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  1. I understand maggots for eating up festering flesh to make way for new ones, but leeches? All I do know about leeches is that their saliva is an anti-coagulant (great if you want to stop things like artherioschlerosis). What other use do they have?
  2. I'm afraid you mistaken 'indigenous' with 'medieval'. As far as I know, yes, tribes do kill each other, but NOT IN ALL AREAS OF THE GLOBE. And the leech part is mostly MIDDLE AGE EUROPEAN PRACTICE. The indigenous people tend to just go eat herbs of one kind or another or crush a few bugs or etc. They certainly do not understand WHY it works (heck, even we, with all our Scientific Methods, could scarcely understand what is going on. There's even one branch set up in my Polytechnic solely for the study of Chinese Medicine just so we can figure out why certain combinations even do anything!), but they do know that it works and that is more than enough. And look at their cooking and eating habits. And then there's that part about the hunter-gatherer lifestyle. There are no McDonald's in the tropical rainforest.
  3. And I'm going to take all your statistic and set them all on fire, cover my ears and sing "La la la" while you shoot your mouths off. And I'm putting on a blindfold too. And isolate us both in separate soundproof rooms just in case.
  4. Ah, but remember what government was running the place when it all goes to shit. Muslim civilizations hardly have that problem (except the bubonic plague. That one is global. Even China was hit that time, but not to the same extent as shithole medieval Europe).
  5. Indigenous people are untainted by religion (or rather, religion mixed with politics. Theocracy sucks, mkay?) and they do not go do stupid stuff like praying to God when they could be taking their medicine. Also, they usually learn early on that certain stuff work wonders on health without necessarily understanding the Science behind it (and the natural world is full of it. Proof that if God exists, he is a master planner who has everything planned out and insist that we use our heads to go find them instead of pleading to Him all the time). Also, they don't go around killing each other off for some silly reason like 'The other guy has a different skin color!' or 'The other guy believes in something I don't believe in!'. Hence why they do, in fact, live long enough to grow old and have grandchildren (and live long enough to see them grow well into adulthood).
  6. Ah, but once they start moving into, say, a medieval society, dying young is VERY NORMAL. Why? Poor hygiene, poor medical practices (because they pray to God or get leeches to suck them dry or bash their heads with really solid objects to cure themselves) and frequent wars work wonders in reducing population. You will be lucky to live long enough for cancer to set in, if your sodding neighbor didn't try to kill you and take your land (not that all your neighbors are such assholes) and your government haven't decided to pick you up and throw you into the meat grinder for one reason or another. And besides, dying at age 8 driving the mean down IS considered living not beyond age 40. If you can survive age 8, you are probably a badass then. Remember, in the past, the main causes of death is not your health. It's the other bastards doing you in.
  7. Though I honestly found it hard to relate to the Na'vi. Yes, I can relate to their problems, but to them as a race? In fact, I have an easier time emphasizing with District 9's Prawns, who, despite looking so alien, are very human-like in personality, behavior and actions.
  8. Why not try roleplaying Simo Hayha? Farmer boy in Finland given a rifle and told to go shoot a couple of Soviets in the Winter War, only for him to return with half his face gone but tons of kills under his belt and fear from the Soviet Union?
  9. I'm afraid that Irontoe is right. You use tangent to solve this question. Took me a while of digging through my old mathematics textbooks to fully recall that tan(angle) is equal to opposite over adjacent.
  10. I used to snark with another four people in a group presentation. It wasn't that bad, it depends if you have teammates who 'click' with you.
  11. If you are sick, stop coming into TNG and go get some sleep! And no farming honor! You need sleep or you are going to get worse! And that means delaying your honor-farming ways! Do you really want that delay?
  12. That's the one thing they DID RIGHT! Gear that needs rating! Now bring it over into battlegrounds too.