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  1. "Poor girly's just dyin' for a little affection, or at least attention," Xara says. She shakes her head. "I'm worried about what she might do ta get it." Somehow the subject is rapidly changed after that, though the conversers might have liked to spend more time there.
  2. "More patience than a saint," Xara comments into the conversation after it turns to Tahzani. She grins and adds a little more after a moment. "Who said anything about runnin' the cantina? That's nothin' compared ta the patience ya need ta be with someone like Lilly!"
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    "Girly has no concept of personal space!" Xara laughs, and that's all she says.
  4. Hi all, looking for someone willing to tank challenge modes on Alliance side. If you're unaware, challenge modes are the timed version of the 5-man dungeons that scales down your gear and presents, well, a challenge, significantly beyond mythics, requiring a goodly amount of skill with your class, experience/fast reaction time, and number crunching to succeed at. There are unique rewards for completing the challenge modes at certain levels including a mount (a gronn), a title (the Indomitable), and absolutely ridiculous transmog weapons -- which will be account-wide come Legion. Our goal is to get gold in all 8 dungeons. Two of the four of us already assembled have completed full gold runs in other roles (myself previously as a DPS and a tank, Feorn as a tank and a healer) and are just doing it a third time for the bragging rights and to help out friends, so we can pretty well guide anyone through what they need to know and do. Our group comp is currently resto druid, marks hunter, enh shaman, and ret paladin, and ideally for the tank we'd want a blood DK, but other classes may work so long as the player is proficient. Additionally, patience is required as is with any progression PvE, as you and the rest of the group will need to learn mechanics, figure out how to work together, and forgive occasional mistakes. We're aware that there are some gimmicky group comps out there but this is the group we have and we can definitely make it work before the July 19 deadline (the Legion pre-patch). Our current gathering time is every Sunday at 1:30 server and we go for 3-4 hours or until someone has to go. We use Vent to chat. If you're interested, please send me a PM!
  5. Here is the link to the post in case it starts getting lost in the shuffle: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743675441
  6. <p>Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!</p>

  7. <p>/lick</p>

  8. I'd recommend making an RP guild directory a separate thread, because folks will probably go looking for it specifically and get frustrated if there isn't a thread titled just for it -- and then I suggest that instead of duplicating data, we can just link to the recruitment subforums on both TNG and Sanctum. I think an introduction to RP on TN/RH thread is great though. In addition to plots, regular events, etc, let's not forget to mention the two RP forums themselves! As for Eclipse, I can write a logline for it ("In a world where..." type of hook) and then I recommend linking to the original coordination thread, which had the introduction, summary, and all threads linked. I'll post that here later on. Other plots' GMs can probably at least provide a nice logline if they don't have a tidy central thread to direct to and I think that'll be plenty cool to read on its own. Lastly, of course we don't want to put the Horde-side channel up there. You know the deal. It's better kept invite-only. There is still /RP and /Horde though, and odds are anyone who starts poking around TNG or who gets interested in one of our guilds will get directed to it soon enough!
  9. Sounds fun and funny! I can't brain enough to commit at this time but when we get closer we'll see!
  10. Haha, I had about 75% of this written up to get back to and post. Guess I don't have to now! But here are some things I've observed: 1. Different GMs will of course have variations on the rules. Some use individual initiative values but don't make you reroll every round. Some do add to bonuses to the roll result rather than the roll pool. And it's arguably more common that instead of the top or bottom 10% of your roll pool being a critical, it's just the top or bottom 10 points flat. Etc. There is no absolute right or wrong way to use this kind of roll system and the important thing is to have fun, so remember to be flexible even if the rules end up getting renegotiated last minute. 2. It's also worth noting that you don't have to be perfect with knowing when to emote or roll. You can understand the basic idea, just have fun with the roleplay, and rely on the GM to prompt you when to officially act or react. Don't get intimidated; the system just exists to act as a character balancer and also a fun little mini game of chance to spice up the battle! Don't forget you can (and should) be contributing non-action emotes and dialogue while waiting your turn, too. It makes it more fun for everyone! Happy battling, everyone!
  11. Not a sketch but I do get people asking me about my sig so here it is in its full size glory. I put it together myself in Photoshop and update it whenever need be due to characters changing outfit or whatnot. I take the screenshots in game then use layer masks to combine them together. Then I alter the images somewhat (make Siané's hair blonde, alter proportions to better fit how I describe my characters, etc) and have the text and border and stuff overlaid.
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    Quorum Finale

    Sanct's is tonight right?
  13. I just realized that that gif captures me trying to typhoon Ully over the edge. Haha! He didn't quite go over sadly, but I got Khorvis later!
  14. Right, I meant that's what everything around it looks like for non-admins!
  15. Here's what it looks like for us non-admins, who have a couple less buttons:
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    Quorum Finale

    The very end of April of definitely not going to be a good time for me, doh. I'll be at whatever I can be at!
  17. That's awfully close to a certain date for me but we'll see!
  18. Don't be intimidated by the wall of text. Kexti will handle it.