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  1. Signature update. Juli finally moved out of the garrison and into Dalaran! Oh and I gave Xara her old pose back, much better.
  2. New Xara portrait, WIP. Gonna be on my badge for TNG Con. Might even finally replace my forum avatar!
  3. The Xara Agenda I've put together an agenda for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. This is what I and anyone who wants to tag along will be doing! You are welcome to come along, or hop in and out to catch others at particular activities you want to join in on. Activities include sightseeing, shopping, wine tasting, and of course, the revue. If you're staying any extra days, there is also a trip to the Grand Canyon being planned, and Fremont Street! The agenda can be found here and also has a dedicated channel on Discord, which will be used to coordinate during the trip.
  4. PARTY SUITE RULES Those staying in the suite First and foremost, your space in the room is not guaranteed. Legally, the hotel is only supposed to allow 6 people to stay in that suite. There is no way to gauge how much effort they will put into enforcing this rule. There are plenty of stories of people getting away with similar things just fine, but that’s all they are – stories. It’s entirely possible we’ll have some really bad luck and they’ll get on us, and you will have to find someplace else to stay. I am willing to assume some of the financial risk for this but not all of it. If you have to leave to lower our occupancy to the limit, I will refund you 50% of what you paid me for the room. Who has to leave will be at my discretion. In the case of our reservation getting canceled entirely (everyone has to leave), I will refund 25%. If they cancel the reservation but refund me (I’d be surprised if they did), I will refund you your portion of whatever amount is returned to me (25% of your original payment minimum). Should occupancy issues or any other problems arise, I reserve the right to eject anyone from the room, at my own discretion. I will take each individual’s circumstances under consideration, but my say will be final. Those ejected for reasons other than the hotel enforcing the occupancy limit are not guaranteed any refund. If someone is forced to cancel their attendance before the event but after money is already collected, I will refund as much money as can be made up by the rest of the attendees paying their share of the difference. If they can’t make up the difference completely, your refund will not be full. Room keys will be limited and managed, so be prepared to have to coordinate with others when you need to leave or come back to the room. Further arrangements about who gets room keys will be made as plans for outings are solidified. All the room’s facilities are expected to be shared regardless of which room you end up sleeping in. Beds and couch space will be divided up with those who RSVPed first getting first pick. There will be no recreational drugs or paraphernalia allowed in the suite, even in baggage. What you do elsewhere is completely your business, but the room is in my name and I can’t afford any issues. Check-in time is 3pm Friday. Check out time is 11am Sunday. Partying in the party suite We obviously don’t want to attract undue attention or displeasure. I expect things to get rowdy but we can’t go insane or we risk losing the room if not for one reason then another. Hopefully this goes without saying, but please try not to destroy anything or trigger any room charges (the fridge and other goodies are a trap!). Any guests may be asked to leave at any time by anyone staying in the suite. There will be set times for open getting-together (probably mostly Friday evening, before and after dinner), and for other times people not staying at the suite who wish to hang out must be accompanied by a person who is staying at the suite. Payments The final cost will be tallied on Apr 5th (1 month before go time). I'll give a PayPal address for payment at that time.
  5. Headshots of my three main characters, mostly drawn as an exercise in making sure I can make their faces look different. Then their personalities came through too.
  6. A Discord server has been started to do final planning & coordination. Please join if you're planning on coming! https://discord.gg/xVBWTQc
  7. *sobs over deflated post count*

  8. I've been on TN since the beginning of BC, and while I quit mid-Cata and didn't come back till the end of Pandaria, my impression is that not a lot happened during that time other than the general decline continuing. So if that's more or less true, I've observed this community at its highs and lows, from the often-nostalgiad days of BC and Wrath through the decline to the server merger revival and to present day. My observations are generally thus: We've all gotten older, and our lives have changed. The vast majority of the community is mid-twenties at minimum and the average age probably skews closer to thirty. We've settled into real jobs and started families. We've found meaning in things outside of the game. Members of the community have even passed away. Time, with the march of life and the inevitable changes it brings, takes its toll on any community, and WoW is an aging game that doesn't bring in new blood very much anymore. That said, for those of us that continue to stick around, we've found that nothing can really replace this community. We have roots up to ten years deep and have made lifelong friends and found life partners here. Just in the past three years since I've been back I've made really good friends (you know who you are, ilu) and been a part of some really amazing experiences. We're all growing older, but we're growing older with each other. Still, it's hard not to look back on other times and miss them. Miss faces we'll never see again, if not for one reason then another. Miss a time when something seemed possible that doesn't anymore. Miss a time before something came to light that can never be shrouded in ignorance again. That's part of growing up and growing older. Sometimes you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone, and then, well, of course, it's gone and you're stuck missing it. Of course I miss the heady days of Eclipse when I spent 10 hours a day for three months writing, roleplaying, or chatting with people in the plot, basking in the new, exciting glow of inclusivity and togetherness and optimism that the server merger had brought us and which Eclipse ended up being perfectly timed to take advantage of. But that was never sustainable. The glow of the new community carried us for awhile after that, especially as a number of new or returning members kept trickling in. But eventually the shine wore off. It had to. Petty squabbles broke out, people got tired, and logging in just wasn't novel enough to keep inspiring that level of interest, and generating that energy. We weren't new, exciting people to each other anymore. We were just... the people we'd already gotten to know. And the same thing has happened with the launch of Legion. After the initial burst of excitement, we've settled into the community we're going to have, again. What can we do to recapture that feeling? Honestly, I'm not sure it's possible. That's what novelty is: something that can't be brought back. But in its place we have other things. Deep friendships. Shared experiences. Maybe we're sick of some things about each other, but other things we've become quite used to and comfortable around. Another server merge wouldn't be the worst thing. I'm not sure I can imagine it being as perfect as the first one was, though. What could compare? But I'm tending to the garden that I have. It may not be as exotic to me anymore. It may be harder to find the time to water. But to extend this rather pained metaphor, it's still nourishing to me.
  9. If you haven't bought your flight yet (or reserved your room, if you're not on the party suite list), you'll want to get on that -- things are filling up, it's only three months out!
  10. Here are some commonly mistaken words you may not have realized have different meanings. We all know their/they're/there and it's/its can trip you up, but these too! weary vs. wary "weary" means tired. "wary" means cautious. If your character is weary of something, they're tired of it. If they're wary of it, they don't trust it. fazed vs. phased "fazed" means daunted. "phased" means put into a phase. You're pretty much never going to use "phased" unless you're talking about not being able to see someone in game because they haven't completed quests in the zone. When you're trying to say how plucky and unimpressed your character is, the word you want is "unfazed". rein vs. reign "rein" is what you use to control a steed. "reign" is what a king does. If you want to rein something in, skip the "g". I mess this one up every time... cue vs. queue "cue" is an indication it's time to do something. "queue" is what you wait in for your turn. If you want to take a hint, then it's a cue. If you want to do some BGs, you join a queue. Also, "que" isn't a word unless you're speaking Spanish. straight vs. strait "straight" means not curved or bent. "strait" is a difficult position. If your character is in a bad situation, they're in dire straits. If they're taking the shortest route from point A to point B, they're going straight. elicit vs. illicit "elicit" means to evoke. "illicit" means prohibited. If something causes you to react, it elicits a reaction. If something would get you in trouble, it's illicit.
  11. Have you had your date yet? If your characters need help getting together, speak to me and I can help make it happen!
  12. Just re-took the test for Juli and she is slightly less Lawful but still exactly as Good. Heh! Old: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (38) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (28) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (23) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (31) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (21) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (19) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXX (9) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXX (4) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (18) Neutral - XXXXXXXX (8) Chaos --- XXX (3) Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20) Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) Evil ---- X (1) New: Lawful Good ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (35) Neutral Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (29) Chaotic Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (24) Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (28) True Neutral ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (22) Chaotic Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (17) Lawful Evil ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (16) Neutral Evil ---- XXXXXXXXXX (10) Chaotic Evil ---- XXXXX (5) Law & Chaos: Law ----- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (15) <-- less Neutral - XXXXXXXXX (9) <-- more Chaos --- XXXX (4) <-- more Good & Evil: Good ---- XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (20) <-- same Neutral - XXXXXXXXXXXXX (13) <-- same Evil ---- X (1) <-- same
  13. Xaraphyne


    [[ Written in collaboration with Awatu. ]] Xara waited in the tavern for Awatu to show up. It was mid-morning and not very busy yet, which suited her just fine. She leaned back against the bar and stifled a yawn with one hand. It was somewhat uncommon for those outside of The Grim to seek a moment to speak with Awatu, but he had known of this name for a short while and decided to see what the issue could be. Arriving at the tavern, he entered and instantly spotted the Troll. He walked over and sat down at a table, his expression neutral in expectation of what words she would share. With a polite nod he greeted her. "An'she smiles upon you." She grinned at him and went to the table to sit down as well. "Thanks fer comin'," she said. "I was hopin' ya could help me figure out what's goin' on. Someone said the Grim might have somethin' ta do with this, but it felt more like a rogue operation." She crossed her legs. "Ya know someone named Karthok? I heard he joined the Grim. Big, green, commands the shadows?" Awatu tilted his head as he thought. "I do not recall this name, nor one who may command the shadows. We do have a Kharthak and a Kharzak, both being Shaman." He pondered for another moment. "Or most recent recruit is someone returning to us, yet another Shaman." He shrugged. "What exactly is this about?" "Ah, well..." She leaned back. "Remember the black book we tried ta destroy in the Sunwell?" Awatu had been there, when they had gone. 'Tried' had been the operative word. She grinned sheepishly. "This guy figured out I was safekeepin' it. I dunno how much damage he could do even if he managed ta read it somehow, what with Accalia bein' dead now and all, but I know I fer one would sleep better if it weren't in anyone's hands." He shrugged. "Mm, unfortunate." There was a pause as he let that statement settle. "And I suppose you seek our assistance?" "Mostly I just wanted ta know if you guys knew anythin' about this Karthok guy, but sounds like ya don't. But I wouldn't turn assistance down." She raised her eyebrows. "If ya wanna devote any resources ta tryin' ta find this guy, nobody would think that was a bad idea." He tugged at his braided beard, thinking. "I will speak with the Inquisitors. If we have any records of him, they will know. As for offering assistance, we are stretched thin with our battles on the Isles at the moment. Though, there may be a few who could be convinced to lend their aid." "Just keepin' an ear out and passin' along any information ya find would be more than helpful. Thanks, Awatu." She chuckled. He nodded. "Not a problem," he said as he stood away from the table. "If we are done here, then, spirits guide you." He gave a final nod in farewell before he turned towards the exit of the tavern. Xara flagged down a waitress. "Drink please!"
  14. Xaraphyne


    Xara gazed at the inside of the cavern. An overturned, empty trunk lay kicked to one side, its clasps shattered. Fel scorch marks spotted the ground and some of the walls. There were scuff marks in the dirt, some from booted feet, some from clawed. A small trickle of blood told the rest of the story. Cyelaena had put up a fight. But, like Xara, the spirit wolf had only managed to put a dent in the orc, not stop him. Fhenrir shifted his grip. His arm supported her, helping her stand. Her hand was pressed to her side where Karthok had hit her. There was no visible wound, but she wasn’t sure if he’d struck with the blade or the hilt of that shadow dagger. Wherever he’d got that thing, it was a nasty piece of work. The pain was still crippling. “Where’s the wolf?” Fhenrir asked. His voice was hard with anger, but not at her. Xara looked at one of the scorch marks. It captured a partial silhouette of a low, crouching creature, if one had the imagination to see it. “She’ll be back,” she said. Fhenrir grunted. “And the book? Why were you keeping it here?” Xara gave a low chuckle. “No one knew it was here besides me and Cye,” she said. “I thought it was safe.” “Apparently not.” Okay, maybe a little bit of the anger was directed at her. “Ain’t a big deal though,” Xara began. “What do you mean? You got stabbed,” he said angrily. His head turned down toward her, a scowl making his red eyes glower, but she could see that the anger was from frustration that he hadn’t been able to stop this, and hadn’t been there when it happened. “And now this madman has a relic of the Eclipse in his hands. I’d say that was a big deal.” She chuckled again. “Well, two things. First off, Accalia’s dead. The marks are gone. Naheal said they threw her remnants into the twisting nether. There ain’t gonna be another Eclipse. Second of all, even if the contents of that book still are dangerous somehow…” She smirked. “He doesn’t know how to read it.” Fhenrir grunted again. He wasn’t amused. “I’m taking you to Noko,” he said. “Let’s get that wound looked at.”
  15. Xaraphyne


    Xara seized her bow and arrows where they lay nearby as she bolted for the door. She saw Karthok snatch a knife from midair as the table flipped and turn it toward Lupa, and Lupa twist to try to avoid it, but couldn’t stay to see what happened. The trolless’ strength in combat was her speed. If he couldn’t catch her, he couldn’t get her. Distance was the advantage she had to keep. She ran out into the yard. She hadn’t gotten more than halfway across it when the hut exploded in a mass of green flame. The force of the explosion pushed her but she kept her balance, ducking and running. She could still feel her bond to Lupa, so she knew the cat was still alive. Besides that, all she had to worry about was Fhen’s reaction when he saw. Well, that and the orc barreling after her. There were shouts from the top of the wall. The tauren patrol had seen the explosion, as would have anyone for several miles around, much less directly above and with an excellent vantage point. It was toward the stairs leading up the wall that Xara ran at a dead sprint. Beside the allies at the top, having the high ground was always a good idea. Something warned her to move and she spun just in time to dodge several small, glowing green things that flew by. Shuriken? She loosed an arrow at the charging orc, who also dodged the projectile, and completed her spin to continue her sprint with barely a loss in momentum. He was close, much closer than she would have liked. Then more green fire erupted in the night, about halfway up the stairs. The tauren patrol, on its way down, was halted. A massive felguard stepped out of the flames, flanked by two imps. The felguard hefted his axe and began smashing it down on the stairs, ensuring no one would be able to pass unless they wanted to try a two-and-a-half story drop. The imps launched firebolts at the patrol, forcing them to retreat and find cover. Xara ran a quarter of the way up the stairs and turned to loose several more shots at the orc coming up behind her. He was fast, nearly as fast as she was, and she only had time for three shots before he was on her. The first arrow he dodged, the second grazed him, and the third hit but he seemingly completely ignored it as he lunged at her. Glinting in each of his hands was a dagger, one wreathed in fel flame, the other made of glowing shadow. Xara went to dodge and try to sweep his feet out from under him with her bow, but he was just too fast. In the moment before his blows landed but she knew they were about to, she was breathtakingly reminded of Sinaku and how ruthlessly he had beat her. One of his daggers was partially deflected by her bow and movement, but the other was a full-strength kidney shot, and it dropped her. The pain was so intense she couldn’t even move. Karthok grinned, slipping both daggers back into his belt. “You should’ve chosen to be diplomatic. You’ll be in remembering that for quite a while.” Then he leaned down and placed his hands on both sides of Xara’s head. Sickly green lashes formed around his hands. Xara inhaled but didn’t get a chance to scream. Fel invaded her mind. It sought memories, knowledge of the thing Karthok was looking for. The black book. It didn’t take long to find it as it wasn’t far from her thoughts. In moments he knew where she had hidden it and what was guarding it. With a wide grin, he released her. Xara barely caught herself, her head brushing the stone steps. She saw him turn away and shout words in demonic. The racket of the felguard and imps stopped. “Not good enough,” Karthok said. He moved up the stairs, into the portal, and vanished. Still in intense pain, Xara pushed herself to her knees with an effort. She reached for her hearthstone. “Fhenrir,” she said into it, “I need you.” By the time they made it to the cave, Karthok, and the book, were long gone.
  16. New event added: karaoke night! This place looks really nice: https://www.vegas.com/nightlife/bars/off-the-strip/ellis-island/ We can do either Friday after the group dinner, or Saturday after the revue. As for the Friday group dinner: How does In-N-Out sound? I figure fast food is preferable to trying to find a sit-down restaurant that'll take 20+ people, and it's a west coast classic! Another idea: Definitely dragging someone to DDR with me here at some point: http://www.ddrfreak.com/locations/locations.php?action=displayLocation&locationID=28362
  17. Thank you everyone who attended! As with the first date auctions, the organizers learned a few lessons on how to ensure everyone has the most fun, but it seems like a good time was generally had by all! We wanted the most people to have the most fun, and I hope y'all enjoy your random RP! Entries & their winners Females Shokkra - 7900g I’m one hell of a beautiful bitch. I’m angry most of the time. I’m honorable as I can be. Fighting is one of my favorite things. I’m strong as fuck, and could deadlift anything short of a fel reaver. War is my profession, when I’m not smithing. Won by: Cymbidia Vilmah - 1900g Enjoys knitting, playing with puppies and talkin over battle strategies. Isn't a stranger to a good fight, but would like to keep things friendly. Ideal "date" would involve a good meal, a lot of drinking, and maybe a game of some kind. Won by: Gunheya Julilee - 1700g A strong leader with an unshakeable sense of duty. Years of experience on the battlefield makes for some great stories, and she has plenty to tell. Compassionate, warm, and charitable, she lives to serve others in the name of honor, integrity, and justice. The perfect date would involve helping those in need, and maybe a nice meal, but nothing too fancy. Won by: Nathandiel Fayleah - 7000g Not for the faint of heart. Our evening out will end with no less then one death. Possibly yours if you can't keep up. Have some drinks, Climb up somewhere nice and enjoy a good meal. Possibly you if you fall into the fire... I am told that your safety will be ensured by Borrowed Time but honestly have no clue how they can save you from falling for me... HAHA Get it? I'll pack you a glider. Won by: Baalthemar Aneerys - 9200g There is this shy young lady who enjoys sweet treats and pretty things. She seems to be fond of animals and light-hearted fun. If you are a nice man, you should take her out. Won by: Nathandiel Ketani - 1300g Skilled, multilingual seamstress and enchantress who enjoys quiet discussion and tea as much as she enjoys dangerous adventures through difficult territory. Platonic encounters only Won by: Lazarus Lilliana - 1100g I'm shorter than usual but I make up for it in attitude. I'm fiercely loyal to my friends and family but can be a little a little evil at times. That just makes me even more lovable, though. Also, my sister is going to kill me for this. Peace! Won by: Lazarus Vilmah (again) - 3400g Perseverant protector with amazing stories to tell... Likes to get along with everyone but isn't afraid to knock heads when necessary. Bonus: free handmade mug cozy with purchase. Won by: Karthok Myaka - 3200g Quiet craftsperson who enjoys smithing, and smithing design. Enjoys adventures and sparring. Platonic encounter preferred. Won by: Gunheya Kahlan - 2900g Sin'dorei female seeks someone to help her understand the concepts of bonding. Enjoys killing, alcohol and time alone. Humans need not apply. Won by: Cymbidia Siane - 2500g Shy and sweet, wouldn’t harm a fly. Make her blush if you enjoy that sort of thing. She can go anywhere, but odds are trouble will find her. But she’ll love you forever no matter what happens, because she just can’t not. Won by: Lazarus Resileaf - 4200g Ten thousand years of life experience in anything you can imagine, she may not be very talkative, but it does not make her any less passionate. This Sentinel's presence will not go unnoticed, wherever you go, whatever you do. Enjoys standing still in a time stop spell. Won by: Karthok, for Shokkra Males Aruku - 200g With all the fighting and anger out there, it's nice ta relax and just enjoy each other's company. Have a nice cup of tea, maybe go fishing... see where things go. That's how I found my wife! We got's an open relationship because there always need to be more loving in the world, for everyone! Just go with the flow, spreading the loving and happiness. Won by: Nathaniel Gunheya - 2100g You don’t have to settle for easy on the eyes, ears, or mind with me. My mouth works as fast as the machines I build and I’m all too happy to fence with an equal mind. Flexible but fun if you’re a woman looking for some excitement I’m always game. Won by: Vilmah Fen’lao - 3200g Large dark and handsome, this exceptional example of manliness is also a wonderful cook and extremely outgoing. Strong as a bear he is ehat everyone is looking for in a man, yet has a gentle side too. It'll never be a dull moment when you are around him, food is included. Won by: Nathandiel Mavis - 1900g He's big and warm and fluffy and always sneaks a snack before bedtime. No lies and always has hugs even though he looks scary. Won by: Tirien Rand - 3000g Music, romance, a quiet night out after this handsome man takes you got a sweet motorcycle ride. What more could you want out of a lovely evening where a mysterious man sketches your beauty and serenades you with sweet melodies. Don't miss out on this bad boy that you could take home to meet the parents. Won by: Fayleah, for Darilea Vathelan - 800g Young attractive single male with an interest in knights, chivalry, and the annihilation of the Legion. A skilled weaver of the arcane who specializes in frost magic, bureaucracy, and has extensive knowledge of noble houses and history. The perfect date would involve Arakkoan food and nice conversation. Won by: Lahcania Daerek - 700g Quiet, intelligent craftsman who enjoys discussing magical theory, herbs, and alchemical delights. He’d love to broaden his horizons, and with a little coaxing, he might broaden yours too! Won by: Boneslave/Edgar for Lilliana Nathaniel - 1300g I like to spend time in the company of an interesting person. Notice that I didn't say "people," because when there is only one I am truly take in their brilliance and learn about who they are; their hopes and dreams, what they're doing and where they've been. I'm an avid listener but I'm also willing to the lead. I have strong hands that can protect you, nimble feet that can dance with you, and a mind fit to entertain you long into the night. I love science and I love a little bit of danger. Tea is my favourite thing to drink and furs by the fire are my favourite place to cuddle. Won by: Tirien Kiannis - 400g Want someone smoking hot that will treat you like shit? Bid on a date with me. We can stand around while I blow a lot of hot air. Probably get a drink and talk about how much we hate people. Won by: Lazarus’ imp but Fayleah got the card Tuuroto - 900g This humble villager of the muck and mire is looking for a companion. He's friendly, he can make you laugh, and he's very good with his fingers. His favorite things include scavenger hunts, hot springs, and strawberry ice-cream. A quote from him, "Dalaran Law? Those are just unofficial suggestions, guidelines at best." Won by: Rhork Tirien - 1600g A kind soul who can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Patient, trusting, and friendly, they enjoy exploration and has lived in most parts of the Eastern Kingdoms. Can get moody, though keeps brooding private; slow to truly open up to others. Always on the look out to make new friends or stumble upon something more. Won by: Lazarus, for Lilliana Rupert Coldwater - 500g He's a man of coin by day, but a man of whispers by night. His ideal date involves showering his special someone with copious amounts of gifts and treasures. He enjoys rainy days, for even the dullest blade can be a precious collectible. He's only 5' 3", but he'll be the first to tell you he's massively sized in other ways. In fact, he's so adaptable, he'll go both ways. Won by: Rhork Un’qo - 3800g Honor. Peace. And Family. Standing at 9' 1", the cold doesn't bother this fellow. He may appear rather shy and standoffish, but he's just a fixer-upper doing something new for the first time in forever. Only one question: do you wanna build a snowman? Won by: Vilmah Kirital - 1100g Fun loving and charismatic, this person enjoys life and what it has to offer; often with reckless abandon. Confident and respectful, they make friends easily and genuinely sees the good in most anyone. Can be a flirt and a huge goof. Won by: Siane Rhork - 300g Young and excitable, there doesn't seem to be an end to this person's creativity. They wear their emotions on their sleeve and can offer moments of wisdom well beyond their years. Equally, however, they can bumble and trip though will always bounce back with optimism and energy. A fan of adventure novels, they hope to explore the world of Azeroth. Won by: Aneerys Lazarus - 1100g Enjoys walks down forest paths, pies, enchanting, and loves a good discussion. Won by: Tirien
  18. SOMEONE has made some reservations! Guest list updated!
  19. Semi-often bump! Four months out! Plans will start getting a little firmer in about a month, but start getting prepped now!
  20. [[ It's this weekend! Please PM Cobrak your cards! If you need help writing one, ask him and he can do it, or ask a friend... odds are they'll be all to happy to do it for you! ]]
  21. They show up in the activity feed if you have permission to see them. Not everyone uses the feed, though. I haven't been making as much use of the groups as I thought I would since Discord asploded. It's often easier to go where people already are than to make them go someplace. But a group can at the very least be a good place to collect material and direct people to it as a reference.
  22. Just for fun, here are all the major revisions of the sig as it's changed over time. Bonus: The original Xara banner, circa 2007
  23. Updated sig, with new outfits for Siane and *gasp* Xara. I found a goblin zeppelin in Stormheim so it seemed like a good time for a new location for Xara's shot too. Not sure about the pose though, might go back to the old one for her.