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  1. Redcap


    Redcap has been reborn as a Death Knight. ((more coming soon))
  2. I moved two here from Kel'thuzad. I can't help you with the Alliance but to quote a very funny man "I look forward to killing you soon"
  3. She handed me back my tabbard and called me Knight. She never calls any of us Knights
  4. The People who hate on Blood Elves
  5. Redcap

    Patch 2.3

    Anyone know a good alternate spot to dl this thing?
  6. Redcap


    The words rang in the air, it was sharp and brittle, the smallest hammer blow could have shattered it. "You are all demoted to Minions and you may not wear your cloaks" Mahakali's soul shattered with these words. She removed her tabbard and after speaking to a few people around her she flew back to Shattrath. "No more will my loyalty or my devotion be questioned!" She folds up a peice of parchment and places it in the black and red tabbard. She pats it one time and hands it to the Gnomish mailthing. She whistles for Sin'Zaram and rode into the sun
  7. The rogue blinks slowly "I have two more if that ones not to your liking." a wry grin lights up his face. Abric ain't got me killed yet, although if the alliance knew how much we knew of thier capitals, thier sleep habits and where their little nits rest well then .. well maybe ya ain;t cleared for this hey. 'Grats on yer promotion. Do remember as the Hier of Dawnspire... you did know the name is passed through the make of the line, no? Well as I was saying as the Heir you are welcome to any of my assets or none of them. Try not to get killed. The rogue pulls out a wand and suddenly there is a urchin standing before Qabian. "No one ever expects a child to know what's being said and I have a wand with a nice gnome disguise on it. i swear the things some people say around servants" The child pulls out a ball and throws it, he begins chasing it merrily. "Never forget Mage, I have your back"
  8. Mahakali checked the girth on her new mount, while slower than her normal mount this one could fly and she wasn't sure if her divine protection would save her from such a great fall. Talking to her mount “Look how far I have come, when I first arrived back here to this world, my home world I did not know what to expect. Would this land be torn by war, would the dead be walking the streets of Silvermoon? I expected all things and nothing.” Continuing her brushing and grooming “So should I call you Sin'Zaram? I like that Blood Blade, what do you think Blood Blade?” The mount watched his rider with cunning delight, it knew only the lash of its previous master, a quick whistle, spurs, harsh words and little food. This Elf knew how to treat her equipment and more importantly knew how to treat her mount. He almost spoke out at that time but remembered the mandate of his people, if the other races of Azeroth knew they could reason, think and speak they might grow more guarded around them. So like any “animal” it huffed and nosed towards the pouch the Paladin kept at her side. “Blood Knight, is what they call themselves” came the voice. Blinking its eyes slowly Sin'Zaram acknowledged the information. The Pal.. Blood Knights other mount had clear thought of his Mistress weighing much less, often battered and broken falling and never giving up on her ride to the pinnacle of training. Now looking at her it was almost painful to see her aura, she burned bright with the light stolen from the Naruu, her gear glowed strange colors, her soul pulsed with stolen life and darkness, yet with all the death that surrounded the girl, blade could sense her new sense of wonder as she looked at her new boots and armor. Sure she looked like something a drunken gypsy would make on a dare none could deny she had taken the mightiest hammers, the sharpest blades and most fel energies with a laugh. This Mahakali, Great Destroyer seemed to take pleasure in staring the end all creatures must face and keep her smile. Sin'Zaram looked one more time, weighing the darkness in her soul, her sadness at her station, yet her elation when her new family brought her with them. Mahakali looked up from her work and for a moment something passed between rider and steed and she flung back her head and laughed. “So this is what it is like to be the little sister, always following never leading. So be it!” Mahakali threw herself into the saddle and flew into the sky, somewhere something dark shuddered knowing the Blood Elf and her bright blade and yes even Blood Blade were heading their way.
  9. *A Cheshire grin appears* So buddy, Girl problems? Not sure if I can fix this one, maybe I could trip Samm while he chases you. Aside from her, do you have some work for my blades? Good work with my sister, I knew if i let it slip you were my friend she would be on you like butter on toast. Redcap's hands drop to his sides and the smell of salt is prominent.
  10. ((i grimaced a bit when I went to attack you also, but with Lasc on the ground at my feet all TNG hugginess was O F F. Happy Haloweeny))
  11. Redcap

    RP Thingy

    I am a Vanguard I am not bitchy I hope, well maybe I am, but I do loves me some Prettah!
  12. Redcap


    As I swung my blade through the beasts neck, a sense of understanding filled me. Power poured into my veins and I could hear all of eternity echoing in my soul. Elation poured through me as I understood what it was my teachers had been trying to tell me for so long. Light, glorious wonderful light, from the beginning of creation filled my soul and I felt peace for the first time since the Sunwell was destroyed. Now for the hard part, acquiring the contacts and equipment to fight the foes of my Nation, Race, and guild. Run Vermin, death comes.
  13. Redcap

    RP Thingy

    I know how to play Redcap, i have all the story and how he acts and reacts when I play him. I have the Story for Vendaria, how she acts and reacts, even her manner of speaking and thoughts. I even have a way my bank alt, who I use to buy and sell things, she also rp's with anyone near her. She is first level Mahakali, I have her story and I can write about the things she does or sees in a RP mode but I can't find a good RP fit. I was going to ask this in The Grim but there are more of you Maha has RP'd with outside of Grim than in, but how do you perceive her? How does she act when you see her or interact with her? The only time I can think of really getting into a role with her that seems different than Redcap as a female in armor is when Gorvena logs in. Thanks, say anything, thanks
  14. Man I love all these pics