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  1. I'm in trouble. Help.

  2. Please come back.

  3. I'm angry. I wish you were here to talk me out of it. 

  4. :x sad tonight. Miss you. 

  5. I miss you. I don't know what to do now to be happy. I want to go with you. 

  6. Please come back.7IO4dhX.png

  7. I still miss you. Forever. 

  8. I'm really digging the tradtitional tattoo flash vibe.
  9. Yo chick! It's been a hot minute! Also, nice pic. Cess would totes come up with a way to glamorize her ear nubbins.
  10. Bright. White. That was the problem living in an arid waste of snow, it was blinding when the sun was at it’s peak. Drinn groaned. Her lips curled into a natural sneer as she cursed the light that cut rays through fur coverings of a single window. She rolled over and tucked in, her face hidden in the curve of a neck. The sleep that addled her senses slowly began to wash away as she inhaled. Soap, and the scent of the familiar. Nathaniel. Her sneer slowly turned into a hidden smile and toes curled. Small, fury lumps began squirming, sensing that one of them was close to being awake. She wiggled her toes again, intentionally catching fur between them before sitting up. Drinn’s eye narrowed, squinting against the light that had woken her. Nathaniel’s part of the Grim compound was set apart and more a hovel than a garrison. He had proven himself worthy of better living arrangements when he had become the Executioner. She didn’t understand why he hadn’t taken the upgrade. He was more liked than he assumed. It was true, the others didn’t have a clue what he was like, what he was really like. They would have liked more. She did. Carefully she snaked her way out of his arms and slid off the bed, not bothering to dress as she padded across the worn wooden floor. The fingers at her side wiggled and Linna lifted her head and slinked off the bed as carefully as the Elf. Drinn had taught her pup the subtleties of Silent Speak and responded well to the simple gestures. Castor, the more boisterous of the two, bounded off the bed after his sister. She had to turn her head when she cracked the door to shield her eyes as the pups tumbled out into the snow. She did like him. Maybe that’s why she came back. Her lips twitched at the corner lifting into a lopsided smile as she looked to the bed. Nathaniel was still sleeping. His forelock fallen over one eye. His body still folded as if he were tucked around something. Drinn had taken care not to wake him when she got out of bed but now she found herself nearly prancing before bounding onto back into bedding like one of their pets, rolling the male to his back. Nathaniel blinked, his lips parting in confusion. She grinned as she loomed down at him, waggling a plush dog she had found tucked near the pillows in his face and making little ‘arf’ noises at him. He was why she came back.
  11. So when is it proper for one to beg for one of their own?
  12. Nicely done! There's a lot of depth in the eyes.
  13. I appreciate the seasonal rogue armor.
  14. Ooooh! I am filled with glee and excitement! Drawing stick figures is super fun.