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  1. Hello, TNG! This is a thread to coordinate "TNG Con" (thanks for the name, Kate!) as once only bandied about and soon to be a reality. There have been more than a few awesome community get-togethers over the years, such as the first TNG get-together, the traditional Grim camping trip, the annual TECon, and my epic birthday party awhile back (bonus: Keraph in pigtails), not to mention smaller groups meeting up all the time, and I can tell you it's always fantastic to meet in person all these people we spend so much time with and share so much with. For this gathering, we're meeting up in Las Vegas! We have a local expert, Nikaa, who is able to give us expertise on where to go, or not go more often than not. She's also a good authority on when to go to avoid crowds and the heat (so much as they can be avoided). We also have several people who are making the trip by car, giving us transportation if needed. The date is May 5th through 7th, 2017. This weekend was chosen as it's before summer, doesn't have a convention of more than 1,000 people going on, and the gathering/party room we wanted is available (see more below). COSTS Here is a breakdown of costs you can expect for the trip: travel: avg 20mi/gallon, $2.5/gallon, so $0.125/mi; don't forget the return trip -or- $300-500/person airfare roundtrip transportation: There should be enough folks with cars coming to ferry folks around, and most things will be within walking distance, but if you might need a ride, it's about $15 to or from the airport, and $8 and up to go up or down the strip. there are ferry buses from the airport for most hotels and a tram and a monorail that go up and down the strip at the cost of $5-6. room: $80-150/person/night, depending on how crammed you want to be -- less if you want to "guild hall" it as Keraph suggested and go over the room limit, at your own risk! (Air beds are a thing) food: $40/person/day and up, but varies extremely according to how much you brown-bag it recreation: gambling money, show tickets (David Copperfield, Blue Man Group, comedy shows, Chippendales, Cirque... whatever floats your boat) $50-120/person, booze, souvenirs, $30-40/person for a nice dinner emergency money: I suggest having an extra $50-100 in hand just in case. Total: $500-$1500/person The $500/person total is if you live only a state or two away and don't spend a dime you don't have to, so don't expect to be able to beat or even meet that unless you're Nikaa. Realistically, expect to spend $700-900/person all told. HOTEL The Party Suite The communal room is the 6-person Hospitality Suite in the Mirage. There are two queen beds in one bedroom, one king in the other bedroom, and 2.5 bathrooms in total. Here is a video walkthrough of the suite (thanks Nikaa). There is also a large sectional couch, a table, and a bar to sit at, as well as a sink and a small refrigerator (which sounds like it comes stocked with stuff you get charged if you move, but I might see if we can have that stuff removed so we have fridge space; also, we can get coolers). It's over 1700 square feet in total, so more than enough room for folks to hang out. The total for two nights is $1,924.16. The deposit was $799.68, but it's fully refundable up to three days before check-in. Money will be collected from suite occupants about a month beforehand. With 6 people it will be $320.70/person for both nights. With 8 (one airbed or taking the couch), it will be $240.52. With 10 (one airbed and the couch taken), $192.42. With 12 (two airbeds and the couch taken), $160.35. We're aiming for 9-10 people at least to keep costs down. Let me know if you want on the list. Party suite guest list: Xara Fhenrir Keraph Tirien Lupinum Nicolette (Loop's GF) Yatokth Sam (Yat's wifey) Feorn Zhu Cobrak Shaelie Other Arrangements People who don't want to stay in the party suite, or who can't commit at this point, are completely welcome to book their own rooms at their own leisure. Additional regular rooms in the Mirage run $650-800 for both nights after taxes and fees (depending on if you say 2 or 4 people -- there are additional charges for more people in a room) and you can also find another hotel somewhere if you want to try to find someplace cheaper, though then you'll need to figure out transportation to come hang out. Note that many hotels on the strip require guests to be 21 to check in (literally check in; not just to be a guest in the suite) and those below age 21 won't be allowed to even enter casinos or other adult areas. ACTIVITIES The party suite is going to be the central gathering & hanging out point for everyone on the trip, regardless of where they're staying. There is lots of living space there to just hang out, drink, play games, and enjoy one another's company! Other than that, folks are free to make their own plans for excursions and activities. Being that it's Vegas, some people will want to do some things, and some, others. The "Xara Agenda" is a plan for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday which anyone is welcome to tag along for, including jumping in and out to share certain activities if you want to go do other things at other times. View the agenda here. Discord will be used to coordinate during the trip. Nikaa has also put together a list of things you may be interested in doing for free or nearly free in Vegas. See it here! Feel free to post your own plans here, or arrange them in Discord. Activity planning sites: http://www.travelvegas.com/ http://www.tix4tonight.com/ https://www.virtualtourist.com/travel/North_America/United_States_of_America/Nevada/Las_Vegas-836630/TravelGuide-Las_Vegas.html (thanks Nikaa) RULES A few ground rules off the bat: No in-room charges (rooms will likely be booked on someone else's credit card!) No breaking hotel rules (except sardining) No recreational drug use or possession except in agreed-upon areas (and no smoking in non-smoking hotels) No underage drinking or gambling (sorry Konro) Detailed party suite rules can be found elsewhere in this thread, and also in the Discord. MORE PLANNING We have many people definitely down for this, so the question now is how many more people can we reel in! If you can get a group together, you can make a roadtrip out of it and/or share a room to save costs. Please use this thread to post any questions, pose any ideas, and organize your trips. There is still time to make arrangements. People are welcome to bring non-TNG friends so long as said friends don't mind hanging out with a bunch of roleplayers and the conversation that will ensue! Going to have a great time this May! ATTENDEES Xara Fhenrir Keraph Nikaa Tirien Lupinum Nicolette Yatokth Sam Syreena Grainger Feorn Vilmah Nojinbu Zhu Arahe Baern Seguul Cobrak Kexti Let me know if you're coming!
  2. We're also talking how many years ago? That our names even look familiar to each other is an accomplishment imo!
  3. Jamaryste rings a verrrrry distant bell. Welcome back! No, the server never closed or anything like that. We did, however, merge with the Ravenholdt server right before the current (about to not be so current anymore) expansion came out. Infection you say? Paging Keraph!
  4. Wanted: Adventurers! Do you like treasure? Do you like booze? Do you like seeing where the road takes you? Then sign onto the Crew of the Skyseeker! Looking for experienced and inexperienced adventurers to join the crew in exploring unexplored nooks, claiming unclaimed treasure, and drinking undrank booze.* Openings include mercenaries, healers, bodyguards, archaeologists, engineers, explorers, sweet-talkers, navigators, trackers, traders, and anyone else who can keep the contents of their stomach on an airship. For more information, contact Xaraphyne Nawe c/o Borrowed Time. * Copyeditor position also available. [[ The Crew of the Skyseeker is a monthly adventure campaign centered around the unpredictable adventures of Xaraphyne's crew, and any friends who end up tagging along, willingly or unwillingly! The adventures are told in game using the WoW setting and a lot of imagination, and use simple character sheets and a /roll system. Characters are not required to join Borrowed Time to be a member of the crew, but a guild invite is available for those who would like one. For more information, join the Skyseeker group, or contact me in-game or via PM. Happy sailing! ]]
  5. "Hey," Xara says, cutting into the not-too-flattering conversation that had come up in regards to the deceased tauren. "Ya didn't know him. Next ta no one knew him. Yeah, he was pretty fuckin' stupid, but you didn't know what he was thinkin'. What he was feelin'. When yer dead, probably for just as dumb a reason, I hope there's someone around ta think better of you."
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    "He's bad news," Xara says, her tone not light. "Don't trust him farther than the end of yer nose. Or he'll cut it off."
  7. "He's one hundred percent Grim," Xara says, and that's all she says.
  8. "Too skinny," Xara comments. "Every time I see her, I want ta feed her! But there are some people out there who don't want people takin' care of 'em... They think it makes 'em vulnerable, they're scared, they don't wanna get hurt." The trolless is quiet for a moment, then shrugs. "Some wild animals can't be tamed."
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    Nok Deadeye

    "Calls me Auntie... Even Noko doesn't call me that!" Xara shakes her head, looking bemused. "Well, he seems like a good enough kid, but he knows me better than I do him at this point. Kinda weird. But yeah, good kid."
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    Xara perks up at the mention of this troll. "Oh yeah, Der'cho, I met her the other night at the Cantina! Poor thing, she was starvin'!" The huntress chuckles. "I fed her, but I don't think she took my hint that it might be better ta learn how ta fish fer herself, if ya know what I mean. Well, there's space on my crew if she ever wants it!"
  11. "Who?" It takes a lengthy explanation before recognition comes to Xara's face. "Oh yeah, the pouty one!" she says. "I saw him at BT's old garrison a couple times. He tried hittin' on me... It was cute." She chuckles. "Maybe if I were a decade younger he'd seem charmin' ta me, but think I've outgrown likin' the kinda guy who thinks everything's about the size of his..." She snorts, then winks. "I much prefer a guy whose actions do the talkin' for him."
  12. "Oh yeah, Selash." Xara grins. "I taught him everythin' he knows about how ta shoot straight... and I don't even like guns!" She laughs, then smiles. "Sure, he's kinda stubborn, kinda dense, and kinda mouthy, but he's always got his heart in the right place. He's one of those friends ya know ya can count on." She tilts her head and smirks. "Unless the money's better somewhere else."
  13. Drinn was a class act, even when enjoying a bit of crudity. Unique, intelligent, and sincere. She'll be missed.
  14. Y'all are my online family. I love youse.
  15. Not that you don't already have enough to look into, Mortica, but I'm missing having a code view in the post editor. e.g., looking at [ i ]text[ /i ] instead of text. The code still works, but I can't view it to fine-tune it. Oddly, there do also seem to be some BBcode tags that work but aren't available in the WYSIWYG view too, like FONT. Anyway, it would be nice if there were an addon of some kind that let you switch between views when editing a post. Thanks if you end up checking it out!
  16. Confirmed that "Edit" doesn't appear next to "Quote" on old posts like it does on new. Oh noes!
  17. Juli and Kex'ti omg so perf, Aaren still best though
  18. Haha you're neutral too. A step up from hated!

  19. I dunno if following me is such a good idea... I post a lot! :D

  20. har har, you started out "Neutral"

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  21. Welcome back! Just in time for the new TNG!