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  1. I read it on the forums and really wanted to respond, but my account is down and apparently they won't let you post then. I'm very much excited about a possible RP-PvP server. I really hope they make one. If not, I suppose we could have an unofficial RP-PvP server...but it wouldn't be great of course. Hope you're doing well! Sowell
  2. You guys were great, thanks for all the memories and such! Sowell/Dobzhansky
  3. Hello old friend!  I hope you're doing very well.

    I'm getting excited about Classic WoW and figured I'd stop by and see how things are going here.  I'll take a look around.

    How have you been?  I spent 8 years in Australia with terrible lag; eventually quit WoW.  Haven't played BFA or Legion.  


    1. Mortica


      Hey there!

      Things are going pretty well.  Twisting Nether is pretty quiet these days.  I heard today they will have RP servers in Classic, but they haven't said whether they will have RP-PVP servers yet.

      We were just talking about the "good old days" the other day and your name came up.

      Glad to hear you are doing well. :)

  4. I wish this guild idea worked...was fun.
  5. <p>Wow, I don't even remember that Catilyn! That sounds like something I would say though...</p>

  6. Main RP Toon: Sowell Spiritrock, Theodosius Dobzahnsky. Horde Or Alliance? - Neutral Guild: - The Cartel Enforcers (GM), Horde Resettlement Agency (Public Relations Weasel), Cult of Davore (GM, temporary reroll guild on WrA). Various other guilds on alts. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? - Bareknuckle boxing nights with the Cartel. Tonk-racing in Booty Bay. Trying to solve the Shadow mystery (Skafloc's horror show) by randomly beating people up in Arathi and hoping they would answer. Booty Bay boat tax night. Slave auctions for the Cult of Davore. Who is someone that you
  7. Well I signed it, but I'm a little nervous about the "Access: Promote universal access to fast and affordable networks." "Promoting" usually ends up being "controlling." "Promoting" healthy discourse means banning speech from people you disagree with. "Promoting" healthy foods means taxing ones you don't like, etc.
  8. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick responses! Spread it around if you can.
  9. One of my honors students is doing a project on why people blame the victim. If you're bored, he has a 10 minute survey up online and could really use more participants. I'll post the results and such when it's done...the idea is actually interesting: Thanks guys, Sowell
  10. I'd recommend letting carriers attack and use spells or it might be very very boring for them. Also, no one can pretend to be a carrier and still be useful if the real carriers can't attack. Other than that I think it's a great idea. I'll make it if I can.
  11. <p>I cannot abide a communist! If the Grim wants you to talk to me you should see about getting access to the Politics forum here on the TNG. It had a lot of smart people in it having lively discussions. I'm afraid some of us might have ruined it. Every conversation involves Naz putting down some talking points he heard on MSNBC coupled with a few personal attacks, and then there's a page and half that I write explaining how he sucks and doesn't understand the virtues of liberty.</p>

  12. <p>I love you too, my sweet goblin mistress!</p>

  13. I've always had a fondness for WC2 myself. My major complaints about WoW almost all result from their wandering away from the major storyline back there. They include: 1) constantly introducing even bigger even more old and ancient and powerful races so that orcs and humans seem like stupid new boring species, 2) making moral equivalence between factions, not just in terms of being morally equal of worth, but having the same morality itself, 3) making Warcraft not have any wars.
  14. I took some time off to make a WC3 mod: And then I ran the Cult of Davore on Wyrmrest Accord as an alt-guild with players from TN and WA. It went okay, had some good stories in it, but recruitment was bitch. Hmm... other than that I haven't been playing much. I play with my lovely woman on our blood elves from time to time, and am leveling an orc shaman named Gangestad though there's not much to him. I'm excited about SWTOR but a little nervous
  15. I've been reading over patch notes this morning and figured I'd add my few thoughts. First, I broadly agree with Creedy and don't think he was bashing anything so much as offering his opinion... with a bit of blunt force. When I first saw the Pandas I immediately did a mental check to be sure it wasn't April 1st! It seems like a really weird and silly idea. I could see it as a side bit - like the Darkmoon Faire - but as an entire expansion it seems like a massive divergence in tone from all previous expansions. That is made worse by the pet combat game being featured so prominently. I li
  16. The mod is finished, polished and released for play:
  17. I put in, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" and got back, "no crown."
  18. I've been taking time off of Warcraft to finish up my Warcraft 3 mod of a Star Wars dog-fighting board game. It's Rebel vs. Empire, with a custom momentum based physics system, e.g. ships accelerate and bank slowly, lasers travel in a straight line over hills, lateral thrusters can make your ship slide at 90-degrees. I've made a youtube video showing some highlights. You should probably watch it on high definition. The map isn't entirely completed but it is functional. I'd like to add a segment at the beginning which allows you to use your hero in ground combat before getting in your
  19. <p>The Cult of Davore has ended. I'll post the final story relating what happened to Davore in a day or so. Thanks to all who participated!</p>

  20. The Conversion of “Jessup” Underhill Felix and Murgman Whitesmith rode alongside the carriage as it creaked down the cobbled street back toward Lordaeron from the mountains of Alterac. The winds whipped the autumn leaves from the trees and laid them triumphantly at the feet of their auburn thoroughbred steeds. It was their honor to escort the prisoner back to the Bishop’s dungeon in Lordaeron. This meant a promotion, to be sure, and if they succeeded in impressing the Bishop perhaps a position with the royal guard. Felix looked over at his brother. “What do you think they’re talking abou
  21. The humans make their daring escape from the stockades, through the sewer system. You cannot see the high elf guard chasing them, but it does explain this particular screenshot. Most of the apostles survived the fall. Meanwhile, the undead were raised in the crypt in Wittmer, only to find the apostle Eirene had suffered a much more torturous fate: Luckily, they have recovered some of their troll slaves, though one had to be whipped into shape. Another was rescued from the wicked Slavic, a human troll master that worked in the mountains south of Brill. He put up quite a fight, but
  22. I'm writing the story to account for new players who show up a bit late. The undead have been dead for 15 years, so a little longer won't hurt them. The humans are escaping from the Stockades, and a group was separated during the swim through the sewer system. So we have an RP angle to insert players late in the game; and I imagine the leveling will be quite slow. Our second session is planned for a Sunday at 8pm (TN time), 6pm WrA time.
  23. The Cult of Davore is rolling in less than two days! This is your last chance to get in on the ground level of what should be a unique and engaging RP-PvP experience. We have sufficient recruits to give it a good run, but we could always use more. We roll on Wymrest Accord, at 6pm server time (which is 8pm Twisting Nether time). Alts only, level 1, human/undead (or troll slave). Check out the website for all the details.