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  1. Daçiana laughed and slapped Xara on the back. "I knew I always liked you for a reason!" Xara grinned and flagged the bartender down for another round. As she and the orc handed their emptied mugs over the bar, Xara leaned back, exhaling. "Yer doin' a fine job keepin' up with me here. Been awhile since someone gave me a run fer my drink." "You should've seen me before," Daçiana said. "Tahz gave me this green stuff from his home and I didn't realize you were supposed to sip it slowly. Apparently not doing so kills most people. I downed the whole thing, and it was the first th
  2. "Relax," the orc said. She gave the bartender a nod, who moved away to go help other customers. "I'm not going to hurt you." "Who are you?" Xara said. "What have you done?" The orc glanced around, then set down the mug she was carrying and turned to Xara. She gave a flick of her hand at the door Xara stood in front of. "Let's go outside to talk." Room to maneuver was Xara's friend in combat, and innocent bystanders were not, so Xara nodded warily and withdrew from the tavern. Outside, the city street of Orgrimmar was dirt-packed and solid beneath her feet, reassur
  3. The moment Xara walked into the tavern, the fur on the back of her neck stood up. Danger, said every sense. She paused inside the door, casually, letting her gaze move around the room. Some irrational part of her mind expected to see Sinaku. She hadn't encountered the first Herald of Accalia in more years than she had fingers, but that was what her instincts spoke of first. Her thoughts then ran through a litany of other old foes. Morinth? Karthok? Even Fhenrigo crossed her mind. But none of those old specters haunted this tavern; just a couple faces familiar in a good way, and a few
  4. Here's a handy dandy template! (Number of bullet points is just a suggestion)
  5. Sorry for your loss, and for others missing the chance to know him.
  6. New Juli WIP, actually trying to put some effort into the armor this time
  7. "Oh yeah, I know just the guys. Greatwulf." Xara grins, raising her eyebrows. "They're professionals. They have a reputation. And I can speak well of 'em. They got the job done. And then some." She smirks. "What do I mean by that? Well... Gall, their boss, he was willin' ta come help more than I'd originally paid for. Didn't quite work out the way either of us intended, but..." She shrugs, then grins again. "I have a feelin' I'll be seein' him again."
  8. These appear to be the only two good links left in this thread. Someone start a new thread with guides to roleplay basics! I had someone asking for some resources today and need some good ones to point folks to.
  9. Julilee! Looking amused but skeptical. Pose from a reference.
  10. [[ Wish I could have come! Hope I can make the next event you're organizing! ]]
  11. Forgot to put this here: the latest Siané sketch Pose referenced off another pic & background was open source
  12. If you do ever find the option to change to a code view instead of a WYSIWYG editor though, that'd still be great. I like to see the code to fine-tune it, sometimes the WYSIWYG editor is frustrating!
  13. By the way, at some point I not only realized I was wrong (sometimes the numbers don't match up at all), but vaguely remembered that Mortica might have already established this. Disregard! Will continue searching for old threads and updating links as I can.
  14. Man, I really doubt any lobbying is required at this point. It's unlikely not to happen given how low activity is. If they say they're looking at servers to merge, we are assuredly on the list.
  15. Conclusion I hope to have piqued your interest in addons, or, if you’ve already taken on a few, shown you how far you can go with them! As I said, you don’t need addons to excel at the game. But they can make the game more accessible, and some people enjoy UI-building as a pastime once they get into it. Like me! If you need tips or suggestions, please feel free to post here, or ask me in Discord or wherever. I’m always down to help people out and compare notes. You can also show off your UI here, and/or ask for feedback on it! Go for it!
  16. Examples Would you like some examples for inspiration? Allow me to present some! Stage 1: Spiffing Up A Bit This is an example of UI which has only done a couple mods – looks like an action bar mod, a minimap mod, and a mod called “Titan Panel” that gives you a bar across the type like you see in your class order hall. As you can see, it’s just slightly spiffier, and the buttons are more conveniently condensed. Cool, right? Start there and see how you like it! The first hit is free. Stage 2: Getting Adventurous Here we have a UI wh
  17. How to Install, Update, & Maintain Addons All right! So you’re ready to try addons? Then here’s where to find them, how to install them, and things you should be aware of when it comes to maintaining your addons. Installation & Updating - Addon Websites As you may have noticed, I’m a fan of Curse.com. However, there is another popular WoW addon website, wowinterface.com. Plenty of mods are hosted on both sites, pretty much all of the popular/common ones are, but wowinterface.com tends to have some of the more esoteric or cutting-edge mods. In any case, al
  18. Miscellaneous Suggestions These are mods that don’t fit neatly into an above category or are too highly specialized to not be set apart. You might find something here that intrigues you! - Better Ability Cooldown Timers You can get a more exact countdown of when your cooldowns are up, such as showing seconds, including down to the first decimal point, directly on the button. This is nice when a big cooldown is down to sliver but you can’t really tell if that means 5 seconds or 15. I recommend OmniCC (mods.curse.com/addons/wow/omni-cc). - HUDs (Head
  19. Mods That Provide Direct Play Assistance These are the mods that, basically, tell you when to hit what ability. This is another thing people might scoff at, but rotations/priorities can get very complex with procs and who knows what else, so it isn’t unreasonable to use these. Do keep in mind, though, that they’re only as good as the thought process of the person who wrote them! They are the most applicable to DPS, but healers and tanks can really benefit from receiving certain cues as well. - Class-Specific Play Assistance These types of mods are designed for cert
  20. Mods That Give You Additional Information Still with me? Great! So the next category of mods, now that we’re past those that change how your UI looks, are those that give you information that’s just not available (in any practical sense) otherwise. The most popular of these, and actually the most popular addon in the entire game, is of course DBM, which informs you of boss encounter mechanics. Other mods can provide information that helps you in other ways. For example, there are mods that can show you who in your group has used interrupts, stuns, and big cooldowns, so that you can m
  21. Onto the more peripheral or specialized UI-appearance-changing addons. These are also presented in the order I’d recommend trying them, though again, you’ll probably want to start with one of the above. - Minimap The best part of installing a minimap mod is that it lets you move it anywhere on your screen. The next best part is that it lets you change the shape of it (say make it square to show more area) and otherwise make it look a lot cooler. It’s a small difference in your gameplay overall but it’ll probably make you happy, and what else do you really need. I recommen
  22. Mods That Change the Interface’s Appearance The UI can be broken down into several separate things. As mentioned before, you have your unitframes, and you have your action bars. You also have your scrolling combat text, nameplates, and a few other things like castbars, minimap, buffs & debuffs, chat, and tooltips. But those first four are really going to be the foundation for your UI, and you can alter them one at a time to make it easier to get used to the changes. I’ll go over multiple parts of the interface, but the first four are the best ones with which to start, in the approxima
  23. Mod Categories In the simplest terms, mods generally fall into these categories: - Changing the interface’s appearance - Giving you additional information - Providing direct play assistance - Organization/tracking The last category is things that are simply very handy. It can include things like bag addons, which combine all your bags into one screen and lets you sort and categorize your items intelligently, as well as keep track of your inventory in the bank and even on alts; addons that tell you which weekly stuff you have and haven’t completed yet; addons tha
  24. This is a guide on how to use addons to make your UI work for you, so that you can optimize your gameplay. Now, this is meant to help, not shame. You don’t have to feel bad if you don’t want to use addons, even if lots of people say they’re great. If you like these ideas, and the idea of putting in the time to learn them appeals to you, great. If not, don’t let it ruin the fun you’re having. Got it? Then let’s begin! The base UI you’re presented with when you first start the game is... sufficient. You have all the information there that you need. Your health, your target, your buffs and d
  25. Good info! That does make it sound unlikely we'll get merged with ED. Time to make some buddies on LHMSVC!