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  1. I think you're probably right. Heroic is probably the best way to go.
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  3. Nice! Here are some for Xara (featuring some reused clips, because video games): Selection: (sure) "You can count on me." Click: (distracted) "Huh what?" (distracted) "What huh?" (amused/flirty) "Mmmhmmm." (cheerful) "Need somethin'?" (cheerful) "Ready if you are!" Excessive click: (mildly indignant) "I heard ya the first time!" (mild) "Ain't ya heard of personal space?" (amused) "Sorry, I'm taken!" (bland) "Did I mention Fhenrir's a Gladiator?" (wry) "Ya just don't know when ta quit, do ya?" Ordered to move: (cheerful/confident) "You betcha!" (confident) "No problem!" (purposeful) "Let's go!" (purposeful) "Let's do this." Ordered to attack: (call) "Cover me!" (sure) "I'm goin' in." (purposeful) "Let's go!" (purposeful) "Let's do this." Taunt: Xara puts a hand on a jutting hip and cocks her head, making her long ponytail sway. (amused) "I've had drinks that hit harder than that!" (flirty) "Ya gotta catch me first." (amused) "That's all you've got?" Joke: Xara takes out a flask and gestures with it as she speaks, taking a drink from it at the end and winking. ...I am not witty enough to come up with jokes. Something about the rum being gone is all I got! Death: Xara spins around and falls down on her side. Lupa crouches over her protectively. Rebirth: (resolute) "I never give up." (cheerful/resolute) "I ain't done yet!" (wry) "I could use a drink about now."
  4. [[ Just gonna leave this here. ]]
  5. How dare you!! j/k, this is a good discussion to have even if folks see things differently, thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  6. At least on Horde side, you don't have to be affiliated with a guild to find RP. It helps give you ties to other characters that can lead to RP, but it's not required. You just have to know people OOCly to find RP. That might be the real issue you're getting at, which is definitely going to be true. There's no "walk-up" RP anymore because the RP population is simply not large enough to sustain that. I could stand in Undercity all day roleplaying with myself and never get a response because no roleplayers go there. Heck, I could stand in the wrong place in Warspear or Orgrimmar, the busiest cities on Horde, and never get a RP hit. Silvermoon starts to almost support walk-up RP because it's cross-realm and includes several other RP servers, including some more populous than TN/RH on their own, but other than that, there simply aren't enough roleplayers around to come across them by chance. But yeah, strictly speaking, being in a guild isn't required. That's just one way to locate RPers. If you've found the community, you don't need to be in a guild to find meaningful RP.
  7. Xaraphyne -- In about 2005, my to-be-ex and I randomly started a new roleplaying plot in a sci-fi setting, and I decided to come up with the most obnoxious name I could. The story and the character ended up being lots of fun and we did a lot of writing for it. When he got me into WoW, I carried the name with me. It's still obnoxious though. Filora -- A character from the same sci-fi story, whose name a friend I don't even remember anymore helped me come up with. Basically we just strung syllables together to make a feminine sounding name. She was the second character I rolled in WoW so I followed the theme of borrowing names from that story. Julilee -- Actually from my oldest roleplaying character, Juli Lee, who was based off my childhood best friend and "imaginary game" (we were LARPing, we just didn't know what it was) partner Juliana Yee. Juli Lee was one of the main three protagonists of a story I started writing as a teenager where I made all my friends into elves. She was a sardonic, jaded assassin who became a pacifist later in life. Tassha/Vionora/Siané -- Tassha was also from my old elf story, and I don't remember how I came up with adding the extra 's', I guess just to make it more fantasy. It was the original name of the main villain in the first plot. Vionora was also from the same elf story, and was another case of stringing syllables together to make something feminine I'm sounding pretty sure. She was the main villain of the second plot. Siané is a bastardization of Sinéad from , as I decided Siané imagined it was spelled. Silly girl.Nokokomah -- WoW name generator. I have no idea why I just went with a default. Maybe I liked it? Narya -- I always liked the sound of it since I first heard it from someone making reference to Tolkien lore in some way, though I never knew what it was. One of my first little fantasy stories I wrote in junior high school had a character by this name. Ardyan -- I think I just invented this when I decided to roll a male blood elf. He was originally a warlock on WrA and I reused the name when I decided to roll another male blood elf on TN. Serramine -- A bastardization of Xaraphyne. I was lazy and didn't want to come up with something too different sounding to be called by when I first started getting into RP on Alliance side.
  8. Coloring! Still need to finish the patterns on her skirts though.
  9. New Siané outfit means new Siané sketch
  10. I can bring one of the following: Julilee - tank, prot warrior (713) (has ring) Xaraphyne - ranged DPS, hunter (711) Siané - healer, disc priest (703)* Nokokomah - healer, resto shaman (700-ish eventually since I'm planning to get her honor geared) * Yes, the priest will be on Horde side by the time of this raid
  11. Wish I'd taken a screenshot of Xara and Pedwig's little swim!
  12. [[ This was posted in Stormwind, so the implication is Horde characters wouldn't be signing up. Haha, sorry, I'll edit to make it clearer. ]]