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  1. SILVERMOON, Quel'Thalas -- It seems that high status can't buy class. Sources indicate that last night (7-1-26) around 11:OOPM, Goblin Standard Time, Lord Vicailde Bloodstone and his wife, one Lady Ninorra Gitana-Bloodstone, were seen copulating in public. While this sort of thing is farely common amongst the lower caste, it is rarely seen with high ranking Sin'dorei nobles. "It's just disgusting," says Baroness DeAragon, one of whom witnessed the act. "I was minding my own business, taking a brisque walk with my dog Cocoa, when all of a sudden I heard a flurry of indicent words! As if I were in a common brothel. Lord Bloodstone already has a rather shady history, he needn't add more things to the list." Other witnesses were simply stunned. Many of them did not realize that he had actually remarried. "He was always so dark and mysterious.." says miss Fallia SeFavia. "To see him lower his standards with such a common girl is preposterous. We all know she's only doing it for the money and the notoriety. She's pathetic. And did you see her hair?" Lord Bloodstone, who's age is estimated to be at least 250 years, was betrothed in his younger years to one Niam Moonstrike. He instead decided to elope with a young woman named Sophie. A tragedy soon happened afterwards; bandits killed his young bride and scarred Bloodstone. Not long after, he wed Niam Moonstrike. The couple remained childless until her untimely death at the hands of the Scourge. Bloodstone's marriage to miss Ninorra Gitana happened more recently. Apparently a Sin'Dorei of notable youth, she is apprently less than nineteen years old. Her mother, a reputable scientist by the name of Seppa Gitana, never married. Her father is unknown, however it is common knowledge that she was raised by Lord Virgos DiSantos until approximately one year ago, when Lord DiSantos was found dead in his bedroom. His death is still being investigated. Time will only tell if this act will have an ill impact on Lord Bloodstone's current cruisade to end the gap between Sin'dorei nobility and commoners. One thing is for certain however; the current ruling houses want little to nothing to do with Lord Bloodstone and his ideals, for more reasons than simply his marital relations.