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  1. Xara's not too curvy... Like me... ;_;
  2. Oh, no, the craziest thing she does when drunk is sleep with pirate admirals. Btw, if you thought that might faze me, I had a year-long tour in Korea. Army + overseas = drinking debacles probably even you wouldn't believe.
  3. "...was I drunk?" "When aren't you?" "Ummm...."
  4. Citadel will miss your presence. Thank you for all you've done and good luck.
  5. I'm flattered, someone mentioned Citadel We are nearly through Karazhan and do RP, although to be honest there isn't a whole lot of RP -in- the guild. We just have a lot of role players who end up playing wherever there's playing to be done. So there is RP, just not in a central fashion like say Sanctuary, with their busy IC channel. That said, Ordo has a bunch of wonderful folks as well, and is a little more hardcore raiding, but I have the impression that they don't have as many role players. This could be incorrect, however. But all three of the guilds I have mentioned are awesome, and if you join any of them you'll meet great people (if you don't already know 'em!).
  6. It started out harmlessly enough. We'd heard about these crypts in Auchindoun that may or may not hold some treasures just waitin' around for the pickup. So we decided to check it out, you know, just see what we could see. "What's a kid doin' here?" asked the Admiral. I glanced over at Elrioch, then followed his gaze to the little draenei child who was near the others standing outside the crypts' entrance. My attention had been captured by the rather tall piles of bones... But it was pretty strange to see a child in a place like this. Moreover, he seemed to be following around and watching something. I say "something" because whatever it was wasn't apparent to us normal folk. Elrioch and I exchanged a look, and I shrugged. One of the adult draenei was muttering to himself, too. I started edging away, wonderin' if what they had was contagious, but Elrioch's curiosity was getting the better of him. I sighed as he walked toward the child, thinking about reminding him of that one time in Silithus with the geyser he just had to check out... Oh wait, that was me. "What're ya doin'?" he asked the kid. The kid looked at him and smiled indulgently. "I see dead draenei," he responded. "They're all around us." "No kiddin'?" El rocked back on his heels and studied the kid. "Bah, nobody believes me because I'm a child. Not even my own mommy believes me." "Well, it's kinda hard to believe somethin' like that," I said dryly. "He believes me though..." The kid pointed at the mumbling draenei. "He sees them too. Boy does he get angry about it!" He giggled. "It's kind of funny. I see ghosts and people just smile and pat me on the head, trying to placate me. Ramdor sees ghosts and people label him as crazy. I sure hope I never grow up!" "Yeah kid. Don't we all," Elrioch said. The kid suddenly fixed us with a look that was far too knowing for one his age. "You should probably talk to Ramdor before you go inside. He was once a death priest." I looked over at El again. He shrugged this time. Well, if there was one thing we had learned, it was not to ignore advice in unfamiliar territory, no matter where it came from. The strangest people sometimes had the best ideas. So I walked over to Mr. Mumble. "'Scuse me, I was wondering..." I began. "The child is correct. I was once a 'death priest'." The guy winced. I was taken aback at the intelligence behind his words, but who knows about these crazy types. "Such an unsavory title," he added under his breath. "So, uh..." I said. Ramdor didn't bother waiting for me to start a conversation proper. He clearly knew what we were here for. "Through that corridor lies the Auchenai Crypts," he declared. "Inside you will find the remnants of my priory. They are all mad now, of course. Insane to the last! I suppose I stood out, being the last one among them with any common sense. Of course, I was excommunicated for my beliefs." He was certainly a bitter crazy guy. Elrioch said, "What kinda beliefs get ya excommunicated?" "What are my beliefs you say?" The draenei laughed. The others nearby ranged from irritated to a little frightened as they glanced over at us. "I believe that the dead, which we have been caring for these last 500 odd years, should be left alone. Maladaar has other plans. He has retreated to the Crypt of Remembrance to start his experiments... Necromancy." "Well, that doesn't sound so crazy," I said. "I mean, I wouldn't throw you out for objectin' to that." "I hope you weren't thinking about going in there..." he said suddenly. "Not before helping me out so that these damned spirits will finally leave me alone. I know where they keep their treasures, troll." That was more like it. My interest must have been apparent. "Got your attention, eh?" He grinned. His teeth were kind of blackened. I have to say bad teeth are kinda a turn-off for trolls like me. "Bring me the book of the dead, held by the Aldor, Ezekiel of Shattrath." He waved a hand at us and turned away, back to his mumblin'. I raised my eyebrows at Elrioch. He grinned at me, and as one we turned to walk out of the corridor. Once we were outside, I put my two fingers to my mouth and blew a piercing whistle. El winced as he always did, then looked around suspiciously. But he didn't spot Kitty before she bounded down from one of the broken ledges overhead and landed on his back. He let out an oof and staggered while Kitty hit the ground gracefully and padded to my side. "Stupid smelly cat!" the Admiral complained, adjusting his hat. He gave Kitty a glare; she ignored him utterly. On the gray stone of the ruins, my cat's colorless and slightly transparent body blended in almost perfectly. I petted her, but she ignored me too. Who knows how cats think. "Shall we?" I grinned and we went over to our mounts. Still mumbling, El mounted astride his horse. I got on my loyal and patient riding wolf, Kedo. "At least Shattrath is pretty close," I offered. "You know some folks've had us running all over the place just to do their bidding." He turned his horse toward the exit. His gaze was skyward now, checkin' the sky through the shattered dome. I didn't see any signs of nearby Allies, but it never hurt to be careful. "We ride," he grunted, and spurred his mount into a gallop. Kedo needed no urging to follow suit. I can't say the wastelands made especially beautiful scenery, but I loved riding at high speed just the same. There was somethin' exhilarating about the freedom in it, the same thing that had brought the Admiral and me together in the first place. I grinned again. Well, maybe not the first place. The first thing that had brought us together wasn't our shared taste for adventure, more like a shared taste for alcohol. But it was what kept us journeying together ever since. Although sometimes I wondered if there was any other reason he preferred my company to journeying alone. Mostly after said shared taste for alcohol had been indulged. We slowed as we entered the forest and wound our way through the tall trees, oversized spiders, and aggressive wolves. In no time, the eerily beautiful city of Shattrath came into view. The peacekeeping draenei astride hulking elekk eyed us and the Alliance alike as we trotted further into the city. I did my best to ignore the eyeballing several Allies gave me. This was holy ground; I had neither the inclination nor the right to soil it with their dirty blood. Elrioch spit on the ground as a human walked by and I smirked to myself. I hadn't taken to the blood elves at first, once they joined the Horde, but after meetin' the Admiral they tended to amuse me more often than not. It took some asking around, but we finally found the fellow we were supposed to procure the book from. Then he didn't want to tell us anything about said book. With some motivation supplied he admitted that he used to have it, but it'd been stolen. Also said it was useless anyway and he were welcome to it. Can't say I was much of a bookworm myself, but if we could trade it for treasures, I'd gladly accept some scribbles bound in leather. So we went ruffian hunting. Finally we narrowed down possible suspects to a group of three toughs in one corner of Lower City. I eyed them from our vantage point a distance away. "They look like they know how to brawl," I commented. Elrioch cracked his knuckles. He had that look on his face that he got when he was spoiling for a fight and nothing was gonna convince him otherwise. "Then let's give 'em a chance to demonstrate," he said, and started walking forward. "That was all you could come up with?" I remarked, stepping up next to him. "We're about to dive headlong into a fight and you couldn't think of anythin' better than that to say?" He was too intent on the upcoming tussle to give my teasing too much mind. The ruffians took note of us then anyway and started sizin' us up. One of them smirked at me. I smirked back, letting some of my longer teeth show. I didn't have tusks as impressive as some of my brethren, but the rest were pointy enough to unnerve most folks when I smiled a particular way. Like I was now. It helped that Kitty smiled too, and her fangs were definitely more impressive than mine. To be fair, Elrioch all done up in his plate armor and slightly glowing aura was somewhat intimidating as well. To someone who didn't know him. I casually fingered by bow as El walked up to the one we figured was the leader. "Heard ya got yerselves a book," he said. "Dirty" Larry eyed El up and down. He was a thick human guy with an eye patch and no shirt, bald on top. "So what if we do? What's it to ya?" His two cronies chortled as though he'd said somethin' witty. Maybe for him it was. El said, "Not much really... I'm lookin' to make money, not spend it... so if ya could hand it over that'd be great." Larry's face turned even uglier. "No way, pretty boy. We don't hand over nothin' to no one. Ya better skedaddle now b'fore I stop feelin' generous." "My mom says 'skedaddle'," I commented. He gave me an unappreciative look. "And take yer freakish girlfriend with ya," he snarled. At my side, Kitty began growling at his tone. His cronies started reachin' for their weapons. Elrioch sprang into action. He extended a hand and a pillar of light crashed onto Larry, blinding him and stunning him for a brief moment. By the time he could see again, he had El's sword swinging at him. He barely brought up his truncheon in time to block the blow and then the two were trading hits, the truncheon clanging off El's shield with brute force. Meanwhile I was occupied with the cronies. They'd thought to help out their boss, but one of them found a sizable cat launching for his face and the other found an arrow stuck in his leg. The first tried to beat down Kitty while the second came after me, howling in anger. He never saw the ice trap at my feet before it exploded, encasing him in a block of solid ice. I started firing arrows in rapid succession at the first, who realized too late that he couldn't take cat and hunter at once and tried to run. Kitty brought him down and pinned him. It was over in moments. I saw Larry's truncheon fly into the air and El's sword at his neck. "Okay, okay! Don't hurt us. We had the book but we sold it..." Larry cried. "Go on." Elrioch smiled. I laid down another trap and smiled at the frozen ruffian. Kitty smiled into the face of the terrified one she had trapped under her paws. [[ Chapter 2 coming soon! ]]
  7. Shnookums! ...Cupcake? PRINCESS.
  8. Well yeah, we reaid without anyone. Me, Empty, whoever's not there misses out. But if you are there, you can get in, silly! Especially this coming week, because Gornash is gonna be... occupied. Heehee. And quit calling me sexy > Back on topic: I'm only just finding out about the arpee community on TN, but I like what I've seen so far. It helps to already be friends with a bunch of these people, because then that camaraderie transfers easily over into arpee. But I still feel like I'm only scraping the surface and I look forward to making a character everyone knows. Or at least I can dream
  9. I also enjoy helping out lowbies when I'm bored. I've actually made a few friends that way and it just cheers me to know that someone got what they were hoping for because of me, or were delighted by something they weren't even expecting. Although at the same time, I don't want to spoil the lowbies too much, because then they won't even appreciate what they're getting! Also, some of them really are kids and don't know how to feel gratitude. Ah well, they'll grow up someday. It's funny though, I was just thinking about my first days on WoW not that long ago. It was uh this past February (I'm a noooob) but even so I can tell a big difference. I remember when I was questing in the Barrens, I found a way to get on top of those barrier hills, and I ran around on them for hours, just looking at other lands. Then I fell down into Dustwallow Marsh and tried to get to the post there, but I got eaten by an alligator repeatedly and an ally rode by so I figured it was an Alliance post and gave up. But yeah... It was so exciting back then, exploring when everything was so new (and dangerous to a level 16 hunter). Now I'm just like meh, I've seen it all. But the end-game challenges and the friends I've made mean that although solo content and exploring aren't very interesting to me anymore, I still love the game.
  10. I'd say somethin, but... ... I got nothin.
  11. Stats Full Name: Xaraphyne Nawe (zair-a-feen nah-way) Nickname: Xara Age: ~29 Race: Troll Gender: Female Hair: Red Complexion: Lavender Eyes: Golden Height: 6' 3" Weight: 170 lbs. Place of Residence: Mulgore Known Relatives: Lilliana Bloodshine (aunt) Languages: Orcish, Zandali (spoken) Occupation: Treasure seeker/mercenary/pirate Description Xara is a slender troll with long legs, a ready laugh, and golden eyes. Her hair is bright red, falling around her face and down her back in a high half-ponytail, and her complexion is a pretty shade of lavender. She dresses in attractively fitting black and silver mail and carries a hefty longbow. Usually near her feet is a massive, semi-translucent cat. An etched silver tankard is always hung at one hip and her left wrist is decorated with a charm bracelet. Misc Facts Likes: Rum, treasure, flirting, shooting things, more rum, more treasure Dislikes: Swimming Hobbies: Cooking, exploring, drinking, getting friends in or out of trouble, or both Weapons of Choice: Bow, pet ghost saber, her wits Special Abilities: She can outdrink you. Trust me. Positive Personality Traits: Easy to befriend, and extremely loyal; will go to great lengths for her friends, further than many would ever expect. Negative Personality Traits: Has an occasional penchant for mischief that can sometimes be insensitive. Also, can't navigate worth a damn. Misc. Quirks: Speaks with a seafaring accent, not a trollish one. However, when feeling more serious, she will drop her accent entirely and speak perfect Orcish. History TL;DR Version Xara has gone from being a bounty hunter to a pirate to a treasure seeker to a mercenary. She settled down with Fhenrir Phoenix, but they've come out of retirement to return to adventuring and serving the Horde. TL Version Born to the bloodthirsty Bloodscalp tribe of Stranglethorn Vale, Xara was lucky enough to be kidnapped (if you look at it that way) at a young age in a raid by goblin slave traders and taken to Undermine. There she was even luckier to be purchased by an orc, Nigae, who was running an organization to save children from the slave trade. Raised in the organization's community alongside other children of all races who had been taken from their homelands, Xara learned to embrace the opportunist goblin culture surrounding her while Nigae did the best she could to instill morals in the children. Although Xara will admit no such thing, they did stick. Xara picked her name for herself, having never been given one by her original kin. After she became older and started traveling the world, she turned the skills she had begun to pick up as a child to her advantage, becoming an excellent hunter and tracker. Also, shortly before she left, she "obtained" an unusual cat. It had been imported from Kalimdor by a goblin trader who lost the intractable animal through certain orphan-induced circumstances. A ghost saber, its prickly nature appealed to Xara and she befriended it, earning a loyal companion -- though the cat affects indifference -- and one who grew to a deadly size. As Xara traveled, picking up whatever jobs she could and thoroughly enjoying her freedom, she began to earn a bit of a name for herself as a bounty hunter. Larger world events did not affect her lifestyle greatly, and in fact for some time she wasn't quite sure what was going on in the greater scheme of things. She met the pirate admiral Elrioch under certain amusing circumstances, decided not to kill him for the bounty on his head, and instead found a best friend who shared her taste for alcohol, adventure, and gold. After adventuring with him for a while she began to style herself his First Mate, much to his bemusement, but he accepted her place at his side. Although she was never much liked by the other Bloodsail, they grudgingly learned to respect her authority as Elrioch's next in command. The troll came to be a part of the guild Citadel due to Gornash, who was already a member. After meeting a few guild members and judging that they could all hold either their liquor or their own in a fight, she decided to join up. Over time she became very invested in the guild and was promoted to officer, the banker/quartermaster position; odd perhaps to choose a pirate for the job, but she swore she knew stealin' when she saw it and wouldn't let it happen to the guild. After joining up with Elrioch, she began to gather up a motley crew in his name. The Admiral was never quite sure what to make of it, but they made a happy, raucous adventuring group. For a long time, Xara was well aware that Elrioch liked her very much, but would shoot him down often before any suggestion even came out of his mouth, usually by reminding him that fraternization isn't allowed in the crew (a rule he never actually put out, but which confounded him every time). Then, he proposed to her. She told him she would have to think about it and for a long time avoided giving him an answer. The troll became particularly unwilling to after Elrioch left for a dangerous trip to the northern continent and did not take the crew, even leaving Xara behind... because when he returned, she found out he had become afflicted by a dangerous and incredibly powerful curse. She began planning to find a way to cure it despite his insistence she stay out of it. Not long after, she met a young ranger named Jazziks and quickly formed a close, protective relationship with the girl. When Jazziks' brother Sinaku became corrupted with evil magics, Xara got deeply involved in seeing to Jazziks' safety, then the safety of much more as Sinaku summoned a plague and an ancient evil to Azeroth. Xara's guildmate and friend Elanderik, also Elrioch's brother, became enmeshed as well, and she began to rely on him heavily as the problems mounted. Aid came to her in the form of a ghostly wolf companion named Cyelaena, a gift from Elune. During this time, her relationship with the crew became strained due to her failing to address the issues many of them were having in favor of these pressing matters. When Rand initiated a mutiny because of this, Xara felt incredibly guilty and at first ceded leadership to him; however, she came to the realization that she'd had to make the difficult choice as a leader to help those who needed her the most, and her mutinying crew members had betrayed her by failing to recognize this and support her. She took back control of the crew and 'booted' the mutineers, although they didn't consider themselves on the crew anymore at that point anyway. She later reconciled with most of the crewmembers involved. In the middle of this, Elrioch was fighting his own demons, and it was beginning to seem a losing battle. But in one extraordinary night, everything changed. When his soul was about to be taken, Xara finally told him she'd marry him, and Elrioch overcame the demonic influence. Xara returned to the fight against Sinaku and the evil force influencing him with her faltering faith in her own ability to help those who needed her restored. Sinaku was defeated shortly after. As things quieted down a bit, Xara found herself struggling more and more with all the commitments she had managed to make in the past year to her friends, crew, and guild; a stark contrast to the free and hedonistic lifestyle she had enjoyed before meeting Elrioch. She worked very hard to fulfill her role as an officer of Citadel by taking an active interest in guild policy, negotiating alliances with other guilds, and leading her guildmates as they ventured into the dangerous places of Azeroth and Outland, and for the crew, she tended to be the one to direct the cabin boys and girls and make important decisions as Elrioch was generally content to let her do so. He was frequently absent and often Xara had to handle all of her responsibilities on her own. Many members of the crew continued to have troubles, but Xara began to act uncharacteristically unwilling to deal with them. She withdrew from her friends, and when Accalia reached out for her final strike against Azeroth, the troll seemed more resigned than resolved to facing down the ancient evil once more. Elrioch's continuing lack of concern for the things she struggled with finally came to be too much, and Xara began to have an affair with Elanderik. Nonetheless she was there to help bring Accalia down when the Eclipse finally occurred. But it was not over then; Accalia thrust her adversaries into a nightmare world of their own creation. There, Xara was forced to confront everything she had been avoiding and more. The experience changed her greatly. When she returned, she began to make major changes in her life. To the shock of everyone who knew her, she left Citadel, and gave Elrioch back his ring. She and several of the crewmembers founded their own guild, the Crew of the Mourningstar, named after their ship -- of which she became Captain after she and Elrioch parted ways. Toraneko became her Head Cabin Girl and Cpike her Official Emissary; both had become steadfast friends over this time. The crew swelled in size, and various hijinks ensued, including various run-ins with the rival Vile Reef Cartel, led by Fafnir Vayde, who would eventually become a friend of sorts. However, Xaraphyne drifted away from Elanderik, and after an incident with Rand and Rethsil, she and Cpike stopped being close as well. She focused her efforts on taking the Black Temple with her allies in the group the Twisting Nether Raiders, eventually moving on to try to conquer the Sunwell Plateau as well. During this time she and the tauren warrior Fhenrir became good friends, and she also met the blood elf paladin Maithanet. Also around this time, she decided to gather by word-of-mouth friends, allies, and acquaintances to form a band loosely called the Treasure Seekers. The group began exploring dangerous and exciting places in search of adventure and loot. Her interest quickly waned, however, and she ended up leaving the group's administration in the capable hands of Filora, though Xara retained the rank of Director. For awhile, Xara seemed content to simply pursue her flighty fancy across Azeroth and Outland, and she and Fhenrir ended up spending more and more time in each others' company as they engaged in adventures harebrained, deadly, or both. In time she fell in love with him, but he was married, and returned her feelings only platonically. Surprisingly, Xara accepted that and was content to simply continue keeping his company. Then, when Fhenrir confronted his psychopath brother, Fhenrigo, and killed him, an unknown force acted to twist events in a stunning way. Fhenrigo's soul was placed into the body of someone with whom Xara had been having a casual relationship. He plotted carefully and when he revealed himself to Xara, she was manipulated into believing that he could have been unfairly maligned and that he was in love with her. She couldn't bring herself to reveal Fhenrigo to his brother although she knew that Fhenrir would desire nothing so much as an end to his sibling. Confused and easily swayed into limbo between the two brothers, Xara allowed the relationship to continue. Eventually, due to her guild's neglected condition, she chose to disband the crew as a guild and go back to its prior form as an unofficial organization. This happened as Azerothian forces prepared to journey to Northrend; a development that deeply disturbed her, as she attributed her failed relationship with Elrioch to the evil forces from the continent that had warped his heart and soul, and had come to fear unreasonably that Northrend would destroy anyone she cared about who ventured there. She had forbidden any member of her crew to go, but most if not all intended to go anyway. At this time, Fhenrigo chose to act against his brother. Tired of biding his time without accomplishing anything, he decided to kill Xaraphyne to get at Fhenrir, having observed their sometimes painfully close interactions. Fhenrir arrived in time to save Xara and kill Fhenrigo once and for all... hopefully. With Maithanet's timely help, Xara lived, but the experience promised to change the trolless further, especially as Fhenrir discovered her betrayal. But when he confronted Xaraphyne about her relationship with his brother, he ended up admitting that he had fallen in love with her. Stunned, Xara denied it, choosing to believe that it was because his wife Kaliera had disappeared some time ago, and he had come to depend on her for support. Maithanet invited Xaraphyne to join his Blades of Lordaeron, and she accepted. People began to journey into Northrend; Fhenrir and Xara kept in close touch, and her fears about the frozen continent began to dissipate. However, as Fhenrir's search for Kaliera proved more and more fruitless, their relationship began to fray under the strain, especially as his feelings for the trolless became undeniably apparent. It had been possible for her to be content knowing Fhenrir was happy with her as a friend; knowing he loved her in return but they could never be together, for he loved Kaliera as well and would never hurt her, Xaraphyne's will began to crumble. Then, Xaraphyne found out about Maithanet's death and the shrouded circumstances surrounding it. A noncommittal response from a figure of authority led her to conclude that Maithanet had killed himself. Xaraphyne sank further into depression, and when she and Fhenrir shared one painful moment too many, she snapped and drove him away. Angry at her unreasonable behavior, Fhenrir stopped associating with her. At this point, there wasn't much left for Xara. The crew was defunct, its members having for the most part drifted away; her friends were occupied with things in which she had not stayed involved; and she had no lovers, only a long line of failed relationships. She had lost everyone she had ever cared about, due to her own failings: not being able to commit, not being there when they needed her, not being able to be accept the way things were. Bitterness left a mark on her personality that came as a surprise to those who ran into the formerly carefree, friendly trolless. Then, something rather strange happened... Xaraphyne and her ghost saber, Kathren, were switched bodies. Kathren set about righting a number of Xara's problems with good, feline common sense, and achieved some interesting and remarkable results. Xara would have stayed as a simple cat, but Kathren talked her into coming back to herself, especially since she had convinced Fhenrir to accept that his wife was gone and to be with Xaraphyne. Before switching back, Kathren revealed her true name to Xaraphyne -- Lupa. When the Cataclysm came, Xara and Fhen took up arms with some of their former adventuring companions, who had formed a guild called Borrowed Time. Xaraphyne also procured an airship to replace the Mourningstar, which had been destroyed with the Cataclysm. She named it the Skyseeker, and her friends Selash and Toraneko helped get it flightworthy. Mostly flightworthy. With the defeat of Ragnaros, she and Fhenrir retired together from most adventuring affairs for some time. They chose not to marry, but stayed together in the Barrens, occasionally visiting with Fhenrir's niece Nokokomah and showing up to social events. The arrival of the Pandarens didn't affect either of them much, but when the Horde began warring within itself, Fhenrir was pressed into returning to active duty. Xaraphyne joined him, and they began seeking a new company alongside which to fight -- and ended up choosing the Grim, as one of the few dedicated Horde forces left. However, it soon became clear that the two of them couldn't abide by the Grim's philosophy, and they left on strained terms, though Xara was able to preserve a friendly relationship with much of the guild. She and Fhen went back to the banner of Borrowed Time, which would eventually grow back into a formidable force of its own. One good thing came of Xara's failed attempt to join the Grim: She met a trolless named Lilliana Bloodshine with whom she shared an undeniable resemblance. After piecing together Lilliana's family's convoluted history, they determined that they were in fact related -- sort of. While their biological relationship was best described as Lilly effectively being Xara's aunt, the two ended up like sisters. An unexpected development arrived when the Infinite Dragonflight chose to muck around in Fhenrir's past and try to put a younger, alternate version of him in their service in Xara and the real Fhen's timeline. Xara tried to help steer this alternate Fhenrir to the right course but ultimately could not bring herself to trust him, the uncanniness too much for her. He seemed to head down a path not too ruinous so she let him go. Then the curse of the Eclipse was reawakened. Xara and Naheal, both veterans of the first Eclipse, recognized the threat immediately and set about mobilizing a defense. As a result, the curse remained relatively constrained this time, but there were still casualties in the form of a young headstrong tauren named Konro Xara tried to help, and many others who suffered in the struggle. The alternate Fhenrir ultimately got involved, and in the end, Xara was forced to kill him. The nightmare that followed Accalia's fall was challenging, but this time Xara was able to do more than escape, and contributed to ending Accalia once and for all. There was a short time of peace before a new threat reared its head. A cult, a sadistic woman who kept reappearing after she was killed, and a black dragon with aspirations of starting total war led to the series of events later to be known as Hollow, referring to the deadly poison that was used. When Lilliana was kidnapped, Xara bet everything she had in a gambit to save her. Ultimately, both were rescued, though the trauma Xara experienced would leave a subtle mark on the trolless' carefree nature even after she had recovered and moved on. It almost wasn't a surprise when the Eclipse threatened again, though it was much sooner this time around. An orc named Karthok had decided to try to revive the defeated Ancient and user her power to his own ends, and he tricked Xara into revealing she knew where the black book was that was a key to Accalia. Soundly defeated, Xara realized that she had let herself get soft and resolved to improve. However, she ended up using skills other than combat ones to contribute to the effort to stop Karthok. She discovered the key to transferring the Heraldic bond away from Karthok before the final confrontation, though it ended up for naught as he killed the thief of it and took it back. He then killed Xara, but she was revived when Accalia was freed, the once-corrupt Ancient having been purified and turning on her would-be master to fight alongside the heroes. As Karthok seemed to near defeat, however, he threw all his foes into the now-familiar Nightmare, and Xara once again had to confront her fears, for the first time alone. Currently, Xara continues working as a mercenary affiliated with Borrowed Time while Fhenrir serves the Horde as a Lieutenant-General. Except under exceptional circumstances, she generally avoids getting involved in conflicts, particularly ones within the Horde. However, she will always lend her support to a friend if need be. Theme song: "The World You Love", Jimmy Eat World Other songs: "What Have You Done", Within Temptation "Gather & Give", Finger Eleven "Time of Dying", Three Days Grace "Secrets", OneRepublic Stories & Art Involving Xaraphyne Stories in chronological order A Day in the Life (How she met Elrioch.) Ghostly Treasure (The spirit world isn't going to be the same after she and Elrioch are done with it!) Eclipse - The Curse (Protecting her young friend Jazziks becomes quite the adventure...) Tales of a Scoundrel: Scourge of the Vile Reef (Xara hears about some competition the Bloodsail have.) Xara's Birthday (Xara's friends gather to celebrate.) Eclipse - Penumbra (She, her friends, and her allies prepare to face down the final threat of the Eclipse.) Eclipse - Reveries (It's not over until they confront what they would rather not.) Vile Reef Exports: Open for Business (Xara meets a long-time rival. Hijinks ensue.) Bloodlines & Blood Magic (Vaande's brother is trouble. Big trouble.) Lies & Flowers (Xara has a secret admirer?) Weakest Moments (Friendship endures despite being tested in one of the most strenuous ways.) Tales of a Scoundrel (and friends): The Big Job (Xara and Fafnir team up unexpectedly.) Around the Fire (Xara tells the story of how she "got" Kathren.) Reaping What You Sow (The climactic story of how Xara's entanglement in Fhen's family ties ends.) The Times In Between (Friends try to comfort Xaraphyne.) Tales of a Scoundrel's Crew: A Simple Exchange (Some gift horses should, in fact, be looked in the mouth.) Xara's Tale of the Eclipse (Years later, Xara tells the story of the Eclipse as she's never told it before.) In the Grim (Xara tries to figure out how to belong in the Grim.) A Grim Heritage (Sandfury) (Xara learns about her biological history.) A short note (Xara withdraws from the Grim and they don't take it well.) *Grim Only* Friends for Tea (Xara and Fhenrir have come out of retirement, and discuss recent events with friends.) Eclipse: Moonlight's Shadow (Something seems to be stirring again. Xara investigates.) Eclipse: The Beginning of the End (Some time before coming out of retirement, Xara ran into Vionora in Shattrath.) Eclipse: Questions (Xara shares her knowledge of the last Eclipse with Leyu'jin and Khorvis before her pet takes matters into her own... jaws.) Eclipse: Broken History (Friends and allies discuss the origins of the curse.) Eclipse: The Beast Within (Xara tries to help a friend before it's too late.) Funeral of a Warrior (A friend is laid to rest.) Eclipse: Battle at the Sunwell (Xara's plan to destroy the black book goes awry.) Eclipse: Progeny (Fhenrir and Xara face Accalia's beasts.) Eclipse: Time to Strike (A plan is hatched to capture Accalia's herald.) Eclipse: The Eclipse (Accalia comes.) Eclipse: Summary (A full summary of the events of the second Eclipse.) Nightmare: The Fall (In the twilight nightmare, Xara and Fhen struggle with the decimation of the Horde.) An Ear for an Ear (Xara comes across an unfortunate incident.) Hollow: The Cavalry (There is nothing Xara wouldn't bet to save Lilliana.) Saros (Xara loses the black book, and her home.)
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