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  1. Rigid talons traced carved figures in the stone. Memories of an age long passed... or perhaps not? Who was to say how the winds of time had worn upon the stone while grevious injury slept away millenia. Sacrifice, for the cause. Had it succeeded? The stroke was clean and true, but the fallout was brutal and all-encompassing. None escaped it, but maybe one. This one. A trace reminder of a time long passed. Whispers of the Forgotten Watch, of a sanctuary long hidden from the world, shattered by nothing more than time. A symbol with no meaning. Memories of brotherhood; mere threads left of a tapestry once woven so intricately that only the seamstress new its weave and way. Forgotten. How quaint. "Back into the shadows again.", spoke the figure. Indeed, from the shadows he came, and belonged, and to them, he would return. The work was never done, with ancient allies or no. Perhaps they would be found. Perhaps a few had survived. Too true was it that their numbers were always 'few', but perhaps... just perhaps. Maybe it was time again to revel in 'life', as it were, or rather, to revel in the form his oaths had made him. Strange it was to see so many in similar skins, rotting at the joints, and further, to the depths of their mind. Mindless zombies mocking his craft. They were but cattle, milling about with aimless purpose but for their master. He had seen it before. But to whom do these slaves walk for? Why do they stumble in mockery of life? They have had no purpose like he, nor his brethren. Their minds were not sharp, their skills perfected, like his and his kind. Far more ancient was the Watch. Far and beyond ancient; watchers of time before there was concept of time. But no more. Tossing the stone aside, the figure rose. A peculiar thump to the ground, and a groan from fetid lips, brought a creature from sight. Kraask was a bulky beast. He once could swim the earth, muchlike his natural kind swam the seas, but it was no longer. Kraask was old now. Slow perhaps, but atleast it would keep him off his feet. (( Please leave comments. I'm a soldier all the way from Iraq, and since I cannot play, it is certainly nice to hear comments from like-minded gamers... critique, or suggest. I am still forming the background and persona of Aleryn. ))