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  1. Check, Check, Check. I may come back, may not. I really enjoyed my time spent... Sol, come WotLK, I will be 18... And Dio, Lupen spoke to you once... Briefly. So, nothing noteworthy, but still!
  2. The most elementary of questions: "Why?" Existential in nature. World of Warcraft ceased being fun. I love The Grim, I love the TN and the TNG, I love all the players and the interactions. Is it worth paying 15 clams a month for a product I don't even use? No. I may or may not return in game come WotLK. I do, however, plan to remain around here and there, posting stories to complete the circle of Lupen's story. ... That, and Abric needs someone to cry "noob!" at.
  3. Right then! Alright Twisting Nether, I'll keep this sweet: I'm done with World of Warcraft, but not the RP Community. I'll write, I'll keep in touch, yadda yadda. Feel free to message me if you see fit through the TNG. -Lupen/Trevor
  4. Lupen


    I missed that the first time around, I lawled hard come this revelation.
  5. ((Damn sorry I missed it. Looks like a hell of a time, mates.))
  6. No, I've been there, I've done that. If it wasn't for TN, I wouldn't be playing at all.
  7. Yes, I am. Heh, I can deal. Yeah, that's in a bit of bad taste, but at least it's an idea. P.S. Penumbra is pretty awesome, IMO.
  8. Ignore the trolls, and have a damn good read. I post next to nothing of my work (On The Grim site, on the TNG, on the TN Forums) for two good reasons: a) They're crap and b) Most don't even pertain to WoW.
  9. Grim like, I'm fond of that. ... On that note, it should be named after our Canadian Sect, "Le Grimme."
  10. Haven't gotten any tickets for '08 yet, I'll have to wait and see.
  11. Lupen

    DING 70

    I think Hellista and Lupen only spoke once, and that was a brief game of chess. I demand the ArrPeez!
  12. Daly has good taste in music. True story.