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    Hmm i must say the IFR is on the top of my list for being on this server seasons 10-70 all belong to them. Tavinox brought me here and i got to meet Morgenstern so theres a plus... as soon as i can tolerate Kareokee vent session Tirisfallen for giving me a home. Haldren for the l33t pally advice. Leithlen for being such a massive kill whore and getting me addicted to the world defense channel Aftner for giving the best wow quote i've heard yet "Haldren... I brought Horde..." On vent i couldn't stop laughing for 5 minutes. The honor guard for the oddest RP's and dungeons runs to get the fun times and experiences of the game. And of course the Horde whose actions allow me to condone my own If i'm forgettin' anything lemme know its early and i got class