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  1. Warhammer lore is redonkulous Freaking Malus Darkblade series made it difficult for me to eat sloppy joes for a while, plus I learned how to sleep with my eyes open. But then I've always thought he was sort of gay for Hauclir so I got over any sort of reservations I had about the whole thing, because, srsly, that's kinda hot when I really think about it.
  2. LOL seriously? But yeah, that PARTICULAR one is me. There's a lot more Rule 63 Deadpools floating around than one would think
  3. Paokoroko-side of the Jaleesha/Paokoroko page:
  4. Lich yaoi bandwagon? Lich yaoi bandwagon. I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE
  5. SKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETCH THAT HATES ME. because broken female is flavour of the month
  6. AWWWWWWWWWW SNAP! Now my troll hunter has purpose in life besides trying to pick up hot chicks at the bars!
  7. I think the best part of this picture is how her tits are like 'FUCK YOU GRAVITY I DO WHAT I WANT' but with more class
  8. Lythas would be the guy who's in just about almost every club because his parents make him go, and doesn't really excel at anything despite studying every chance he gets. He'd keep to himself, although if anyone decided to randomly pick on him he'd explode. After that, he'd be known as 'that one quiet guy you don't want to piss off, what a creeper'. Paokoroko would be the fat religious chick who hums praise music in the hallway and promotes Promise Rings and tries to get people to join the Christian/religionofflavor Teenager Alliance club. She'd also boycott science class. Zacharius would be
  9. Finally got my Deadpool cosplay photos from Katsucon, lol ONE BAD ASS PIC ONE DAT ASS PIC I swear to god I'll have my belt finished next con *grumble grumble grumble*
  10. EXXXXXXXXXXXXXBAWWWWWWWKKKKKKZ GET wow I haven't posted my Steam ID yet? XBL name- h34vyb0mb Steam- Account Name: SniperBukkake, Nickname: Heavybomb Rhoadstar lol o wait I did, post hasn't been updated oh well
  11. I had way too much fun dicking around in Photoshop, trying to make a facsimilie of those low-budgeted, obviously photoshooped photo-op thingies you can take at the clubs around here I'll probably actually finish the original of this, but for now, have a fatty digital imposter:
  12. listen i was kinda drugged up when i drew that ok my pain meds make me do all sorts of weird shit when i'm on them
  13. Original: