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  2. Wow, I'm really sorry if I offended someone or 'something' on the WoW realm forums as it wasn't my intention at all. But basically like Sanrin said a few pages back, this place is kinda like the death and taxes for role play and it really doesn't feel comfortable to even consider jumping into even though I enjoy browsing it and reading/viewing all the creative work here. I am sorry Xaraphyne if I gave you the wrong impression, I figured you were responding to me some how but truly if I wanted to be noticed or integrated I would make the effort but it really looks like a lot more work then just that, therefor I am not really interested and I'm certainly not crying about it. I just want some of the new people who come to this server not to roll blood elves. I mean, if I had saw this website before I got Fushsia to level 30 I would have went tauren female warrior just because of the amazing horde RP presence here. Looking at this place makes alliance RP seem dead, but if you log on alliance side and try it out you know that's not true at all
  3. Fushsia caught Snauz' as he was leaving the Iron Forge. "Did you get my letter?" "Yes and ye need not be sending anymore bothersome letters, Samson is FINE." "Alright alright, well maybe it's your pet monkey." "NO MY PETS TO NOT HAVE THE VIRUS" "I didn't think so, but we should vaccinate them and hide them from people who might hurt them because they believe they do." "MY SAMSON DOES NOT GAVE THE VIRUS" And with that Snauz ignored Fushsia completey. Fine then don't let me help you Fushsia thought. Hopefully Samson's pelt wouldn't be the latest accessory for this winters line of clothing.
  4. Fushsia laughed hysterically at the thought of a lovable pet like Samson carrying a deadly voodoo virus. It wasn't even remotely possible! Samson is so cute! "I will have to find Snauzibear and see this for myself. If he gives me the voodoo virus I will punch him REALLY hard."
  5. I'm mostly a lurker here, but I have to complement these avatars. I love them! I would like to commission one of the creators to make me one. The challenge (if you could call it one!) would be turning a photograph or two into my draenei. Please PM me if you wish to take up my offer of a reasonable amount of gold, perhaps some crafting, or maybe an in game job or two for some photo shop work. -Fushi
  6. (( I was disappointed Leoren wasn't there too. I think we will be back for a reenactment as she did drop 60-70g >.> ))
  7. ((only a short story, and my first ever at that. Comments/suggestions welcome as well as IC responses-thanks)) The bloodnight watches the draenei warrioress slug back ale, slouched in her chair with her feet on the bar table. He is disgusted that her feet are still encased in dirty steel boots. She has a shit face grin ear to ear. Her eyes glow brightly blue. The bloodnight turns to the mediator with a grimace "so...I'm guessing this isn't one of those cross faction dating agencies because surely she would have better dressed..." The translator, a fellow blood elf shrugs off the jest, staring silently at the wet heavy sack slung over the back of the warriors chair. The bloodnight groans and in a very loud over pronounced manner addresses the warrior "SO-I-HAVEN'T-SEEN-YOU-AROUND-HERE-BEFORE-WHA" untill he is cut off with a wave of her hand. In a single motion, as if she practiced the moment the draenei spills the contents of the sack onto the bar table. A red stain runs across the table and onto the floor. With a smile, and an audible chuckle the draenei props the head of Lady Liadrin upright and mashes the dead paladins jaw together as it was a puppet. Clearly not a professional ventriloquist as she is only making mocking grunts and gargles with the paladin puppet head-much like a person with head sickness would sound-quite retarded. She then says something in draenei that the bloodknight cannot understand. He turns to the translator with no blood in his face. His words almost dead in his throat he manages "wha-what dddoes she say?" The translator does his job with a cool confidence "She says: I bequeath upon thy face a fucking. Or something, anyways, that's the gist of it I think. Oh and she also said something about your order of knights being false." The bloodknight watches as the elf accepts a coin purse as well as dodge a drunken ass-grab from the draenei. In shock the only ordered thought that comes to the bloodknights mind is that he really wished the meeting had been a cross faction dating arrangement, even though he could never take this one home to his mother.
  8. (( beautiful! Grats that is a mighty accomplishment.))