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  1. That right there is pure genious . Also... who is the Bandit?
  2. Bah, now I want cookies <grumbles>. On a different note... anyone know of any RP hubs in any of the Horde cities I could visit so I can awe the server with my pure awesomeness? (I don't have an ego, I swear!)
  3. What kind of cookies? If they're anything other than peanut butter chocolate chip, I swear I'm jumping ship to the Alliance .
  4. Yes, a Blood Elf Paladin... so much potential for RPing, I couldn't resist .
  5. Greetings everyone! I've finally been sucked back into WoW, and have decided to start life fresh and anew on Twisting Nether. That being said, I'm notoriously bad at meeting new people and getting into the social aspect of things, so I'm hoping that's where you all can help me out . I'm glad I happened upon these forums, as one thing I've been disappointed in from my experiences in WoW is the apparent lack of RPing... but hopefuly I can help remedy that. So, without any more delays, I throw myself at your mercy, and would appreciate any help or advice you can give. ... Why do I feel like I just sold my soul to Sargeras? <grins>