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  1. We stood on that rock in Terrokar for hours, although it felt like only a few moments. His theory seemed outlandish, as if he were grasping at straws, but as I told him, I've heard stranger. I'm not as ignorant on the workings of time and space as he seems to think, but then, he's always talked down to me slightly. For now I see no reason to correct him. I've written to Imalar for more information about the disappearance. I admit to pausing over the formalities of the letter, but I don't think I've included anything that could inadvertantly offend the Tauren. Or left out, for that matter. Maithanet's demeanor towards me has changed. I'm not sure if I am relieved or disappointed. Or both.
  2. <p>Why hello there. <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p>

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  4. <p>do want.</p>

  5. <p>The full pic was pretty boob-a-rific, although there are some hotter ones out there. </p>


  6. <p>Really? There's some better pics out there. >.></p>

    <p>At least.. that I've uhmm.. stumbled upon. Yeah, accidentally....</p>

  7. I didn't ever run out of mana, even though I was casting constantly. I only died once, near the end, so that made me pretty happy, too. I love my healy pally in group PvP situations.
  8. This was a lot of fun, although the lag made healing effectively damn near impossible. *shakes fist*
  9. <p>She's so hot. Although I like the pic my sig came from, more.</p>

  10. <p>You used Katherine as your avatar? omg :3</p>

  11. I had almost forgotten what it looked like, but there, in their city, I remembered. The trees and groundcover free from the taint pervasive in the Ghostlands. The scent of the pine needles. I've thought about that time in the Caverns every day since, but not more than last night. If I ever get the chance, I will take it. Consequences be damned. I offered to help him less than a day after I gave up on her. There's nothing I can do for Saturna, not now. I can't force her to give up the bloodthistle. I can't force her to accept help. She's too weak. Maithenet's problem is real, tangible. I can help. But with her, no. I flinched when she spat the words at me. I do not want to remain ignorant, but I've done all I could. I will still carve it in stone for her. I hope Lord Visca can help her. If he doesn't, I meant every word I said.
  12. Saturna. In a way I'm surprised by the affection and concern I feel for her, almost as if my one-time companion were related by blood and not mere happenstance. She uses. She's suicidal. I want to help her but I don't know how. I want to do something, anything. I feel weak and powerless, but I can't help her if she won't let me. I shouldn't care. If she's an addict, she's weak. If she's suicidal, she's weak. If she resists help, she's weak. I shouldn't waste my time on the weak. I shouldn't.
  13. He was condescending and rude. I would have expected better from someone of his position, but not from someone in his group. I bit my tongue as best I could. Some skill? Although far from perfect, I have more than some skill, Baron. I shouldn't let it bother me. I was there for practice, not pleasure. At least I won't have to see him for another week.
  14. How long has it been since I've written? I fill my days with the fight against the alliance, rarely concerning myself with anything other than the battlegrounds. I've entered in the Goblin games from time to time, but more for practice than fun or sport. I don't have time for much of anything aside from bloodshed, I don't have any I would consider friends. I haven't spent any time with Saturna, once my near-constant companion, in months. Sometimes I wish I had family, that Qabian and I could become friends instead of mere relatives, a designation that means nothing to him. I would have loved to hear stories about my Aunt and Uncle, family members I never knew. That will never happen, and I don't try to pursue it. Blood is not enough to make someone family, it seems. I spent last night in Silvermoon, resting. I was lonely, desperate for some Sin'Dorei contact not on the battlefield. Malethia was there, although I did not recognize her at first. I can see why she isn't Grim. Sacrifices have to be made, and yes, some have to lose more than others. Necessary evil, yes. But necessary. I don't know who this woman is or why Qabian would care that she's with child, but I'm sure he had a good reason to act as he did. Perhaps it's his. In that case, it was probably a mercy for the child. She was wallowing in self-pity. But still, I tried to provide comfort, what little I could until that orc appeared. He goaded her on, upset her more until she was raving against the Grim. I would take up my mace against her, or anyone, who threatens us in a second if need be. I only regret that the sap came just as I was about to set her straight.
  15. You do, really, need us.