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  1. Amoola's IRL lifemate and husband asked me to let the World of Warcraft members who knew her but don't have her on social media know that Amoola passed away on March 18th, 2019. Amoola is deeply loved and deeply missed and her family has asked for space as they grieve. Walk with the Earth Mother, Amoola. May the eternal sun shine upon you.
  2. It's illegal hot linking without credit to proper sources, and without permission from any of the artists who "contribute" work to the website.
  3. It may not be intentional, but I've encountered a couple of my drawings, specifically ones posted here on TNG, on this website. I was alerted to it through a gallery site from a buddy who found some of their own art up there. My suggestion would be to go in and search your common character names, your pen names etc. http://imagixs.com/
  4. I'd go for both if you wanna sign me up - Feralmoon for both time slots.
  5. That would be one of my furry avatars, Sprinkle Frostwych, local dominatrix and DJ :> She's a snow leopard with a nanite infestation.
  6. Started trying to do a concept of Sprinkle's outfit for a comic idea, wound up drawing a couple other things.
  7. Guess I'm gonna be the first posting summat, a Wrathion doodle not done yet.
  8. Where stuff stands as of RIGHT now with the pokemon crap - I swear to god I'm also working of WoW craft arts. Just dying to get time off is all D: I also need to figure out how to do the stupid little cobbles, do more shading and get the background squared away.
  9. Feral's certainly not a huggybear hippy Tauren Prior to taking a mate from another tribe, she was Grimtotem
  10. Feral sketches - #1 Feralmoon in Anger management to prevent Sha infestation. It's not going well. #2 Feralmoon dealing with Beiber yak - I realized after I started drawing him that it looks like Justin Beiber.
  11. A good idea actually though I think I'll probably move the entire team a little left. I've yet to put in the pots of flowers and plants and such. I also don't want to overload it because eventually the street will be cobbled. The background's nowhere near done but I felt it was important to have it established early on so I could work within rather than making color decisions -after- the fact.