light! He doesn't need it!" The goblin chuckles nervously and backs away slowly.
  4. Kirai stared at the campfire before her, hugging her legs as she rested her chin on her knees. She and Elliot sat out in the snowy plains of Dragonblight… what they were looking for, they did not know. Kirai just wanted to get away from civilization for awhile. It seemed that everywhere she went, she was seeing ghosts of the past… it had started a couple days ago… when the marks appeared on her hand. Something that she had forced into the back of her mind was forcing it’s way right back out. She would see visions of ghostly familiar faces of whom she had recognized as Blood Knights… Blood Knights who should have been long dead. It made her nervous to see them in crowded streets. What if they were really there? …What if other people knew…? She shook her head. “No… that was two years ago. It wasn’t my fault. And no one ever knew…” No one but Lothsin. She glared into the flames, leaning back against Elliot’s smoky hide. As she did so, something behind the fire caught her eye. She gasped as she saw a figure move forward into the orange light. A cloaked, tall elf, clad in the colors of the Blood Knight stood on the other side of the fire. He had a chiseled, emotionless face that was eerily shadowed. Kirai’s face paled. She recognized him. He had been the difficult one to kill… “Hello, Kirai…” He spoke. She tensed up, clutching her daggers at her belt. “Or… ‘Slaid’ was it? But then, you used a different name when we met, am I right? You took your mother’s name while you posed as a Blood Knight. The little one who could hardly lift her sword… Yes, I remember you, ‘Shiorei.’” She pressed her back against Elliot, shaking her head. “You’re not real.” Elliot lifted his head lazily, a little confused at her sudden random utterance. “I am not?” He drew his blade, causing her breathing to become irregularly ragged. “Well you would be the one to know for sure, Kirai.. You are the one who killed me, after all.” She shook her head violently. “It wasn’t my fault!” She squeaked as he took a step forward. “But you had given him your conscious will by time you got to me, hadn‘t you? You could have stopped the killings if you wished.” “But I did! I did want them to stop! I couldn’t do anything! I’m sorry!” She was pressing herself against Elliot’s side so hard now that he was staring down at her in growing concern. “Coward… Little good ‘sorry’ does me now, does it? You killed me… and now I’m here to pay you back.” He lunged through the fire, sword drawn. She screamed shrilly, pulling her daggers up to cross them and block his attack. She flinched, her trembling arms struggling to keep his blade from cleaving her in two. Elliot stood, stepping away from her quickly, causing her to scream and roll backward. “Kirai?! What’s wrong?!” Kirai dropped one of her daggers to clutch her shoulder, watching her blood ooze out from where his heavy blade had sunken into it. The Blood Knight smirked down at her, raising his blade. “It wasn’t my fault… It wasn’t my fault! He made me do everything! If I’d said no, he would have taken my body to do it anyway!” She shrieked up at him in insane desperation. “It wasn’t my fault!” “You’ve no one to blame but your own foolish self.” He spat, “Take responsibility for your own actions, you miserable little whelp!” “No! It wasn’t my fault!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as his blade came swinging down upon her. “KIRAI!” Elliot stared down at the little elf, rolling around in the snow in agony. He couldn’t understand what she was screaming about. He growled angrily and gave his massive wings an violent flap, blowing out the campfire, sending her flying a few feet from the ground and tumbling through more snow upon her landing again. Kirai opened her eyes wide, staring around in the dark, feeling something large approach her cautiously. As she looked up, she saw the glowing eyes of Elliot. “Kirai… what are you afraid of?” He lowered his head to inspect her. She took in a few shuddering breaths and looked down as well… the wound in her arm was gone- never there… She felt her head and chest, making sure that everything was still in place and unscathed. She looked back up into Elliot’s eyes, afraid. Elliot sighed and scooped her up with his snout, slipping her up atop his head as he turned to return to the camp site, breathing renewed flames back into the blown out bundle of wood. As the fire crackled back to life, he could hear her sniffling. He glanced up in her direction, knowing the storm to come and would patiently await its passing. -------------------------------- Hours passed. Kirai sat in her former position in the snow, leaning against Elliot’s side once again as he curled protectively around her. Her tears had long since dried, and she had been silent for some time, but still Elliot patiently waited. She stared into the flames once more, thinking. Lothsin was to blame for everything, right? He tricked her, possessed her and made her commit the Blood Knight murders. It was only after he had saved her life that she had consented to fulfill what he had started and steal the life energy of those that had touched M’uru. But she had been indebted to him. She sighed, nuzzling her forehead into her knees. She was always in such trouble. In reality, she probably could have escaped him a lot sooner in her life if only she hadn’t been so afraid of being alone. If she had been stronger. If she hadn’t been such a coward… She killed those soldiers. Whether or not it was her bidding, she had killed them. She furrowed her eyebrows, squeezing her eyes shut. If she had been brave enough to escape… or perhaps stand and fight, she might have solved this sooner. This man… this thing… was a dark shadow that would drift in and out of her life at will. Just when she would be thinking she were rid of him, he would resurface. Her eyes snapped open. She couldn’t let him keep hurting the people around her like he had when he attacked The Pale Heart, or use her to hurt others like he had two years ago during the Blood Knight murders. She would have to make him disappear again… and she would have to make sure that it would be for good. She stood suddenly, earning a concerned glance from her companion. “Elliot, we’re going after Lothsin. But we’ve got to head back to the Tower first.” He nodded, rising to his feet. “Yes. Are we bringing others from the Pale Heart along to help?” She paused for a moment before shaking her head. “No. We’re just going to pick up my things.” No… It had to be her. Only her. All her life she had relied on others. Even when she ran away to the jungle to learn to rely on herself, she had only found someone else to rely on- Zan’gaji. And she still foolishly spent most her days trying to find him again, unable to let him go. This time she wasn’t going to run away and hide behind anyone else. She would fly head first into the dark and fight her way out again. She had to. She had to prove that she could stand on her own two feet… although this time, she wasn’t going to try and prove it for someone else. This was something that she was going to do for herself. This would be her strength. She climbed onto Elliot’s back and they set out for The Gray Tower. As they flew, she closed her eyes and sang. “War leaves its trail In moonlight so pale Its shadows they flow In rivers, in rivers So put on my mask I'll go where they ask So I might once again see the Roses of May Staining my soul and stinging my eyes The red on my hands Won't wash away, wash away No where to run from what I have done I'm no longer, no longer A Rose of May Led here by fate No longer afraid So here now I lay My Roses of May” As they landed in front of the guild tower, Kirai didn’t even look down to notice the marks had vanished. In fact, she’d forgotten them. They didn’t matter anymore… all that mattered was what lie ahead of her. She slid off of Elliot’s back and prepared to enter her beloved home… perhaps… for the final time.
  5. Kirai pushed the doors of the Grey Tower open slowly, cautiously peeking in. Upon entering the Guild Hall she took off in a sprint toward one of the tall bookshelves and used it as a ladder to scale the wall. Upon reaching the top, she hurled herself from it to snag one of the rafters with her hand. She climbed up and crawled over to her usual spot, digging frantically through a bag of her belongings kept up there. She pulled a spare pair of gloves and hastily slipped them on, covering her right hand first, sighing in slight relief. She glanced down at the floor, jolting slightly as there was someone there… but it didn’t look like anyone she knew… What looked to be a young female Blood Knight stood far below her at the front door. She seemed to stare eerily up at her, slowly raising a pointed finger towards her. She wore a hateful, vengeful expression that shook Kirai to the very bone. The Blood Knight mouthed something that Kirai couldn’t understand and disappeared, seemingly dissolving in thin air. ...She shook her head, taking in a few shuddering breaths. After a few moments of composing herself, she took a few more of her belongings from her sack and leaped down from the rafters, landing on all fours with the finesse of a cat, hurrying toward the front doors again. She pushed them open to flee into the open air of Northrend, convincing herself that what she had just seen was nothing more than her imagination.
  6. An unfamiliar ceiling… Kirai opened her eyes, glancing up at a ceiling of heavy canvas. She blinked a few times, squinting up at it, confused. She turned her head to the side, her cheek brushing against the pillow. She was sleeping in a bed? A cot. This certainly hadn’t happened in awhile. She rarely slept in anything like a bed since she had run away from home. Even in the Grey Tower of the Pale Heart she preferred to sleep high up in the rafters over the Guild Hall where everyone would sit and visit. “Ah, you’re awake. You took quite a tumble there, kiddo…” She gasped, bolting upright in the cot. She peered forward at the hulking figure of a Tauren who had just entered the tent she had been sleeping in. She narrowed her eyes at him a moment, watching him as he set a large piece of fruit on a stool beside her. “It’s a Papaya. They’re pretty big around here, and that should help you regain your strength.” He pointed at the fruit with his massive finger. She watched him warily, the wheels in her head turning as she tried to recall what had happened. She had been on one of her routine sweeps of Scholozar Basin in search for Zan’gaji. She had landed atop a cliff and left Elliot, her Netherwing Drake, to go hunt for some food for himself. She had been exploring around the edge of the cliffs… She blinked her eyes. Wait, a 'tumble?' But how would she have survived that fall? She shook her head and tried to remember. Something… Something had come over her… Something that felt dark… dark and cold. She couldn’t remember anything after that besides feeling like she had been thrown off balance before everything went black. She finally focused on the Tauren, watching him suspiciously as she picked up the massive fruit. “Where am I?” She demanded, taking a snarling bite from the Papaya. He chuckled, as if amused by her appetite. “At a small camp I’ve had set up here for a few days. Just doing a couple odd jobs before moving on.” He let out a heavy laugh, making his whole upper body rumble. “I never would have thought the likes of you would have come tumbling down on my tent.” “Wait… I what?” He motioned for her to follow as he stepped outside and she climbed out of the cot, doing so. The moment she left the tent, she was greeted with the vast view of Scholozar Basin from several miles above… Wait. Was she still up on the cliff?! She blinked, utterly confused. “It’s a ledge, you see…” He offered, pointing up about twenty feet to what was no doubt the top of the cliff. “I was just building a fire, and you came falling from above and landed on my tent. The tent collapsed, but you kind of… bounced… hit the tree over there,” He pointed to a lopsided palm, “…and then landed on the ground a few feet away. It was almost kind of comical, actually…” As he chuckled, Kirai fought the violent urge to slap her own forehead. “You had a few cuts and scrapes on you,. I cleaned them, and they’ll heal just fine. I just didn’t really know what to do about your hand… I’d never seen a wound like it before.” She blinked, confused, looking down at her bare hands. With a jolt of cold shock she noticed that the palm of her right hand, which normally just held the scar of her blood bond with Zan‘gaji, now also held what looked like three claw marks. They seemed to be burnt into her skin, though the color black they were seemed sickeningly unnatural. Her breathing quickened as she stared at it. What was this? Where had it come from?! Why was it scrawled across her most precious scar, tainting her bond with Zan’gaji? “Hey kid, are you alright?” She heard his voice, seemingly from miles away. When he clapped a hand onto her shoulder she was jarred from the back of her mind and leaped forward, grabbing for her daggers- which weren’t there. The Tauren froze, his hand still outstretched with a look of confused shck on his face. She snarled up at him, charging a few balls of flame in her hands. “Where did you put my weapons?! Where have you hidden them?!” Clearly taken aback by her sudden outburst of frantic rage, he slowly pointed behind him towards the tent. “They’re in my tent… along with your other belongings… I haven’t hidden them.” He watched her carefully as he spoke in a reasonable tone. “I had set them aside to make you more comfortable. They’re still by the cot… along with that juicy Papaya I picked for you, remember?” She took a step backward, glancing at the tent that he stood in front of and then back up at him. “Just… take it easy, okay?” He reached his hand out to her as if she were a frightened dog. As he took a step forward, she bolted backward, turning to scale the tree and bound from it, leaping towards the cliff above. She climbed over the edge, leaving the confused Tauren alone. Upon her return to the top of the cliff, she heard a screech coupled with a heavy thud against the ground behind her. She shrieked, whirling around to hurl a quick fire blast at whatever it was. Elliot recoiled in shock, harshly flapping his wings once to snuff her fire spell before it could hit him. “…Kirai…” He spoke in an almost hurt, gentle voice, “…it is I…” She stared at him, her chest heaving and her blood feeling cold. Elliot. Of course it was Elliot… She sighed shakily and stepped forward to stroke his snout. “I’m sorry, Elliot… I… I don’t know what’s come over me…” He closed his eyes and gave her an affectionate and concerned nuzzle before lowering himself so that she could climb onto his back. “Let’s go home… I’ve got to pick up some new supplies… and some new gloves.” Elliot nodded, flapping his great wings to take off towards the Grey Tower. Kirai stared down at her hand at the eerie mark, a cold foreboding feeling filling every inch of her being.
  7. Slaid stares at the picture of the figure doing a cartwheel, her eyebrow twitching a moment before she slaps her forehead. She mumbles to the goblin before padding away slowly. "...No... No I don't know this person..."
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  10. I really don't get why people need to use a forum thread to put others down so they can feel special and intelligent. Seriously. If you don't really have anything that's going to be of any help to the creator of the thread, then just don't post. If you find that this thread doesn't meet your fancy... just go to another. Is sarcasm and negativity to look cool the only way you survive? Do you have to look better than someone that badly? I'm sorry but some of the people here have such a lack of respect for others that I sadly find pathetic and disgusting. Grow up. (Incidentally, I've probably attracted flaming attention because of this, but I think this needed to be said. People need to bring the ego notch down a bit and learn to treat others better. Did'n' cho mama eva' teach you manners?!)
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  12. Slaid smiles, nodding. "I'm very happy that we get along better now. We're family again- all of us. We're all together again in our new guild and new home. I'm glad that we can once again strive for a common goal." She smirks, cracking her knuckles. "I'll do my best to keep up with them."
  13. "I have not seen my big sister in such a long time. I miss her."
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