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  1. ((Can do...I typically always have the game running...gnn..addict))
  2. ((Oh and I've applied to Sanctuary.. >_> ))
  3. ((I believe that'd be the sort of thing Xander would just sort of... "eh heh... heh heh.. how very charming *tries not to keel over*"))
  4. ((Oooh sounds very interesting I shall check it out...thank you very much))
  5. ((Thank you very much, I enjoy him...but I don't get to play him. The Guild I joined on TN is very erm... well...not up to the advertisement. I hate to be a bother but might you have any suggestions on that front?))
  6. (Really cruddy I know but I'll get around to doing a new one soon enough)
  7. Full Name: Xander Sanguinus Nicknames: Krusnik (which he loathes and despises) Date of Birth: Oct. 31st Age: Apparent age is about 29 Race: Blood Elf Gender: Male Hair: Silver Skin: Pale, nearly white Eyes: Storm Gray Height: 6'4 Weight: 180 lbs Place of residence: None, roaming. Place of Birth: Unknown Known Relatives: None Religion/Philosophy: A highly spiritual sort, though he'll never speak of it. His philosophy is more or less 'harm none that have done no harm, or pay the price' Occupation: Mage Group/Guild affiliation: (Currently seeking a new guild, of some maturity and class) Guild Rank: Unknown Enemies: Humans, mostly. though he would be willing to give any a chance if need be... but he seems to find them filthy and soft minded most of the time. Likes: Reading, Writing, Bathing, and testing new skills Favorite Foods: Muffins, Sandwiches, Fresh Bread, and Apples Favorite Drinks: Milk, Cool Water, and high quality wines. Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Silver, and Gold Weapons of Choice: Staff, Blade, or Ability Dislikes: People who are unclean, or those who are not open minded. Hobbies: Writing, Artwork, Studying Physical Features: Occasionally wears glasses, whether they be just for reading or decoration is unknown. Special Abilities: Enjoys conjuring food and water for those around him...also very in tune with the elements and is learning more every day...may have a fire fetish. Positive Personality Traits: Polite, Kind, Generally sweet tempered... blushes a lot and has a tendency to gnaw on his lower lip when nervous. Negative Personality Traits: When angered, he can become cruel, uncaring, blood-thirsty and just all around unpleasant. Misc. Quirks: Is rather clumsy sometimes I'm afraid. Played by What Famous Person: Umm... Theme Songs: "O Verona" History: Little is known about his history... he just seemed to suddenly be there... all grown up and wishing to be useful to Blood Elves' way of life. Some may have surmised his history but it is wholly uncertain. The name 'Krusnik' (Not a Trinity Blood reference as that is spelled CRUSNIK) is derived from Slavic lore to describe fallen angels which thirst for blood. He seems to despise this title but is without the will to escape it, as the elders tagged him with it early on. Xander Sanguinus is a name he pulled from memory, though it seems to be one of the only things he can recall.