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  1. <p>You're BACK!?</p>


    <p>< SWERTO</p>

  2. <p>OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG YOU SHOWED YOUR FASE!!!!!111111 I somehow missed this!</p>

    <p>You so pretty...you look like some actress but right now I'm too stupid to remember who <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad.png" alt=":(" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/sad@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

  3. Bir, you may write in here Write anything you like. I will not read it.
  4. I like the song. Your stamp still takes away from the piece to me, again, not "kiyo" Not to be a jerk but some people like irony with their art. I kinda.. don't.
  5. I have so much more to post but I need a scanner, mom. I'll call you tonight. (If anyone else wants to call me PM me and I can give you the number) Also, not needed-- But be nice to Pyrana. Be as nice to Pyrana as you can. And if you see Errigal online he is trying to get his argent tabard.
  6. Eladis


    Update: Bir will not be seen anywhere without Eladis. Meaning, if you find Bir in the world he's on the run! And if you're RPing with Eladis, Bir is in stealth nearby.
  7. I LOVE IT. Skafloc can I make my hunter your IC long lost Baroness sister?
  8. <p>/steeples fingers</p>

    <p>"Excellent, now you shall love me more..."</p>

    <p>/creates bacon casserole</p>

  9. Vista remembers that I have posted here. Vista is stupid. Vista is bugged.
  10. Sometimes a child's mind is a scary thing. Sometimes they burn things. Sometimes they do terrible things. Anyone is capable of terrible things.
  11. <p>I always knew you were a woman.</p>

    <p>Even before you spoke in vent.</p>

    <p>I read your words.</p>

    <p>...You know what?</p>

    <p>You're not afraid of anything.</p>

    <p>I love that.</p>

  12. With that, Eladis put his hands over Bir's eyes and lead him away. Bir struggled in his grip and wriggled, he wanted to see. He kicked and screamed and he kept on doing it; he wanted to see! He wanted to see so badly he grabbed Eladis' arms and then; an uncontrolled bout of magic, a large fire; an immolate, burst up his arms. Eladis did not cringe. Rather, he let one of Bir's arms go, then he went up and covered one of his ears. Bir did not like this so he let his immolate explode into a conflagration on the paladin's arms.
  13. Eladis brought both of his eyebrows up at that. He had been busy staring at A'dal. Every day he brought Bir to A'dal but Bir never really looked at the naaru. He would, for but a moment, then he would look away. Sometimes it wasn't very important to understand everything. But then, Bir screamed. He screamed and he cried but this time he didn't put his face in his hands. He was screaming and crying at that-- Scarlet? Why would such a little elf scream at a Scarlet? ..Prejudice, perhaps. Eladis did not question the elf, but instead, he walked as quietly as he could. He went up behind the little screaming-- rogue? Warlock? Who knew. He unintentionally shuddered on his words. "Bu-- Tr-- Co-- what's wrong..?"
  14. Eladis looked up, squinting at A'dal. He was never very sure about the Naaru, but he put all his faith into the government anyways. A'dal was nothing like the Naaru they enslaved. This was very interesting to him so he kept on staring at it.