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  1. Two for Aaren: "Troublemaker", Grizfolk and "Your Love Could Start a War", The Unlikely Candidates
  2. It's not as fun if you don't take the challenge of only using what your wardrobe offers!
  3. Not really a contest, but I hit the point with transmog where I went over the deep end and started trying to put together the ugliest outfits possible. I thought I would share the horror. Share your own! *I tried not to rely on vanilla models too much. I almost went with the Dragonstalker helm, but this one was worse. Does the boob window help or hurt? Sanctuary is taking a new direction. How about a thigh gap? Wait, is that what that is?
  4. I'd also like to plan a little wine tasting outing. There is a very nice room in the Palazzo which is right across from the Mirage. I'm thinking Saturday later afternoon, before we hit the revue! http://palazzo.doublehelixwine.com/
  5. I can't remember if this was covered before, but it appears links made to threads on the old forum aren't being translated on the new. I don't know if there's an addon or script that can be put in place to automatically translate them (looks pretty much like "showthread.php?" should be replaced with "forums/topic/" in the URL) but if so that would be awesome.
  6. The debuff doesn't appear to tick down while you're logged out. I got one on my bank alt yesterday, and when I logged in today, she still couldn't get another (from two different doomsayers).
  7. My third group got 8/8 gold tonight, and it was a guild group, so TE gets a special pet! Woohoo! Plus, I was able to fraps our last one, Everbloom. Enjoy! Siane - resto druid (TE) Xandric - ret paladin (TE) Wien (aka Feorn) - blood DK (off server) Tarashan - frost mage (TE) Relamos - enh shaman (Jade Lion)
  8. Bump with a guest list update. Let me know if your name should be on the list!
  9. Hi all, I'm organizing a last tournament for folks to enjoy dueling in WoD specs and talents before they're changed forever. The main show will be Kexti vs. Rorrek (undefeated in their preferred specs) but I'd like to get a many greats as possible to show up and have a grand ol time celebrating the end of the current expansion-favored specs (or is it; who knows what'll be OP in Legion). Audience members are welcome too! The rules are going to be fairly relaxed. 'Official' duels are arena rules (no consumables/toys, no arena-banned cooldowns), but there will be YOLO duels (anything goes) for those who want them as well. It will be tonight in the Northrend Dalaran sewers at 8:30 server. Semi-IC if at all. Hope to see you there!
  10. I don't see where to even set your timezone anymore either.
  11. I'm in ur feed, spamming ur pages

    1. Ul-Rezaj


      Feed me, Xara.

    2. Xaraphyne


      I'll feed you challenge modes

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      Om nom nom nom.

      Turns out gold tastes pretty good. I told Kexti that Everbloom was the funnest dungeon in the game.

  12. This post's info has been added to the OP.
  13. After realizing that April 16th is Easter (thanks Mortica), that weekend is out of the running. Then, it turns out that the two-bedroom suite is pretty well booked up for most of those weekends -- the only other open dates that aren't during conventions of 1k plus people in the city are Apr 21-23 and May 5-7. We have two votes against the Apr 21-23 weekend already so we're looking at the first weekend in May as our possible date. Speak now if that's a problem! Besides firming up the date, however, only some arrangements need to be made this far ahead of time. Namely, the people who want in on the party suite, a.k.a. where all the fun is gon be at. People who don't want to stay in the party suite, or who can't commit at this point, are completely welcome to book their own rooms at their own leisure. Additional regular rooms in the Mirage run $650-800 for both nights after taxes and fees (depending on if you say 2 or 4 people) and you can also find another hotel somewhere if you want to try to find someplace cheaper, though then you'll need to figure out transportation to come hang out. Note that many hotels on the strip require guests to be 21 to check in (presumably literally check in; not just to be a guest in the suite). The party suite is going to be the central gathering & hanging out point for everyone on the trip, regardless of where they're staying. There is lots of living space there to just hang out, drink, play games, and enjoy one another's company! Other than that, folks are free to make their own plans for excursions and activities. Being that it's Vegas, some people will want to do some things, and some, others. Nikaa is going to find us a bunch of things we can do and folks are encouraged to make their own plans as well. Speaking of, here are some group activities I want to set up! 1. Sushi lunch at Japonais (in-hotel restaurant) on Friday (probably 1pm) -- It's a little pricey but should be very very delicious! For those getting there early enough who want to splurge a bit. 2. Group dinner on Friday night (probably 7pm) -- Depending on how many folks we have, we can find someplace that'll take a large group that is in everyone's price range. 3. 53X -- Co-ed revue show on Saturday night (8:30pm) -- I'm not going to Vegas and not seeing a revue! This one looks really fun. I'd like to get a table ($60/ticket, 4 seats per table) but if enough folks want to go, a second group could get general admission seats together ($40). Folks are welcome to arrange other activities here in this thread and invite others along. More details about getting in on the party suite are forthcoming!
  14. We're currently eyeing this lovely 3-bed suite with a large living area, which is fantastically at the Mirage in the center of the strip. We could easily fit 10 people in there, at least. It comes to $1900 after taxes & fees for two nights, which would be $95/night if we got ten people. Additional regular rooms come to $800 after taxes & fees for two nights, which with the standard capacity of four people would be $100/night, and less with more people (one extra person would bring it down to $80). My earlier budgeting didn't account for taxes or fees on the rooms, so $80/night is probably more like the lower end than $40. I'll update the main post. Note: this is with informing the hotel that the max number of people legally allowed to be in the room (6 for the big suite, 4 for the regular rooms) will be there. If you tell them there are only two, it's cheaper... but they might be more likely to take exception to the rooms being overstuffed if you do.
  15. Sorry, I just realized I screwed up that date somehow! That weekend is actually the 14th through 16th.
  16. Updated original post with the mentioned information!
  17. Excellent tips, Nikaa! Keep em coming!