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  1. I'm not sure what part you're confused about specifically, but here goes. Half the quests are typical "Gather X of Y item", so I'll assume you're fine with those. Other than that, you WILL need: 10 Elixirs of Shadow Power 3 Arcanite Bars 6 Large Brilliant Shards 25 Dark Iron Ore 3 Black Dragonscale 156g There's no avoiding this part, and since this stuff isn't likely common on the AH anymore, you're going to have to recruit some buddies. I can do the Elixirs and transmutes if you're really hard up to find an alchemist. You will need the 156g for one leg of the quests where you buy some Stardust from a dreadlord. How evil! Or fruity. I assume what confuses most people is the comment about 'grabbing the items from another warlock'. Well, that part is when you hit the final step of the quest, where they send you to Dire Maul. You cannot receive that quest without turning in the ingredients first. Once they are turned in, the goblin sells you the final quest items for 50g, 50g, and 150g apiece. THESE items are the ones you can "borrow" by bringing a buddy warlock along to do the actual boss summoning for you. So the good news is that you can potentially get away with a 156g epic mount. The bad news is, you're going to have to make friends. Warlocks? Friends? Blasphemy.
  2. Sounds like you just want to see the stories in action. Couldn't you look up some cheat codes and use the 'auto win' ones on each level? I know WC3 has codes like that, I assume the earlier games do too.
  3. Don't forget in the arena they are always up at first too. I never cared so much in standard BGs, because if I spammed Fear, it was likely their cooldown was blown. In the arenas, which are THE PVP now, it is expected that their trinket is up.
  4. Kal hit my only concerns very well. Before Rogue I was a Warlock- both classes that were designed through locking down the enemy (be it with stuns or Fear). I've always had a grudge against the trinkets, since Fear was one of the most common effects broken, and frankly, I think from their inception they were a poor item to introduce. The squishy classes win their fights THROUGH their ability to avoid damage, the trinkets made that almost impossible in some match ups. Quite simply, if the game is designed for group PVP, why do they exist? Being CCed to helplessness may suck, but only in 1v1. Without it, what makes a group fight interesting beyond being a DPS versus healing race? In such a battle, why ever bring a controller class over brutes? Meh, whatever. I feel like I'm writing a QQ post when I'm generally apathetic about it all. I just wonder about Blizzard's design philosophy sometimes.
  5. Hehe, thanks. In that case, the only major error in your statement was 'writed'. The correct form is 'wrote'. I may take you up on your offer, before I get so rusty I forget it all.
  6. ...you've never peeked at a melee class's forums, have you? *grumble spit hunters popeye mumbling grumble*
  7. Ni hao! Wo gaoxing ni lai "Twisting Nether". Wo xiwang zi de wo xi hen qingchu; Wo de zhongwen bu hao. ...I hope I didn't look foolish, I just like to practice when I get the chance. Welcome! And don't be embarassed abour your character- forgetting his language makes a lot of sense. It's a simple idea that can really lead to a lot of interesting encounters. Good luck finding a guild, and if you can't, there's always all of us on the Horde for you.
  8. My experience has been kind mixed with this. For example, I finally managed to convince my significant other to roll here, so I've been her shadow. A 70 rogue was ganking her in STV- about a 40 level difference, the difference that used to be a 60 in Hillsbrad. He was 'critting' backstab for about 400. On mail. On someone 40 levels lower than him. My offhand crits harder than than that. Remember what I said about sucking? 400 is a lot of HP in yours 30s, but not enough that you can't fight back or stun and run. The gap definitely exists wider now, especially among competant players. It seems like your HP leaps at 40, then 60, and then at 70 again. But, bleh, I just don't think people should be at all 'afraid' to try and fight back against someone ?? to them. Also, nice Q!
  9. I know it's a cursive "Q", but everytime I glance at your sig, I think it says "Labian"
  10. I have one counter to Jeedup's- Do fight back. I see a lot of lower level players just give up when someone's trying to kill them, even if they have a good 5-10 seconds to live. The game mechanics are skewed versus players, meaning even if there is a 50 level gap, you still might land any attack. And stuns, fears, snares all suck equally for any level player. This is especially true if a high level player comes to your rescue! Your little tiny bit of support can turn a battle! That well timed fear or itty bitty heal might be all they need to slay your CrossRoads Killer! Sad to say, my experience with high level gankers is that most... suck. Bad. Their gear is bad, not even BG honor blues. They keyboard turn, or goodness knows the stories I can share about hunters with no snares and rogues with no poisons. I will never claim to be a good PVPer, but if you abuse moves that work equally well across levels, you can escape frequently, sometimes even kill off one. And yes, killing someone who's level you can't even see.. is wonderful. Also, make higher level friends. Very easy for the newbies who joined the big guilds, not so much for us Chinese Farmers. When you have trouble, just give a shout out in General, sometimes a person passing through hears. I've noticed certain people who love to respond to the World Defense channel- pop them on the friend's list. I know me personally, I like being a Ganker-Ganker. It's far more fulfilling than random slayings in Outland.
  11. I'll take that as a compliment Sula... though the eyes are what I'm least satisfied with, so I'm a little curious what you mean. I like Kovan's version, since I get the feeling that's what he was looking for to begin with. I was afraid if I made it too human, it would look too much like a troll woman, but that weird hand is just the right touch.
  12. I just don't like that they can never wear shoes. Not even sandals! C'mon, two toes are the bare minimum for sandals! I like it a lot.. if I were to offer any constructive criticism, just fix the posing a little- she looks a tad stiff. I love the amount of detail though- the faint shine on her armor and the little curves for body structure.
  13. But.. but I don't want to be the only one drawing monsters.. it makes me look creepy and weird... be creepy and weird with me, so it disappates and the overall effect is less!
  14. Sounds like some warlock wants a sexy-fun-time monster. (AND this one has a pointy chin! So now Bir has no excuse!)