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  1. Nadea looked around the room carefully. She could have sworn she heard something...a familiar sound, but what was it? Although this room was only a temporary roof over her head, she had all of her belongings on hand. Even those that one would no longer call useful, and it definitely came from that corner of the room. “Biztik, come here!” she barked at the imp, who bounced over, already with wine in hand for the Baroness. He carefully handed over the goblet of wine and awaited his next order. “I heard something over there. Go through my chest and find out what it is. We must make sure there are no spies about,” Nadea said to the imp as she sipped from the drink handed to her. “We've done so well for so long, though the winds of change are among us, I feel it.” Ever since the incident years ago, Nadea hopped from location to location frequently, only existing to serve her Queen. Only recently had she finally given in and gone back to the Royal Apothecary Society, which was dangerous enough in itself; but she trusted her Dark Lady. Afterall, Nadea was one of her few Elite. So many evenings had she thought about the events that occurred years past. The great escape from the guild hall after the Warlord ordered for her execution, Life was rough for a while- hiding from the members of Infection and withholding information even from her own. The Shadow had tried to find her more than once but failed. Nadea's heart ached every time she thought of her most loyal Forsaken disciple, hoping she had managed to keep herself out of trouble. Biztik shuffled through the trunk across the room. After a moment, he gasped, immediately recognizing where the noise was coming from. He pulled out a small glowing stone. There were no spies about; that noise was coming from the Warlord himself. Amazed that she had kept the communication stone from her former fold, he quickly crossed the room and threw the stone at his Master. Nadea sighed at the object her minion had found. She had forgotten all about the stone and was shocked it still even worked. She would not respond to it, however. “The hour of the Forsaken has once again risen. They'll find me there, there's no doubt,” she said to the imp, her eyes glowing with the fel energy that was more ingrained in her soul than ever. “The Warlord will pay for his aggressions.” But what of the others? Surely the ranks of the fold would soon fill up once more, there to serve their Queen in her time of need. Nadea clenched her fist and slammed it on the table next to her. This was not the time to fight with the others. Like it or not, they needed her. Not many Forsaken were closer to Lady Sylvanas than the Dark Baroness herself. She would have to deal with the Warlord on her own time. “For the Dark Lady. For Honor.. For Infection,” she muttered the words under her breath as she dug through her belongings for her tabbard. Now all that was left was to pack up once more...and see the fold- and the Warlord- when they all got to their destination.
  2. I was browsing through the forums and had to stop to watch this. So great. So many memories.
  3. <p>Ohai again. :3</p>

  4. Nadea


    ((You just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaittttttttt *cackles*))
  5. Oh my god. That make me nearly choke on my pizza. Thats SO great.
  6. Thats EXACTLY what I did when I did that quest... threw on a little Katamari on the Rocks and started rolling... I was dying, it was AMAAAAAAAAZING.
  7. This is really sweet of you. This girl is amazing, and it makes me happy to see her getting through this and being so strong. I've known Grainia for years now so I've watched PG grow up through her. I'm no artist, so unfortunately I cannot contribute to this, but I thought I would throw in the word at how absolutely wonderful and strong this little girl is. I think what you're doing for her Zephyr, is amazing, and I KNOW she'll appreciate it wholeheartedly. Also, everyone's drawings look great!
  8. YOU NEVER CALL, YOU NEVER WRITE, AND YOU JUST SHOW UP OUT OF NOWHERE EXPECTING US TO HELP YOU!? ....hai, long time no see Yeah, may need to completely reinstall, unfortunately. But you should probably do this when your net is up, and then probably start playing on TN and all of that. Just sayin'
  9. Nadea is evil. A bit crazy, a bit old, but defintley evil. She's a warlock driven by demonic power, you know how it goes! Most of Infection plays evil, save for a few folks here and there. I mean, we DO work for Sylvanas herself, gotta do what's best for the Forsaken. Silly lesser races! come Cataclysm you'll see more of Infection's presence in the world, and likely closer to the end of the expansion. I personally haven't been playing much lately, though I do know some of the guild members have been around more often- if you're looking for evil RPers, or evil ideas, I do suggest speaking with some of our members. You're welcome to join our OOC channel as well, if you just want to chat. A lot of people are off playing alts and not on their Infection toons, but you'll find them there
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/MTG-UNLIMITED-P9-POWER-NINE-SET-NM-MINT-BLACK-LOTUS-MOX-/260637442032?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3caf33bff0 Anyone got some money?
  11. <p>Happy birthday.</p>