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  1. I necro the hell out of this post every year or three. Deal with it.

  3. *quietly necros the hell out of this then returns to the shadows of obscurity*
  4. Sept. 25th, release date for MoP, digital upgrade now available at $39.99 regular, or $59.99 for digital deluxe. Just log onto your account, and there’s a biiig button when you go into your WoW account, and you can upgrade your license to be ready to play on Sept. 25th.
  5. The grief I received was both IC and OOC. I was told that I was just after ERP because my character was pink with pointy ears. It was implied that my RP obviously had no depth because of my character's race and personality. My character couldn't go anywhere without bad things being spewed at him ICly, and OOC was little better. The 'old Horde' mentality had a lot of strong OOC backing and it left a foul taste in my mouth. I'd been told all of these things in whispers and to my 'face' in vent. When all of your public, spontaneous, random RP turns into the exact same conversation repeated over
  6. I was bored on TN. I left TN. I'm happier now, and still playing the game. So learn from why I'm gone, and maybe you can retain or get new folks. Thoughts specific to TN: I don't think that changing TN's tag will magically fix anything. At the core of the problem is that Nirvana realms do exist, and people know that they can just go to Wyrmrest Accord or Moon Guard and be inundated with Rpers and RP. Another problem is that to some people, such as myself, the RP itself is more important than the tag. It is up to the community - you guys - to make things work. To be friendly, open, welcoming
  7. *zombie hands at Raynell....* Hi Cessily~ <3 HI EVERYONE WHO MIGHT MAYBE MISS ME <3
  8. Recently finished art. Wheeee.
  9. If you use Total RP 2 and a unit frames mod such as XPerl, you may have noticed that you're not able to view your target's states nor have the 'view profile' info button. To fix this in Xperl, /trp2 show to bring up the TRP2 menu. Click the blue screwdriver button that says 'settings' when you mouse over it. Click on the yellow-gold colored button that says 'Button Settings' when you mouse over it. You will see two text fields that say 'TargetFrame'. If you use XPerl, update these to XPerl_Target. You will need to adjust the X,Y properties of the button with the associated sliders. If you
  10. That Pandaman's pixelcount is too high for this ride! OUTSIDER!!!
  11. I WANT TO CUDDLE THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE PANDAS. Excited for Pandas and pretty much everything they previewed. Sign me up, I want to RP in that gorgeous land.
  12. Akula looks demented in your chibi drawings.
  13. Thanks guys. :3 Also, half the time with furries, the proportions are either a guessing game, or laid down by the commissioner. xx