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  1. You guys were great, thanks for all the memories and such! Sowell/Dobzhansky
  2. Hello old friend!  I hope you're doing very well.

    I'm getting excited about Classic WoW and figured I'd stop by and see how things are going here.  I'll take a look around.

    How have you been?  I spent 8 years in Australia with terrible lag; eventually quit WoW.  Haven't played BFA or Legion.  


    1. Mortica


      Hey there!

      Things are going pretty well.  Twisting Nether is pretty quiet these days.  I heard today they will have RP servers in Classic, but they haven't said whether they will have RP-PVP servers yet.

      We were just talking about the "good old days" the other day and your name came up.

      Glad to hear you are doing well. :)

  3. I wish this guild idea worked...was fun.
  4. <p>Wow, I don't even remember that Catilyn! That sounds like something I would say though...</p>

  5. Main RP Toon: Sowell Spiritrock, Theodosius Dobzahnsky. Horde Or Alliance? - Neutral Guild: - The Cartel Enforcers (GM), Horde Resettlement Agency (Public Relations Weasel), Cult of Davore (GM, temporary reroll guild on WrA). Various other guilds on alts. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? - Bareknuckle boxing nights with the Cartel. Tonk-racing in Booty Bay. Trying to solve the Shadow mystery (Skafloc's horror show) by randomly beating people up in Arathi and hoping they would answer. Booty Bay boat tax night. Slave auctions for the Cult of Davore. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Oddly, Snauzberries and I had some really good casual on the fly RP in Booty Bay. Castellano and Thalarios were my go-to RPers in the Cartel as well. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: Charging tolls on the Booty Bay transoceanic liner. Tonk fight at the Booty Bay Extravaganza (in the hidden troll village) Old friends watching over our town.
  6. Well I signed it, but I'm a little nervous about the "Access: Promote universal access to fast and affordable networks." "Promoting" usually ends up being "controlling." "Promoting" healthy discourse means banning speech from people you disagree with. "Promoting" healthy foods means taxing ones you don't like, etc.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick responses! Spread it around if you can.
  8. One of my honors students is doing a project on why people blame the victim. If you're bored, he has a 10 minute survey up online and could really use more participants. I'll post the results and such when it's done...the idea is actually interesting: https://griffithisbr.us.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_es5BdCiF3ajtJsM Thanks guys, Sowell
  9. I'd recommend letting carriers attack and use spells or it might be very very boring for them. Also, no one can pretend to be a carrier and still be useful if the real carriers can't attack. Other than that I think it's a great idea. I'll make it if I can.
  10. <p>I cannot abide a communist! If the Grim wants you to talk to me you should see about getting access to the Politics forum here on the TNG. It had a lot of smart people in it having lively discussions. I'm afraid some of us might have ruined it. Every conversation involves Naz putting down some talking points he heard on MSNBC coupled with a few personal attacks, and then there's a page and half that I write explaining how he sucks and doesn't understand the virtues of liberty.</p>

  11. <p>I love you too, my sweet goblin mistress!</p>

  12. I've always had a fondness for WC2 myself. My major complaints about WoW almost all result from their wandering away from the major storyline back there. They include: 1) constantly introducing even bigger even more old and ancient and powerful races so that orcs and humans seem like stupid new boring species, 2) making moral equivalence between factions, not just in terms of being morally equal of worth, but having the same morality itself, 3) making Warcraft not have any wars.
  13. I took some time off to make a WC3 mod: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/battle-tatooine-202229/ And then I ran the Cult of Davore on Wyrmrest Accord as an alt-guild with players from TN and WA. It went okay, had some good stories in it, but recruitment was bitch. http://www.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=275449&TabID=2311969 Hmm... other than that I haven't been playing much. I play with my lovely woman on our blood elves from time to time, and am leveling an orc shaman named Gangestad though there's not much to him. I'm excited about SWTOR but a little nervous it'll be terrible.
  14. I've been reading over patch notes this morning and figured I'd add my few thoughts. First, I broadly agree with Creedy and don't think he was bashing anything so much as offering his opinion... with a bit of blunt force. When I first saw the Pandas I immediately did a mental check to be sure it wasn't April 1st! It seems like a really weird and silly idea. I could see it as a side bit - like the Darkmoon Faire - but as an entire expansion it seems like a massive divergence in tone from all previous expansions. That is made worse by the pet combat game being featured so prominently. I like the idea in spirit... I had tried a pet-fighting ring in the Cartel a few years ago with hunters' pets... it didn't work). But the pet combat was featured very prominently on the Blizz page (talents and BGs are nowhere to be found, but pet combat is right there with screenshots). It really gives a terribly childish tone to the expansion. I'm not thrilled about Monks as a class for a simple reason - the flying spinning kick sounds ridiculously stupid. From what I can tell, you hop up in the air and spin around over and over again with your feet out, like bladestorm only flying. I just know this is going to look silly. Sometimes I try to imagine what a Warcraft movie would look like if it incorporated some of the stupid ideas they put in the game. I'll bet my future children's college funds that there will be no flying repeated spin kick by a panda-man in the Warcraft movie they are planning. The talent changes seem fantastic to me. The talent system now is rather silly...you get 80% of all possible talents so you basically pick the 4 you don't need and that's the end of it. The new system will make choices very interesting if balanced well. The BGs, from what I hear, are going to be good and fun. Overall I'm appalled at the new tone of the expansion, and resigned to my usual disappointment that absolutely nothing is changing in the game other than new quests, dungeons, grinds and a few new abilities. I was more excited by transmogrification than I was this expansion. To give you an idea of something that would make me happy... Blizzard announces new expansion for Warcraft: Tides of Doom The war between the alliance and the horde has escalated now that Deathwing has been put to rest. Islands, previously submerged, are being discovered above water in the vast ocean that separates Kalimdor and Lordaeron. Oceanic liners and ships use these islands as ports and trade routes become safer. Steamwheedle merchants, Bloodsail pirates, and the navies the alliance and horde take up islands, loot ancient Naga treasure, and construct naval fortresses to protect the newly discovered mines, forests and oil refineries. But pirates and sea monsters are not the only threats to the trade routes. A group of naga refugees, carrying stolen treasure of ancient origin, arrive in Orgrimmar warning of a massive naga invasion of the mainlands. Garrosh locks them in shackles, brands them as slaves and sends them to work in the watery mines off the coast of Kalimdor. He thinks little of them until reports from his goblin zepplin runners return telling of massive naga war machines decimating trade ships and island fortresses. Garrosh calls the trolls to Orgrimmar and orders them to begin constructing destroyers. The Horde will conquer the seas once more! On Lordaeron, the leaders of the Alliance meet in secret in a seaborne cavern off the coast of Stormwind to receive an ambassador from Theramore. They are surprised to see Jaina Proudmoore herself arrive in a barge pulled by massive armored tortoises. Jaina, enraged that her friend Thrall would turn over the reigns of the horde army to someone like Garrosh, has finally decided to rid Kalimdor of the nation she had once helped build. She introduces the leaders of the allied forces to Maritus Vilespear, leader of the Sea Elves. New Races: Naga (horde) Sea Elves (alliance) Naga: The naga empire stretches across the oceans and is made of many warring clans. Your clan was destined to be destroyed until your leaders made a bold plan. Swimming to the surface near Orgrimmar, you took what treasures you could gather and attempted to enlist the land dwelling forces. As a naga, you will start as a slave working on creating the warships of the Horde near Orgrimmar. Goblins and trolls are your masters, but they soon recognize your martial skill. You are trained as a gladiator and eventually win your freedom. Creation:customized skin color, fins (hair), fin color, face, and slave brand (face brands, shoulder brands, whip marks on their back, facial scars) Naga racials: - increased swim speed - water breathing - +1% haste with polearms - quick recovery: knockdown effects are reduced 40% in duration against naga - tail swipe ability: (cooldown: 2 minutes) swipes tail around in a circle, pushing back enemies 10 yards and knocking the down for 2 seconds Sea Elves: Ten thousand years ago during the Shattering of the world, a group of kal'dorei descended into the depths of the ocean and became the reviled naga. Another group took to the seas, surviving on makeshift barges, eating fish and birds and drawing magical sustenance from the power of the burning sun above them. Feral and aggressive, the modern sea elves have lived on the seas for thousands of years - hunted almost to extinction by the hated naga that rise from the depths to feast on them when food is rare. Having only occasional trade with goblins, the sea elves have had to become completely self-sufficient - reinventing their own magical talents, their own carpentry, smithing and weaponry. They tame giant sea turtles as mounts and beasts of burden who pull their living barges - sewn of vines that drink sea water and produce fruiting plants on deck. The northern sea elves have been known to make ships of ice. The Sea Elves are virulently suspicious of others, but have realized - now that they are on the verge of extinction - that they cannot fight the newest influx of naga by themselves. The Sea Elves sought out Jaina Proudmoore, who they saw years earlier fighting off a group of naga slavers. They have agreed to share their knowledge of the seas with the alliance and help them create an armada to rule the seas. As a Sea Elf, you will start off the coast of Theramore on the island fortress Mermaid's Tail. Working with the Theramore marines, you help construct warships, fight off naga scouts, investigate and repel a murloc army, and deal with violent local wildlife. Creation:customized skin color (sea elves are greenish to teal colored), hair (often flat and wet in appearance), hair color, face, and face paint (sea elves cover their faces with dyes and markings similar to trolls). Sea Elf Racial Abilities: - purify water (elves regenerate mana 150% faster when drinking) - sea legs (+10% move speed while in water or on boats) - - racial ability: Bask - the sea elf extends his/her arms and absorbs rays from the sun. Cast time: channeled for 3 seconds. Cooldown: 3 minutes. Heals the elf for 25% of their health, mana, and energy. Afterwards, the elf's haste is increased by 10% per second the ability is channeled (up to 3 seconds). New Features Tides of Doom introduces several new features including new leveling zones, new Battlegrounds, increased level cap to 90, and a revision of the talent system. In addition to these improvements, we are proud to represent our version of player housing: Guild Ships Stormwind and Orgrimmar have dock workers who can be hired to construct a variety of customizable guild ships, which can be boarded by guild members and taken on a number of events (see below). Creating guild ships requires hiring shipbuilders for several thousand gold, and supplying them with a number of rare crafted items provided by each profession. Tailors are needed to supply sails, leatherworkers are required to create patches, supply sacks, and crate lining. Blacksmiths and engineers are needed to create many features including any steam engines, oil processors or cannons. Jewelcrafters, scribes, and alchemists provide minor equipment as well. Ship specification can be customized which varies the cost. To build your ship, you must first choose a basic size and design: frigate, sloop, pinnance, troll destroyer, high elven destroyed and the rarer sea elf living barge, turtle tower ship, and ice ship of the north. Then you may add or subtract from the number of sails, number of crow's nests, forward firing weapon (cannon, ballista, catapult, trebuchet), tackle (effects maneuverability) and armor. Each addition effects the cost, speed and battle-worthiness of the vessel. Ships take weeks to construct even with all the materials, but construction can begin for a fraction of the price, requiring the guild to continually pay the shipbuilders as construction continues. Once completed, the ship can be customized with furniture, paintings, rugs, and trophies that show guild achievements. A win lose record of the ship will also be displayed (see below). Rooms can be assigned to guild members so that they can customize them for themselves. Locks and keys (purchasable from the Auction House or crafted by your guild engineer) can be sold allowing trusted individuals access to your room. What can you do with your guild ship? Guild ships can dock at Stormwind, Darnassus, the Exodar, Theramore or Menthil for alliance guilds. Horde ships can dock at the Orgrimmar docks, Lordaeron docks (north of Brill on the graves of many murlocs), Raventusk village in the Hinterlands, or Shadowprey village in Desolace - now a much larger and well fortified structure. Neutral docks are available at Steamwheedle ports in Booty Bay, Ratchet, and Thousand Needles. There are only three spaces per dock, so a bidding system is used selling a spot on a weekly basis. 1. Docking services Once docked, anyone can come aboard your ship - though locks are available to keep some rooms off limits to the public. Ships provide a number of services that can make money for the guild including: - Guild banks can be turned into vendors. Guild members with the appropriate rank can put asking prices next to any item in their guild bank so that non-guild members can purchase them. Unlike the Auction House, there is no "cut" and no time limit. Additionally, the price does not need to be set for each item, only each item type. So if a guild charges 20 gold for a stack of copper, that price will automatically apply every time copper ore is deposited into the ship vault. - Guild crafting services can be sold via a guild vendor. Players in the guild who are active (have played in the last week) - can sell their services on their boat at a price determined by the guild leader and advertised on the boat. For example, a blacksmith character can craft a rare recipe for a player even if they are not logged in. The purchaser brings the materials, or purchases them from the guild vault, and pays the guild fee. Within an hour, whether the blacksmith logs in or not, the item will be created and mailed to the purchaser. The guild fee is deposited in the guild bank. - Guild events can take place on the boat, with guild officers having the ability to eject players (whether they be members or not) from the ship. - Crafting bonuses. Ships can come equipped with anvils, forges, looms, and other items that can give bonuses to guild members who craft on the ship. These bonuses increase the likelihood of skill ups from yellow and green creations. - Sea rules. Player ships are considered the property of the guilds themselves, meaning that Blizzard rules will not be enforced on them. Gambling and other sundry activities are legal on the seas. - Members' hearthstones may be set to their guild ships. 2. Guild Battles The new "Isle of Dread" battleground is only playable by guilds with custom ships. Guilds must queue for this with at least 5 members, at which time they will find themselves on their ship fighting against another guild's ship. Ship combat will be discussed later in more detail, but here are some highlights: - ship's must be steered by the captain and turn very slowly. Another player should adjust the sails to help turn or increase and decreases speed. Another must man any cannons/ballista/catapults to fire at enemies in your forward firing range. - damage to your enemy's ship will damage members onboard by a small amount, but a ship dealt enough damage will be dead in the water and cease to be able to move. If that happens, cannon firing is suspended and the ships will dock next to one another, allowing players to board on foot. The ship that incapacitates the other will receive a 25% damage increase buff however. - If ships close close to one another they will lock and be board one another, allowing players to cross the planks or swing across on ropes. - crow's nests extend firing range significantly, but there can only be one person per nest - flying mounts can be used to fly from your ship to land on your enemy's ship, but they are vulnerable to fire from crow's nests - if you die you will be raised in the hull of your ship - OBJECTIVE: capture the enemy's flag will result in a defeat and the victorious party will loot a small amount of gold from the enemy's vessel. 3. Siege Mode! Garrosh and Varian set their ships against a random port on a bi-weekly basis (one at noon and another at 8pm). Guilds with their own guild ship can accompany their commanders and engage in a large sea battle with the forces of the defense. After the ship battle is resolved, if the attackers are still afloat, they will siege the town from the ocean and send land forces to attack. Players will accompany the land forces while the ships launch attacks from the sea, damaging players, vendors and guards in the enemy town. Achievements and honor rewards are given for accomplishments in enemy towns. Guilds without their own vessels can board friendly guild ships if they are docked before the attack, or rent a low quality ship from Stormwind or Orgrimmar. 4. Raids Two new raid dungeons have been added that require guild ships to enter. One, Pursuit of the Defias has players start by dueling a defias ship off the coast of Westfall. Once captured, the defias armada chases the players off. At this point they will no longer control their ship, but will be busy fighting on the deck as pirates board and attack at their own pace. The players are given three 10-minute "pauses" that will suspend spawning mobs in case of a player disconnects or has to go afk. Other than that, the mobs will continue until the raid is complete. Non guild members can be recruited for these events of course, but 4 guild members must be in the group.
  15. The mod is finished, polished and released for play: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/maps-564/battle-tatooine-202229/#post1991106
  16. I put in, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" and got back, "no crown."
  17. I've been taking time off of Warcraft to finish up my Warcraft 3 mod of a Star Wars dog-fighting board game. It's Rebel vs. Empire, with a custom momentum based physics system, e.g. ships accelerate and bank slowly, lasers travel in a straight line over hills, lateral thrusters can make your ship slide at 90-degrees. I've made a youtube video showing some highlights. You should probably watch it on high definition. The map isn't entirely completed but it is functional. I'd like to add a segment at the beginning which allows you to use your hero in ground combat before getting in your starfighter, and gives certain hints. But when you make a map like this you work from the back forward. I'd like to test it with multiple people sometime, but single player also works (I hope). If anyone wants to give it a shot you can contact me on AIM and I can send it to you (you'll need a fully updated WC3 with Frozen Throne to play) or if I'm not busy I can hop on Battle.Net and try to host a game with you. My AIM is: darwinbeatgod Thanks all! Sowell edit: I forgot to mention that I'm on Australian time, so sorry if I don't get back to you right away
  18. <p>The Cult of Davore has ended. I'll post the final story relating what happened to Davore in a day or so. Thanks to all who participated!</p>

  19. The Conversion of “Jessup” Underhill Felix and Murgman Whitesmith rode alongside the carriage as it creaked down the cobbled street back toward Lordaeron from the mountains of Alterac. The winds whipped the autumn leaves from the trees and laid them triumphantly at the feet of their auburn thoroughbred steeds. It was their honor to escort the prisoner back to the Bishop’s dungeon in Lordaeron. This meant a promotion, to be sure, and if they succeeded in impressing the Bishop perhaps a position with the royal guard. Felix looked over at his brother. “What do you think they’re talking about in there?” Murgman ignored him, as was his habit. “I’m just saying, perhaps Underhill shouldn’t be left alone with him. You know how those holy men are. Might be more receptive than we think.” Murgman resisted the humor. Felix continued. “I mean, they say this man of the cloth abstains from all sins. Drink, gambling, women… Might be easy pickin’ for someone like Underhill, no? And it ain’t like he’s a handsome devil, or nothin’.” Murgman could take it no longer and the two of them laughed together. “I don’t know about all that. I mean, even Underhill has to say ‘no’ to something, no?” ******************* “What is the opposite of forgiveness?” Mr. Underhill looked through his steel visor at the prisoner who sat in chains on the other side of the carriage. The wheels outside kicked up pebbles and tossed them periodically at the barred door that kept them locked together and away from the other guards of the Bishop of Lordaeron who rode next to the carriage, their eyes peeled for signs of the cultists. Underhill shrugged his shoulders, an imperceptible motion in his armor. “I don’t know, hatred?” The prisoner’s face was covered by hair, stuck in the caked blood that was splattered about his battered face. He was missing teeth by now, and even his good eye was bruised and bloodshot. The Bishops guards had given him a thorough beating. “Hatred mobilizes aggression, moves one to commit acts of violence. Forgiveness does not mobilize anything.” Mr. Underhill leaned back on the bench inside the Bishop’s carriage. With the prisoner chained to the back of the carriage he had no choice but to sit opposite him, but he hated riding in the carriage backwards. His head began to hurt so he took his helmet off and placed it beside him. The Bishop ordered him to keep his dagger drawn at all times, but he couldn’t understand why. When the leader of this band of murderers was caught he surrendered without a fight. Underhill had been there only two days earlier, waiting in the snowy peaks of Alterac near Vulture’s Cave where the saint was supposed to be. The followers of this messianic prophet were as fanatical as anything Underhill had seen as a guard in the Bishop’s Army. When pages and acolytes talked about being devout they didn’t know what the word meant. When this man said to kill, they killed. Without question and without anger. Underhill remembered the testimony of a husband whose wife had been strangled on the saint’s whim. He had told the story with chilling detail. The saint limped into the inn at Highmill with one of his so-called “high priests”, a man named Murdoc Grim. He looked over the crowd who seemed surprised to see him. The innkeeper’s daughter approached and the saint gave the smallest of nods toward her. Without a word the priest grabbed her about the throat and bent her back over the banister, choking the life out of her. The innkeeper ran at them with an iron kettle but the saint’s apostles flooded into the inn and held him back. Her husband came running in from the fields when the villagers cried, “they’re killing Rebecca, they’re killing Rebecca!” The husband fought two of them off before he was wrestled to the ground. While he was being restrained that he looked his wife in the eyes, helpless. Her eyes went black he said. She mouthed something to him, but he couldn’t tell what it was. There was no remorse in the murderer’s eyes. It was like he was putting down a sick cat. He dropped her corpse on the ground and they walked out. The townspeople of Highmill gathered their arms to meet these murderous cultists, who had holed up in a carpenter’s home. They were looking for something. When they came out they had their weapons drawn and they overpowered the miners and farmers with ease. Their leader had a scroll of some kind. There was a limit to their fanaticism though. Underhill found that out himself. A day after the killings at Highmill, the Bishop’s guards captured a group of apostles under the command of Franklin Goodwin. Underhill interviewed Franklin himself; a particularly devout follower of the saint. He was a backwards fellow, who served in the peasant rebellion in Alterac. He wasn’t much of a fighter or very eloquent. He apparently met the saint when the holy man strung up Goodwin’s wife and burning her and the village chapel to the ground. Underhill never found out why any of that was done. Their fanaticism went far, but there were limits indeed. “What is the opposite of forgiveness?” the prisoner asked again, interrupting Underhill’s thoughts. Underhill rubbed his forehead. “What? What do you want?” The prisoner sat still, his hands shackled between his legs and locked to the bench he was sitting on. He looked at Underhill with a bloodied eye. “I don’t know, judgment,” he guessed. “Forgiveness is impossible without prior judgment. They fit together very well.” “Whatever,” Underhill shrugged and rubbed his forehead. His head hurt. “Why do you keep asking about forgiveness? Wouldn’t you rather know how we found you?” The carriage ran over a rock and bounced the prisoner up in the air. When he came down his head jerked forward and spittle of blood and saliva fell out of his mouth, splattering on the wooden floor. The saint looked at his captor with his bloodshot eye. His face was pained. “It would seem my apostles had looser lips than I had hoped.” Underhill pulled his feet back to avoid the puddle of blood and spit. “I was there. I watched them break.” There was a hint of sadism in his voice. “Would you like to know which of them betrayed you?” The prisoner lowered his head and tried to reach the frayed ends of his robe with his hands, but they were manacled to his seat. His left leg had been hobbled by the guards that morning, and his foot bounced about like a puppet’s. He laid his foot on its side and pushed his leg down to the floor, wiping up the mess he had made with the ends of his plain brown robe. Underhill leaned back in his seat. He had not felt good about taunting the prisoner. “They…well, there wasn’t a weak one in the bunch. They took more than I would for the Bishop.” The prisoner had succeeded in cleaning much of the floor. “What is the opposite of forgiveness?” Underhill seemed less annoyed by the question. “Is that why you keep asking? You’re deciding whether to forgive them or not?” The prisoner tried to wipe the hair and blood from his face on his shoulder. “Tell me about Leda.” Underhill fixed him with a stare, broke only by the carriage as it lurched over another rock. Underhill slipped from his seat and hit the floor. His dagger escaped his grasp and fell toward the ground, stabbing into the prisoner’s leg and then falling out again. Underhill could hear the laughter coming from outside the carriage. He knew the path to Lordaeron was smoother than this. He wondered for only a moment whether the Whitesmith brothers were lost, but the truth came to him quickly. “I’m sorry,” he said to the prisoner. “The other guards are… well.” He didn’t know how to finish the sentence. “They do not respect you,” the prisoner said. “No,” Underhill said faster than he would have thought. “No they do not.” “Who is Leda?” Underhill scrambled to pick up his knife and reached for a bandage to bind the prisoner’s wound, but none were available. “She was… how do you know her name?” The prisoner looked at his own leg. Blood was leaking out of it. The wound was superficial, but he had lost so much blood already that his skin was turning white, and his head seemed to sway more than it should. As if it were loosely attached to his neck. Underhill tried to keep the dagger in his hand while he reached into his boots for a strip of cloth to bandage the prisoner’s leg. He fumbled for a bit and finally simply jammed the dagger into the seat bench he sat on and used both his hands too pull out the dirty strips of linen. “The Bishop told you to never release that blade,” the prisoner said. “Well, if Azmarandar thinks you are so dangerous he should have taken you himself.” Underhill bound the prisoner’s leg tightly to stop the bleeding. As he cinched the bandage tightly he looked up and saw blood dribbling from the prisoner’s mouth. He pulled another bandage to soak it up. Then there was his left ear, partly ripped. Underhill bandaged it with a head wrap. His broken finger needed resetting, and the cut on his arm needed proper bandaging. He was not certain why he was doing it, but Underhill worked on the prisoner, cleaning his wounds as best he could with his dirty bandages. Resetting bones and mending wounds. While he did it the prisoner said nothing. It was not until Underhill had completed the task and leaned back, oddly proud of his service to his enemy, that the prisoner spoke to him again. “You should ask me what you want to ask me. When we reach the end of our road, I will be taken to the Bishop’s dungeon, and I will be made less than I am now. You will return to your barracks, with those who torment you. This time we have together, is best put to better use.” Underhill looked at the prisoner, the name Leda still ringing in his ear. “You were an acolyte in the Church of Lordaeron, they say. You travelled with the Bishop. Can you hear my confession? Can you grant me forgiveness?” “Finally,” the prisoner said, “we have come to it then.” The carriage took another lurch as the Whitesmith brothers guided it off the cobbled road and over a rounded rock. Underhill slipped off his bench and feel to his knees. He put his head against the prisoner’s knee. “Will you forgive me?” “You must put it in the air.” “I hate them so much,” he said between grit teeth. “Their inane juvenile games, their petty teasing and mockery. I put my head to my pillow every night thinking of them dead, and when I awake it’s the first thought that greets me in the morning.” Once he had started he found the words flowed like wine. “I swear before the holy light, that I can taste my hatred for them. I can actually taste it. It’s a metallic bitter almond flavor. It coats every meal, it infuses every sip of water. I’ve hated them for so long that I don’t remember what it is like to hate anyone else. I think of people who have done me wrong, women who showed cruelty, my father on his most capricious day, but it’s nothing but vanilla to me now. I hate no one but them. I hate them the way a baby loves its mother. I hate them the way an elf fears death. I hate them so hard I feel exhausted by it.” Underhill had grabbed the prisoner’s ankles and was squeezing them tightly. “I want your forgiveness. I need you to forgive me for this hatred of my brothers, my comrades. I heard your people talk of your powers, to cure men’s minds, to ease their pain. Please help me, teach me to forgive them, and forgive me for this hate that consumes my every waking hour. Burn it from my belly if you have to.” The prisoner spoke quickly. “Who is Leda?” Underhill relaxed his grip. “No one… a woman I courted briefly after training.” Underhill felt guilty the moment the words “no one” left his lips. “She was a good woman.” “And what happened?” “Nothing, the Whitesmith brothers…” Underhill looked at the prisoner with wide, frightened eyes. “You already know, don’t you?” “What did they say about you?” “They called me a sodomite and an elf-walker.” The prisoner nodded. “It isn’t what you think,” Underhill said. “We were all at the Leys School for Martial Training in the Lordaeron countryside. Two years away from our families with no girls in sight other than the portly nurse who was rounding fifty years old, and don’t think she couldn’t have had the pick of us if she had so desired! You can’t put a hundred teenagers in that situation, on the cusp of manhood, and expect gentlemanly behavior. And don’t think I was the only one, either, at night the whole barracks hummed with the sounds of boys being boys. I just made the mistake of being caught in the bushes with one a little older than myself. And the Whitesmiths never let go of it.” “And they told this to the young girl you sought after?” Underhill nodded. “That was the end of it.” “Every man is punished by his sins,” the prisoner said. “And so you were for yours.” “I just want it to be over. I want to let go of my hatred. I want to forgive them. I want you to forgive me for my hatred.” The prisoner looked at him. “Unlock my hands.” Underhill took the keys from his belt and unlocked the prisoner’s manacles. With a gentle motion the prisoner patted Underhill on the head. “You do not want me to forgive you. You want me to sanctify your cowardice. You want me to forgive what is no sin, and you want me to bless you for your weakness. I will do no such thing.” Underhill looked at his bloodshot eye. Tears began to leak from his own. “You were a sinner and you forsook what you knew was right for hedonistic pleasures that would, if they were widely practiced, threaten the existence of the human race. They were right to mock you for it, and you were right to suffer. But when you found the light again, and sought the heart of a young maiden, they committed a vile sin. A sin that calls out to you. It whispers to you while you try to sleep, and begs your attention every morn. It colors your eyes and infests your stomach. That sin must be brought to the light, or it will continue to consume your life. Hatred is no sin, Mr. Underhill!” The prisoner yanked the dagger out of the wood. “You are afraid of them, because of the pain they have caused you. But I tell you now that if you strike with righteous hatred in your heart, your enemies will fall. Go now. Kill them. And let them know why you do it.” *************************** And so it came to be that I, Jessup Underhill, killed the brothers Whitesmith and freed Saint Davore from the Bishop’s guards. We fled into the hills of Alterac where I penned the stories of Davore for future generations to know of his holiness and goodness. We spent only a few days together in the hills before he told me that he had to go free his apostles from the Bishop. As he walked away I finally had the courage to ask him what he knew I had wanted to ask since we first met. “My lord, please tell me, what is the opposite of forgiveness?” Saint Davore turned, his one leg still hobbled. His feeble body leaned on his walking stick, but his voice had strength. “Justice.”
  20. The humans make their daring escape from the stockades, through the sewer system. You cannot see the high elf guard chasing them, but it does explain this particular screenshot. Most of the apostles survived the fall. Meanwhile, the undead were raised in the crypt in Wittmer, only to find the apostle Eirene had suffered a much more torturous fate: Luckily, they have recovered some of their troll slaves, though one had to be whipped into shape. Another was rescued from the wicked Slavic, a human troll master that worked in the mountains south of Brill. He put up quite a fight, but was put down eventually.
  21. I'm writing the story to account for new players who show up a bit late. The undead have been dead for 15 years, so a little longer won't hurt them. The humans are escaping from the Stockades, and a group was separated during the swim through the sewer system. So we have an RP angle to insert players late in the game; and I imagine the leveling will be quite slow. Our second session is planned for a Sunday at 8pm (TN time), 6pm WrA time.
  22. The Cult of Davore is rolling in less than two days! This is your last chance to get in on the ground level of what should be a unique and engaging RP-PvP experience. We have sufficient recruits to give it a good run, but we could always use more. We roll on Wymrest Accord, at 6pm server time (which is 8pm Twisting Nether time). Alts only, level 1, human/undead (or troll slave). Check out the website for all the details.
  23. <p>Davore is pronounced Duh - vor, it should sound like "Darfur" but with a "v" sound instead of "rf". That isn't its origin though, I actually picked it from noted primatologist Irv DeVore, the first anthropologist to get his PhD without studying humans (he worked with baboons).</p>