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  1. Until she was KIDNAPPED Seriously adorbs though.
  2. It doesn't get daily posts or anything, just occasional. I don't see any requests -- are you able to at least view the group?
  3. That's too bad about groups. They were clunky but they did give people the option of self-organization. That's just way too expensive, though.
  4. I found this article about adverbs very much to my taste. While it's important to use strong verbs and adjectives, adverbs can really do a lot for a sentence, despite the bad rap they can have. (Didn't do so much in that sentence right there... but read the article, it makes the point very well.)
  5. That name looks familiar. Cessily appeared a couple months ago, but appears to have disappeared again. Not sure about any other names, but you could always try PMing them here on this forum -- they might see the e-mail notification if nothing else.
  6. Xaraphyne Nawe, troll huntress in <Borrowed Time>, Captain of the Skyseeker, and minor celebrity Somehow continues to know everything and everyone; shows up randomly in random places just to scare Shaelie. Julilee Liene, Commander of <Sanctuary> or "Commander Stick-Up-Her-Butt" depending on whom you ask Assigned to an expedition by the Warchief, so she has been absent from other events. Kex'ti is currently seeing to Sanctuary's day-to-day in her absence. Siané Dawnlight, Emissary of <Sanctuary> and Ambassador of <Twilight Empire>, and half-blood with a convoluted history Was supposed to have come to Sanctuary Garrison a week before her due date to convalesce until the baby arrived, but she never showed up. Some human warlock contacted Zakael and got him to get in a fight with Siané's boyfriend by blaming him. Both of them are pursuing her now. No word of Siané. Filora Livlet, actual sociopath in <The Grim> Ain't got much time left, but has no idea Nokokomah Darkstorm, Supplicant of <The Grim>, and Fhenrir's soft-spoken but assured niece Continues to do mysterious elemental things while also slowly working to complete her trials. Ardyan Spellgrace, Magister of Silvermoon and guest of <Borrowed Time> Still has yet to ever be anything but thoughtful and polite. Continues doing research and things for Borrowed Time.
  7. If you guys wouldn't mind editing your posts to remove his name -- these forums are public to the Internet and show up on Google results, and I'd rather he didn't find them out of idly googling his handle. Also Andy, feel free to refer to my first post in this thread for a comprehensive explanation of why the channel is invite-only, trolls being basically the reason, but there being shades of complexity to it. As for conflict over canon vs. non-canon RP... I understand the frustration. The community and roleplaying by nature is collaborative and sometimes that means you come face to face with stuff that's not to your taste. And there are times when the pendulum in our community has definitely swung closer to the non-canon side and that can make those who prefer staying close to canon frustrated and feel alienated. My view on it is this: If you don't see the kind of RP you like, then make it. If you play it, they will come -- "they" being people who share your tastes. The Grim, for example, are a well-populated, highly respected guild that maintains lore standards. The audience is definitely there for within-canon roleplay. But it won't happen if no one tries.
  8. My first thought was that you wouldn't do Kerala first to make it more difficult, but the more I look at it, the more I think maybe it is?
  9. Don't tell me you didn't pick up on it.
  10. It occurred to me as I was doing this one that it'd be fun to do mood boards and not say who they were for, and see if people can guess. That said, this one is blindingly obvious, but hey, it's an idea. The position of each of the pictures in this one is significant. And yes the bottom center one is for daddy issues.
  11. Xara moodboard. I wanted to put more things in there but this'll do
  12. It's true there's certainly no step by step posted anywhere for the customs for the channel; it's always been word of mouth and such. I'm sorry it was unclear and I appreciate you meant no harm. And I've definitely not always been a saint myself, if I may egregiously understate. Don't worry, Kerala, we love you and we already forgive you for anything you feel bad about.
  13. The thing is, they shouldn't have been "told the situation". They should have either been engaged until a current member decided to give them an invite, or told ahead of time by their guildies about the channel so they could join it. There is no in-between where someone should be told about the channel but not invited to it. That's being exclusive and hurtful for no reason.
  14. Allow me to set straight the intentions behind the "secret" RP channel on Horde. It is invite-only. That is true. The reason for this is that it ensures a quality community where everyone present has been vouched for by someone else. It also avoids trolls and even more unfortunate people like He Must Not Be Named. If it's a little cliqueish, it's only enough to give it the advantages of letting people feel comfortable and secure in the environment. That's because anyone is welcome to be invited. So long as someone is willing to tender them an invite, anyone is welcome to learn about the channel and join it. There are no requirements other than you've spoken to someone and not made an ass out of yourself to get invited to the channel. It is completely welcoming once you enter the RP community, and new people join it all the time thanks to guildmembers telling them about it, or simply walk-up RP leading to an OOC whisper. I have myself invited literally dozens of people to it, and I'm using "literally" literally. Therefore, if you think about it, remarking in a public channel "oh, there's a secret channel and you're not invited" is completely counter to this idea. You should either be chatting with someone enough that you decide to invite them to the channel, or not enough that it's worth mentioning that the channel exists. There really isn't any space in between where you could fall. The only reason you would say that is to rub it in someone's face, or because you disagree with the policy and are trying to cast it in the worst PR light possible, which is unfortunate and harmful to the community. We already have a public RP channel on Horde. In fact, we have two. No growth is being prevented. Those channels were dead before the invite-only channel came to exist; they aren't dead because of it. In fact, it is because the invite-only channel is invite-only that the community has flourished. I have been here from the start and watched it happen. You merely have to log over to Alliance and see that similar growth has not occurred on the public channel on that side to realize it's true. You can claim it's more harmful than good, but the results speak for themselves. I understand that it can have the downside of seeming exclusive to those who aren't in the know (though that should never, ever long be the case, per the intentions described above). But I have managed to help ensure the comfort and security of the community while helping steer people in the direction of inclusivity. We can all do it, and we can definitely avoid painting ourselves as exclusive, which is as good as making it true. Anyone who visits TNG or Sanctum and who reaches out to the community for RP should get invited. Anyone who walks up in the game to the Cantina or Brokenspear when there's RP and who participates nondisruptively should get an invite. We are very inclusive. If anyone ever sees any exclusive behavior going on, like misleading or unnecessary remarks in a public venue, they can and should speak up to set the record straight, which will probably include privately tendering that invite rather than claiming for some reason it can't be done. Some people may misunderstand; some may deliberately misrepresent. I can't help that and it's bound to happen. But I will continue to contribute to the community as well as I am able, assume the best of others, and be the best I can be, and I hope everyone reading this will do the same.
  15. Looks awesome! Thanks for all your hard work, Mortica!
  16. "Ully?" Xara grins. "He's kinda arrogant sometimes, but if he ever got a girlfriend. I think he'd relax."