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  1. I got Mal's response today! Here is what he had to say in response to all the shoutouts: "Tell Kexti I love/hate him, and still expect a dick punch picture. To Shaelie, do more evil stuff you goodie goodie! To Syreena, HI HI ... and /glare To Canai, Hey, you sexy man/girl/cow/lion. To Greebo, I look fuckin good in this green. To Fhenrir, Whaz up bro dawg?! Life sucks at the moment, but its going to be worth it! To Cerryan, Hi hello! To Tahzani, Omigod I forgot to mail you chanting supplies! Soz bruh! To Lupinum, Khorvis, Leyujin, Drinn, Awatu - RP more brutal and fuckin metal shit for me to read when I get to AIT in 6 weeks. PEACE, Through Annihilation!"
  2. Thank you for offering, but I'm not looking for critique.
  3. First night success! Then the murloc showed up, and got juggled.
  4. I haven't played in two years or so. Kind of too lazy to relearn everything. <_< Specifically I was working on a huge project with a very complex mod and I feel like I'd be obligated to re-learn how to use it and finish the project, because my aspirations used to be so high. Haha!
  5. I liked building I don't know all the new items and creatures and stuff that are in the game these days.
  6. [[ Part I of the now-annual tradition. ]]
  7. Same here. If this is happening in Sanctuary, Borrowed Time, or the Horde community channel, and I'm not aware, please let me know so I can address it. It will more likely be a case of observing it happen to someone else, though, as whomever it is happening to will be needing help. I'm glad to say that I haven't witnessed anything like this in the community, though. Of course I'm not there every minute or even every day and I certainly don't see what happens in whispers or closed roleplay I'm not involved with, but I can vouch for the health, maturity, and supportiveness of our community at large. While there will always be the occasional jealous flare-up or an emodramatic moment, toxic behaviors like those described here are not openly tolerated in our community anywhere that I've seen.
  8. I did forget my company/batallion though. In my defense, it was 12 years ago.
  9. Oh man. Awatu's gonna be on Xandric's kill list. Wait, he probably is already...
  10. Heya. RP is good on both sides. The community is small, but close-knit, and RP is easy to find once you start talking to folks. Here are my impressions of guilds, others are free to add more details or different impressions: Horde: - The Grim is still around, celebrated their ten-year anniversary not long ago, and are still evil. - Sanctuary has been revived and are still good(y). - Borrowed Time is a catchall for neutral mercenaries and more flexible storylines (time travel, etc.). - A few others are kicking about like Coldstar Cantina, Outriders, and others. Alliance: - Twilight Empire is a peaceful guild that came with Ravenholdt which recently celebrated their eight-year anniversary. - Eternal Aegis are defenders of the Alliance not afraid to get their hands dirty. - Jade Lion is big on PvP. - Cup & Blade Caravan is heavily RP focused with the theme of being a traveling caravan of traders and entertainers, which literally travels around the continents. - Beryl Falconia was recently founded and is growing and is based on recruiting members which have fallen from grace and want to redeem themselves.
  11. New WIP, initial rough sketch of Narya
  12. [[ Updated Xara's post with dialogue more fitting for Fhen, with his player's suggestions. ]]
  13. Also, if anyone just wants to send him a shoutout I can include in my letter, I'd be glad to! (e.g. "so and so says hi!")
  14. It's at Relaxin' Jackson, so yes, Army!
  15. As some of you know, Malhavik has gone off to Basic training. I have acquired his address there, and am willing to pass along any letters you might like to write! Just send in a PM, and I'll print them out and mail them off.
  16. "He's gotta have at least twenty by now," Xara said. "Let's focus on not dying," Fhenrir grunted. A drakonid parried the tauren warrior's greatsword, but even its considerable bulk was driven back by Fhenrir's ferocity. Xara laughed as another arrow sang from her bow to imbed itself in the eye of a flying drake, causing it to screech and plummet into the throng of battle below. She leapt up onto a craggy outcropping and fired another arrow at a black-armored Serinar follower that was charging for Fhenrir's back. The arrow caught the soldier in a gap of his armor at the knee and made him take a tumble that rendered him harmless when the drakonid wheeled around and trampled him. Fhenrir turned to follow his opponent, slashing with a growl at the drakonid's neck. "Black Label ain't easy to come by!" Xara responded. "Besides, I only lose bets when I intend to." He was focused on the fighting, but responded nonetheless to Xara's banter after a moment. "A convenient alibi for losses," he said, the words punctuated with hacks of his weapon. "What are you implyin'?!" Something caught her attention out of the corner of her eye. She just saw a flash, something moving fast toward her, and instinctively knew that it would be a good time to vacate her current position. A flying leap barely cleared the area before a harpoon sundered the outcropping where she'd been perched with an ear-splitting crack of shattered rock. Reflexively as she landed she turned and fired a shot in the direction the harpoon had come from, while wondering what on Azeroth (or any of the other worlds she'd been to) was capable of throwing a harpoon that damn hard. The other Xara deflected the arrow with a swift spin of her spear, and laughed the exact same laugh Xara had just laughed. "Oh hell," Xara said. The other her looked the same, but not. Sure, her red hair was pretty much the same style with a high half-pontail and neck-length bangs framing her face. And her armor was similarly flashy, with a nearly identical bodice-like top and close-fitting leggings, if in black and red instead of black and gold. But instead of a bow, she wielded a greatspear with the ease and deftness of a melee fighter, and her build was bulkier to match. And her golden eyes had slits for pupils. "Well yer creepy," Xara said. The other Xara laughed again. "Don't pretend like you be completely wholesssome, sssisster," other-Xara said. "We both know dat ain't true." It wasn't... draconic, the inflection. Xara frowned as she circled warily, trying to put her finger on what had gone wrong with this alternate her. She heard the grunt and clangs beyond her as Fhenrir continued to battle the drakonid. "Whose love-child did you end up bein'?" she inquired. Other-Xara snickered. "Ya t'ink we be needin' different parentsss ta end up different? Nah... Just different luck." The other trolless came at her with a raptor-fast strike of her spear. But Xara was pretty fast herself, and ducked and spun, lashing out with a kick meant to trip the other trolless. The blow landed but didn't even stagger other-Xara, who stabbed downward with her very pointy weapon. Xara threw herself aside and knew she had to get out of melee range fast. "Get her, Kitty!" she commanded. Lupa bounded from the thick of battle where she'd been keeping Serinar-sworn off Fhenrir and landed on other-Xara front paws first. The massive cat was able to do what Xara wasn't and knock the other trolless back. Rebounding from the impact, Lupa landed at Xara's feet as the trolless rose and nocked an arrow. "Watch yer back," Xara called to Fhen, not taking her eyes off the slit-pupilled Xara. "Haven't ya ever wondered how you would be if de goblinsss hadn't taken ya?" other-Xara inquired with a grin. Xara grabbed a handful of arrows and unleashed a barrage. Some of the projectiles struck but they didn't seem to seriously injure the other Xara as the melee-wielding trolless dashed at her. Lupa moved to interpose herself, but a winged snake swooped down from the sky to strike the cat, and the two animals were quickly enmeshed in a hissing tangle of claws, scales, and fur. Xara was already moving, firing off shots to slow down her opponent as she tried to maintain a distance and bring her down. "Yesss... Much more powerful be what you would be," other-Xara informed her, and hurled her spear. The weapon spun as it flew, not end over end, but like a goblin missile, rotating from a snap of the wrist in a way that made it fly so much harder and faster. Xara threw herself to the side but it drew a blaze of pain down her side where it scored on her. In the moment she had, Xara drew back her bow in a full-powered shot that took the charging trolless in the throat. Or it would have, if the neckguards she wore similar to Xara's hadn't blunted the hit. The other-trolless staggered and her breathing was obviously impacted, but she reached Xara anyway and tackled her to the ground. "De power be in you too," other-Xara said raspily, pinning her down by the throat. "I can feel it. I be gonna take it, like I done wit' so many others." She had drawn a dagger and held it high. "But dis be de bessst, what Ssserinar promised me... more o' de power from our father'ssss bloodline... de truessst Loa o' dem all!" "Do ya even hear yourself?" Xara managed. "Ya sound like a storybook villain. But that's kinda Serinar's style, ain't it?" Fhenrir's barreling charge took the other trolless right off her. Xara rolled into a crouch. "Kitty, heel!" she shouted, and Lupa immediately disengaged from the wind serpent. A binding shot pinned the serpent to the ground for good and a single nod had Lupa dashing back to her side. The cat didn't care one whit how similar the two were; she knew her Xara. The other one smelled like serpent and death. The other Xara disengaged from the grapple with the tauren warrior and had come up next to her spear, which she seized up again. "What the hell is this, your evil sister? Don't you already have one of those?" Fhenrir snarled. "Yer one to talk," Xara retorted. "Least Lilly's never tried ta sleep with you and kill me!" "Ya blood be mine!" other-Xara howled, completely disregarding the witty dialogue, and knelt down for a moment, only to spring right over the tauren's head for Xara. The arrow took her in the heart this time. Xara stepped aside, but still winced at the impact as the other trolless' dead body slammed into the ground. The similarity just remained sort of uncanny, if arguably eye-rolling-inducing. Lupa sniffed the body and distinctly made a cat grimace, then went to go finish off the pinned-down wind serpent. "Well then," Xara said. She smiled at Fhen. "That makes twenty-seven!" "Also, never say that again," Fhenrir said. Xara snickered as she raised her bow to put another flying drake in her sights, and Fhenrir turned to wade back into the melee.
  17. Haha, you made up for not being at the cap at the end! Fun to see all the other stuff going on, we were pretty much on opposite ends of the map the whole time. I can't look at someone else's UI and not make suggestions though. First of all, the voice awareness mod, surely some of those notifications are unnecessary and can be disabled (particular buffs that aren't as helpful to know as others)? It would reduce your spam and not only make a more enjoyable video to watch, but probably help you too to narrow down the things you need to focus on. Second of all, curious why you use the full-screen map instead of the shift-M battlemap? If you can allot the real estate on your screen, I find it's really helpful to have it up all times to see where folks are without having to break away from the action. Just a couple ideas!