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  1. Jumping on the band wagon with Bar Rafaeli. Okay, I can't decide which one I like more: Or
  2. *raises hand, then snuggles bright yellow/orange pig of DOOM* Yeah, it's a little ridiculous with how many people have one, but what did you expect? It's a cool pet. Of -course- everyone and their mother will tame one. Also, I vote for that cat skin. It is my favorite in the game. If I were to pick up a cat, that would be it. It used to be that you could only get them in the NE starting area and Stonetalon mountains, but luckily for you they are now in the BM. How about this skin, if you feel like leveling a pet from 20? http://petopia.brashendeavors.net/html/skins/skin_tigerskindark.shtml Don't see too many of those around. Or go to Dun Morogh and get the non-ghost version: http://petopia.brashendeavors.net/html/skins/skin_tigerskinsnow.shtml
  3. Well, I had another job, running some troll through the Scarlet Monestary. She wanted to loot the armory. No big deal, but the pay was hardly more than the cost of arrows. I talked to my father about increasing my monthly allowance to no avail. In desperation I put up an ad in the Gazette classifieds. We'll see if I get any responses. Last night I had a bit of an incident. Ever since I joined up with the Aldor I've been trying to cut down on my mana-tapping. It's necessary for Sin'Dorei, yes, but it just feels kind of wrong to take mana from other creatures. Especially given the rumors I've heard about our Prince. On one hand it's no worse than using animals for meat and skins, but on the other... He's in league with Illidan! This method he taught us can't be the perfect solution to our problems since the Sunwell. There has to be some sort of catch. So I've been cutting down lately, and I can feel the mana addicition raising its ugly head. Last night it got so bad I snuck out of the dorms really quietly and left the city in search of a mana worm. I felt awful about it but I was getting the shakes something fierce. Well, I was walking and I noticed a wretched out of the corner of my eye. He was hunched over a pile of magical dust, hoarding it. And as soon as I saw this I don't know what came over me. It was like I couldn't even think anymore. I clocked him one and we tussled a bit and I ended up knocking him out. All I could think about was that dust. And then I grabbed some and inhaled it and- Well, I don't remember much of what happened after that, but I woke up this morning in the ruins of Silvermoon with Thistle pressing his snout in my face and an awful kink in my neck. I really have to be more careful from now on.
  4. ((Feel free to post any advertisments in this thread. )) LOOKING FOR WORK SMU student looking to use the following: Over 20 years archery experience Knowledge of biological systems Experience gathering samples for lab work Tracking Trapping Animal care and husbandry Note taking Please send all inquires to Xandrea Emberstorm, care of Silvermoon University.
  5. Icia killed me once. So mean! *sniffle* Granted it was when we were tar and feathering the Gnome king. But still!
  6. I seriously need to find a new way to earn cash. Like, seriously. So there was this ad I found in my mailbox. Some old troll wanted an escort from Sen'jin village to the Swamp of Sorrows. Easy peasy, right? Right. So I took him up on the offer. There were a few of us there, and more kept tagging along as the journey progressed. Overall it was simple, nothing big happened. Well, up until the old troll hit his head and got a case of amnesia. The problem was with my fellow escorters. I tried to engage them in conversation, but none of them were very friendly. Look, just because it's work doesn't mean it has to be borring. I was just trying to pass the time! I gave up trying to talk to any of them around the time we got to northern Stranglethorn. Even Broxigan was less talkative than when I met him in Silvermoon after the meeting of the RES. Not that I blame him. He looked like he had been through one of Coach Dewce's engineering lectures. Ugh. And then there was that other troll. Lupa, or something? She joined us in Darkshire. What a bitch. Just because she's old doesn't mean she's better at archery. I have been trained at the finest academies and with the finest private tutors. I don't need her telling me what to do. I know for a fact I can shoot my cross bow just as well, if not better, than her. And I'm damn sure Thistle can take that mangey mutt of hers any day. Telling me I'm wearing too much perfume. She's just jealous since she smells like rotted logs. That other troll, Dji-something didn't seem to like her much, either. The cute Blood Knight was friendly, if a bit distant. He wants me to give him a tour of the Silvermoon University campus. I'm really looking forward to that. Then there was Saturna. She was a little weird. Kept mutteriing some sort of strange prayer whenever she passed a dead body, but she wasn't a priest. I thought only the trolls were that superstitious. She mentioned that she's a waitress. I should look into that. It has to be an easier way to make money than traipsing around through the muck and the mire with a bunch of anti-social mercenaries. Also, that forest north of Stranglethorn? Seriously creepy. On a side note, tarring and feathering the Gnome-King was great fun. Go Dragonhawks!!
  7. *waves* It was nice meeting Alek and Pyrivalia last night.
  8. *joins Amoola in cheering* UTHGRA! UTHGRA! UTHGRA! GO DRAGONHAWKS!! (( Unfortunately I will most likely miss this. Awesome poster. Nicoleta you crack me up! ))
  9. Go DRAGONHAWKS!!!! (( I spent most of the fight dead. But I did get a few hits in before I was slaughtered. ))
  10. Xandrea


    Xandrea had a marriage proposition tonight, by way of hunter's pet.
  11. I just read what I wrote last. "My only fear is mediocrity"? Ugh. Okay, it's true, but that was way over the top dramatic. It's a good thing no one will ever read this. My mom's been sick. Nothing life-threatening, but serious enough that I've been away from the school for a couple weeks. I missed the whole gnome-proffessor fracas. Apparently Nicoleta was injured by some gnome assassin, and the demonstration ended abruptly thereafter. I'm really not sure how I feel about the prospect of having a gnome professor, not that it matters now. On one hand, gnomes are not welcome in Silvermoon. Aiding a member of the alliance can be considered treason. On the other hand, I want the best education I can get. Wouldn't having this gnome teach gnomish engineering be better than Coach Dewce? I mean... I haven't taken one of his classes but I've heard stories. Speaking of engineering, I've decided to pick up a part time job to suppliment my allowence. And no, I'm not crazy enough to try and learn engineering from Coach Dewce! Since I do so much field work with animals I think I should pick up skinning. It seems wasteful to leave the pelts behind when I can turn around and sell them for perfectly good gold. I guess some lessons from that lecture on goblin business practices really stuck. I keep hearing weird noises coming from Hellista's room. She seriously, seriously scares me sometimes.
  12. Amoola is just great. She's really nice and I'm happy I know her. She's a senior at the school and I aspire to be like her one day. She doesn't handle stress very well, though.
  13. Xandrea glanced at the sign and back down to the boar at her side. "I don't know, Thistle. On one hand, volunteering to be the test dummy for gnomish engineering devises does not seem like a prudent thing to do. On the other hand... it's extra credit." The boar grunted. "You're right. Extra-credit is extra-credit. I'm never going to graduate suma cum laude with out it." She signed her name on the sign-up sheet. "Hopefully I won't end up with any missing fingers."
  14. My biggest fear is mediocrity.