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  1. I read it on the forums and really wanted to respond, but my account is down and apparently they won't let you post then. I'm very much excited about a possible RP-PvP server. I really hope they make one. If not, I suppose we could have an unofficial RP-PvP server...but it wouldn't be great of course. Hope you're doing well! Sowell
  2. Hey there Sowell,

    It's been a long time! I used to be Rahnzakh back in vanilla/tbc, orc hunter in the cartel. So glad to see you're still around in some form; I haven't checked this site in like a decade. Hope things are going well.

    As classic wow approaches I was thinking about that guild and how fun and unique it was. Some of my favorite WoW memories are from our cross faction events, selling arena chests and bareknuckle fights  back when I was a cringeworthy 14-year old lmao. I found one pic of those days on an old hard drive, in glorious 4:3. https://imgur.com/a/DhM6TVt

    Hope you're doing well. Any plans for Classic? I've been playing on and off on vanilla private servers for the last few years and had a blast with some of my roleplayer friends. If you haven't, you might give one a try for a nostalgia trip.


    P.S. Maybe you don't remember this, but you suggested I read Basic Economics back in the day, and I did. I didn't understand most of the nuance when I was in 8th grade, but maybe you'll be glad to learn you influenced a young, impressionable mind to become a fan of Sowell, lol.

    1. Ironskull



      So good to hear from you!  Thanks for the picture too.  I posted it on a discord with Castellano (orc rogue...did a lot of the tonk battles) and Thalarios (human mage; damn good at PvP).  Thal will be on classic with me; RP-PvP if they have it, if not PvP somewhere.  We're going alliance.  Castellano is resisting so far.

      We should hit up the same server!  It doesn't look like they'll have RP-PvP... so maybe the last alphabetically East Coast PvP  (e.g. if there's a "Z" server)?

      Email me sometime: darwinkilledgod@gmail.com  

      Name is Aaron.

      p.s. That's great about Sowell!  I love that guy.  I wish he had been President.  He's too good for us though.

  3. You guys were great, thanks for all the memories and such! Sowell/Dobzhansky
  4. Hello old friend!  I hope you're doing very well.

    I'm getting excited about Classic WoW and figured I'd stop by and see how things are going here.  I'll take a look around.

    How have you been?  I spent 8 years in Australia with terrible lag; eventually quit WoW.  Haven't played BFA or Legion.  


    1. Mortica


      Hey there!

      Things are going pretty well.  Twisting Nether is pretty quiet these days.  I heard today they will have RP servers in Classic, but they haven't said whether they will have RP-PVP servers yet.

      We were just talking about the "good old days" the other day and your name came up.

      Glad to hear you are doing well. :)

  5. I wish this guild idea worked...was fun.
  6. <p>Wow, I don't even remember that Catilyn! That sounds like something I would say though...</p>

  7. Main RP Toon: Sowell Spiritrock, Theodosius Dobzahnsky. Horde Or Alliance? - Neutral Guild: - The Cartel Enforcers (GM), Horde Resettlement Agency (Public Relations Weasel), Cult of Davore (GM, temporary reroll guild on WrA). Various other guilds on alts. What was your favorite RP event or storyline? - Bareknuckle boxing nights with the Cartel. Tonk-racing in Booty Bay. Trying to solve the Shadow mystery (Skafloc's horror show) by randomly beating people up in Arathi and hoping they would answer. Booty Bay boat tax night. Slave auctions for the Cult of Davore. Who is someone that you used to RP with and haven't heard from in a long time, that you miss the most? Oddly, Snauzberries and I had some really good casual on the fly RP in Booty Bay. Castellano and Thalarios were my go-to RPers in the Cartel as well. Share a screenshot from an RP you enjoyed: Charging tolls on the Booty Bay transoceanic liner. Tonk fight at the Booty Bay Extravaganza (in the hidden troll village) Old friends watching over our town.
  8. Well I signed it, but I'm a little nervous about the "Access: Promote universal access to fast and affordable networks." "Promoting" usually ends up being "controlling." "Promoting" healthy discourse means banning speech from people you disagree with. "Promoting" healthy foods means taxing ones you don't like, etc.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks for the quick responses! Spread it around if you can.
  10. One of my honors students is doing a project on why people blame the victim. If you're bored, he has a 10 minute survey up online and could really use more participants. I'll post the results and such when it's done...the idea is actually interesting: https://griffithisbr.us.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_es5BdCiF3ajtJsM Thanks guys, Sowell
  11. I'd recommend letting carriers attack and use spells or it might be very very boring for them. Also, no one can pretend to be a carrier and still be useful if the real carriers can't attack. Other than that I think it's a great idea. I'll make it if I can.
  12. <p>I cannot abide a communist! If the Grim wants you to talk to me you should see about getting access to the Politics forum here on the TNG. It had a lot of smart people in it having lively discussions. I'm afraid some of us might have ruined it. Every conversation involves Naz putting down some talking points he heard on MSNBC coupled with a few personal attacks, and then there's a page and half that I write explaining how he sucks and doesn't understand the virtues of liberty.</p>

  13. <p>The grim wants to see me discuss stuff with you. This either means they think we're very much on the same page, or very much not. *Shrug* You're not a communist are you?</p>